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In the UK, Everything is at risk of shortages, including food items such as Eggs, Tomatoes, Sunflower Oil, Bread and Wine

Food factories, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops across the UK are facing immediate and ongoing chronic shortages of many key ingredients. This is partly due to the current and terrible cost of living crisis, including the really high rises in the cost of electricity, gas, and water, as well as the weather, and the war in Ukraine.

People who go shopping in the UK may soon be aware that eggs have been added to the list of items disappearing from shops and supermarket shelves, when farmers said that the rising costs of egg production is making them not worth their while.

People in the egg industry say that supermarkets might very soon run out of the supply of eggs. The Council Chairman of the British Egg Industry said, that the tidal wave of price increases will see a lot of family farms, which have been producing eggs in the UK for years and years, going down in several days unless something is done.

Several fast food outlets in the UK, including McDonald’s, Happy Eater, and Little Chef, have been struggling to purchase ingredients. A spokesman for McDonald’s said that they were having trouble because of a shortage in their supply of tomatoes, and because of this, “The Big Tasty” and “The Big Tasty With Bacon”, will now be served not with two slices of tomato, but just one slice. McDonald’s also apologized for any inconvenience that their customers may have suffered, and they thanked them for their ongoing patience. Salad shortages are now being made, because the farmers cannot keep affording to heat the greenhouses that they have used for growing things, like tomato plants, in the UK.

The newest shortages are a result of the major outlets including “Subway” and “Nando’s” issuing alerts last year, when vital supplies ran short after Brexit and the crisis in global supply chains.

The consumer magazine “Which?”, has now warned of potential shortages in a number of key ingredients. They said: “While there are some residual issues in the food chains relating to Covid-19 and Brexit, such as whether any HGV drivers were available, what is now happening in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia, will have an increasing effect on whether people will be able to buy certain foods”.

They also said: “For instance, about 30% of the world’s wheat comes from Ukraine and Russia. While the UK grows most of its own wheat, and our imports mostly come from France, Germany, and Canada, wheat around the world will become more and more scarce, and as a result this will lead to an ever higher increase in prices. Accordingly, this will put up the price of bread, pasta and many popular breakfast cereals such as cornflakes. Corn (Maize), is another staple food which is widely harvested in Ukraine and Russia. Both wheat and corn are used in the UK in animal feed, and therefore shortages and an increase in their prices, will then lead to an increase in the prices of meat, dairy, and eggs”.

The “Food Standards Agency” (FSA), and The “Food Standards Scotland” (FSS), said: “Some food products which have a label saying they contain “sunflower oil”, may actually contain “refined rapeseed oil”, while the war in Ukraine affects supplies”.

The Deputy Director of Food at The British Retail Consortium said: “The war in Ukraine has interrupted supplies of sunflower oil to the UK. When sunflower oil exists as an ingredient in certain products, retailers can substitute it with other safe oils, such as “refined rapeseed oil”. Retailers are looking to change the labels on their products as soon as they can. When sunflower oil is a main ingredient, such as in potato crisps, retailers will simply imprint information on the substitute oil, such as “refined rapeseed oil”, onto the existing labels. Retailers’ customer services will be answering consumers’ questions on all their own brand products”.

The British Retail Consortium also said:

“The farmers are also going to be feeling the pressures, because fertilizer which is usually sourced from Ukraine and Russia, is not available very often, and the increase in gas prices is affecting the supply of carbon dioxide, which is widely used in food production”.

“The French wine-makers are having to light candles to thaw their grapevines, which will save them from a late frost which has followed a warm spell this winter. This was a swing in the temperatures that is threatening the availability of the crops of fruit in many countries”.

“Fruit growers are increasingly worried that the frost will destroy a vast amount of early buds, which appeared in March as the temperatures rose to above 20 degrees centigrade, and this will make an absolute mess of the whole length of the growing season, which will also make the fruit growers increasingly anxious”.

“In Switzerland, the local media said that their crop of pitted fruit, like apricots, prunes and cherries, is at risk from the icy spell. The below-freezing temperatures are creating similar worries for fruit growers about the potential damage to apple, and other fruit, orchards in Belgium and The Netherlands”.

The Use of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and relaxing way of gaining calmness, great comfort, a sense of ease and total peace of mind if you are struggling with all your worries about things like the food shortages, price rises, and everything like the price of electricity, gas, water and food and drink going up. Hypnosis will definitely help to stop you worrying about all this, and it will help to remove any related and persistent anxious feelings that you may have.

If you decide that you would like to see a hypnotist, whether online or in an office, they will welcome you very courteously and in a professional manner. They will have a friendly chat with you first, to find out exactly what your problems are, and once they know exactly what they are dealing with they will begin the actual hypnosis session. They will start talking to you soothingly and comfortingly. After a while has passed, they will know when you have become deeply relaxed enough so that they can access your subconscious mind easily and directly, and speak with it. During the hypnosis session, the hypnotist will remove all the old set of out-dated instructions from it, and they will replace it with a completely new set of instructions which it will be able to follow very easily. At the end of the hypnosis session, the hypnotist will fully waken you, and you will find that you are wide awake, fully alert, and feeling incredibly amazing and absolutely wonderful.

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