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Some Wonderful Ways Of Reducing Your Anxiety and Stress Levels After The Most Recent Lockdown

A lot of people are currently feeling anxious and stressed about the current lifting of the latest lockdown restrictions. Many are saying that these restrictions have come too soon, because the number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK has risen sharply. They said that wearing a face covering is no longer a legal requirement, but you can continue to wear them if you so wish. Social Distancing in England has been scrapped, and the requirement to work from home has been dropped. You will be sitting there, wondering what other recent changes have been made. Having been anxious and stressed-out about the very first lockdown rules, the changes to the current one will no doubt have added to your ongoing anxiety.

Many people are now self-isolating and “locked away in their own homes”, because they have been notified by the NHS app that they must do so, as they have been in contact with someone who who has tested positive for Covid-19. Others may be vulnerable people who are either elderly and/or disabled, or who have health conditions that may make them prone to catching the virus. These vulnerable people may be self-isolating purely from personal choice, or simply out of fear of “leaving their house” in case they catch it.

If you would like some help in how to relieve your anxious feelings and your nerves with regard to all the worrying about the lifting of the latest lockdown restrictions, I am going to give you some wonderful ways of doing this. There are ways to reduce your anxiety levels by making lifestyle changes, which will help your mind to relax so that you can stop those frightening thoughts racing around your head, which will in turn help you to sleep soundly at night.

Do Something Different

The first way is “To Do Something Different”. If you are sitting around biting your fingernails, just get up and do something ordinary, like wash the dishes, put a pile of laundry in your washing machine, or scrub the kitchen floor. Anything ordinary and every-day that will give you something else to focus on and stop your mind racing. Doing this will stop the flow of anxious thoughts and will bring you a feeling of peace of mind.

Watch Something Peaceful And Calming On Television

The second way is to have a television rest-break. Sit in your favourite armchair, and choose something relaxing to watch for about an hour or so. Something peaceful, like programmes featuring the countryside, public gardens, nature scenes like forests, ideal places for holidays, or people looking at properties for sale in foreign countries. It needs to be restful, and not all energetic like The Olympics, football, or people running. The programme you choose will be a distraction from your worries and anxieties and you should feel more relaxed after watching it.

Do Some Deep Breathing

The third way is “To Breathe In And Out Deeply”. If you breathe in and out deeply several times, this will help you to calm yourself in any situation. If you wish to do so, you can count your number of breaths, or you can count how long you inhale and exhale for. Deep breathing will slow you down and will help you to regain control over your worrying thoughts.

Do Some Yoga

The fourth way is “To Do Some Yoga”. Gentle Yoga exercises will help you to calm right down when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Yoga consists of carrying out some gentle “poses” or “asanas”, that use meditation as well as certain gentle, physical movements. It will also help you to control your symptoms of anxiety and/or panic, because it helps to steady your breathing, which consequently slows your heart-rate back to normal. Yoga will also help to improve your general mood and it will give you a sense of well-being.

Ask A Friend’s, Or A Relative’s, Opinion

The fifth way is “To ask a friend’s, or a relative’s opinion on what is worrying you”. When you are alone, and you are feeling threatened by your own thoughts, just call them for a friendly chat, and explain to them why you are so worried about something. They will give you their unbiased opinion on the matter and give you suggestions as to the next actions you should take. Telling your troubles to someone that you know, might very well help you to see the situation in a different light, and you might suddenly come up with an answer instantaneously that will hopefully sort the problem.


Hypnosis is a safe, natural way to achieve things that you would like to experience. This could be gaining total freedom and complete peace of mind from your anxiety and constant worrying about all the lockdowns and all the constant changes that are continually being made to the restriction rules. You are probably finding that the government say one thing, and the very next day they say something completely different, and you are finding this confusing.

You can make a direct appointment to go and see a hypnotist about all this and explain to them how anxious you are about it all. Tell them you are feeling very anxious and panic-struck about the whole situation, especially about all the lockdown rules and everything. They will be delighted to help you. First of all, they will have a little chat with you about your worries, and then they will give you a hypnosis session. They will tell to to make sure you’re sitting comfortably, and then they will talk to you in a gentle and soothing manner. Some hypnotists may also play background music to help you to relax and unwind. When they know you are comfortable enough, they will speak with your subconscious mind directly, and they will give it a new set of instructions to follow so that it knows how to help you to cope with any further government lockdown changes, or even with possible forthcoming total lockdowns. And when they waken you at the end of the hypnosis session, you will feel wonderful and free, and you will sort of think to yourself, “Whatever was I so worried about?”. You will also find that you will be feeling wonderfully relaxed, and totally calm and peaceful.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, call us now on 07904 605344. for a friendly chat about what you would like to have help from hypnosis with, even if it is not anything to do with government lockdowns or lockdown restriction rules. You will be surprised at how many things hypnosis can help.

Some Very Good Ways To Overcome Your Bad Habits

There are many people who have maybe just one, or possibly several, bad habits, who are looking for positive and far-reaching help with overcoming them. First of all, these people somehow need to find a way through the maze in order to find and conquer the one particular bad habit that is getting at them the most. Or even two. And during the whole pandemic, and as well as lingering on through all the Covid restrictions that seem to be continuing and constantly changing, and even thereafter, they might have unwittingly created even more bad habits. These could have included such things as eating too much, because they had become bored and were fed up with being “imprisoned in their own house”; drinking too much alcohol for the same reason, or perhaps they had actually started smoking. They will have now reached a point where they can simply go no further on their own. They now really want to be completely free of these bad habits in order to gain comfort, peace of mind, self-confidence, and true happiness in their freshly-found freedom.


Hypnosis is, of course, one of the most natural ways that you could use in order to rid yourself of all your bad upsetting habits. There is one sure and certain way to do this, and that is to make up your mind that you are going to make an appointment to see a hypnotist, and ask them how they can help you. What they will do, is place you in a very relaxing, hypnotic state. They will talk to you gently and soothingly, until you have become mentally and physically relaxed, and on the point of sleep. When you are ready, and you are relaxed enough, they will be able to access your subconscious mind and speak directly to it. They will give it new instructions to remove whatever the bad habit is that you wanted removing, which you will have previously agreed with them. They will somehow be able to eradicate this unwanted habit by removing the old set of instructions which your subconscious mind had been following, and they will replace it with these totally new instructions which your subconscious mind is commanded that it must now follow, from this point forward. When they are finished doing this, the hypnotist will then gently waken you fully, and you will instantly feel absolutely wonderful and on top of the world. You will somehow know, for sure, that you will now be able to conquer this particular bad habit whether it was smoking, or over-eating, or whatever it was. You will then return home, feeling a sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and total peace of mind, knowing very well that you will succeed in overcoming it.


Meditation is a very useful thing to do, either on its own simply to help you unwind and completely relax, or you can use it to prepare yourself for a session on hypnotic affirmations. Therefore, on a relatively quiet day, such as at the week-end, when you know you’re going to be at home all day with nobody bothering you like visitors, find a comfortable place in your home where you can sit, recline or rest very comfortably without being disturbed by anyone at all. When you are ready to begin meditating, focus intently on what you are hearing in the present moment, like your own breathing, or a ticking clock. When you know that you feel calm and relaxed, and your breathing is deep and evenly spaced, you will find that all of your muddled, racing and negative thoughts will have slowed down, and you will feel extremely calm and peaceful. Meditating in this manner will benefit you immensely by calming down both your mind and your body, and you will instinctively become aware of when you are ready to start your exercise on hypnotic affirmations to help you overcome your bad habit of over-eating.

Hypnotic Affirmations

“Hypnotic Affirmations” are an absolutely wonderful tool, that you can do all by yourself, which will help you to overcome at least one of your bad habits. Basically they are phrases that you repeat out loud that will instil into your mind that you wish to stop over-eating, for example. Have you ever considered, that perhaps every time you have a meal, you eat the whole plateful of food, without stopping to think about whether you actually feel full, or not.

Instructions for Hypnotic Affirmations

Hypnotic affirmations will help you to fully relax, calm down, and completely unwind. When you know that you are feeling totally relaxed, and completely calm, and you are ready to begin, simply take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Hypnotic affirmations are very simple. When you are ready to begin, all you have to do, is to repeat out loud to yourself, in a slow and restful way, a few key phrases, which relate to wanting to stop over-eating, such as:- “Everything is at peace. Everything is peaceful. I am aware of a sense of comfort. I feel peace of mind. I am totally and completely relaxed. I am totally and completely calm and peaceful. I can sense a feeling of comfort, and a feeling of complete peace of mind. OK, yes, I can stop myself over-eating. I do not have to eat every single thing on my plate. Yes, I can do this! I can lose weight! Yes, I absolutely and truthfully can do this! I am now really and truly up for this great adventure. I have signed and dated on the dotted line. I am now feeling calm. I am now feeling peaceful. I am now feeling at peace. I am feeling total peace of mind, because I know, that I can do this”.

To find out more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, call us for a chat on 07904 605344. Any enquiries regarding Covid-19 will be helped for free.