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How To Deal With Anxiety and Stress in Your Daily Life

You will surely find this article to be of great help to you, if you are looking for ways of finding peace of mind and a sense of ease and comfort, and freedom from worry, when you are endeavouring to deal with all the anxiety and stress in your everyday life.

For example, have you ever woken up at three o’clock in the morning, in the middle of the night, in the pitch dark, feeling extremely anxious about some particular problem, especially if you are on your own, and feeling sick with stress about it all?

We all make our own anxieties seem to be so much worse. When you waken in the middle of the night, as I have said, and you are alone, your personal alarm clock goes off and it says that you must get up and get out of there. You have to escape. Escape! You must escape right now! It tells you that you must escape the current situation that is causing all these anxious feelings from which you are suffering.

So you get up, about your usual time, and you have your breakfast. In order to escape the situation, you make an instant decision to go off to a huge supermarket on a busy morning, hoping that by going there it will take your mind off things, and it just happens to be Saturday. It is jam-packed with crowds of people, the children running hither and thither, the noise, and the cash tills ringing, never mind the tinny music being played whether you like it or not, along with people pushing and shoving to get at all the lovely products on the shelves; and all this stress, on top of whatever the stress was that woke you, might well result in you being suddenly taken over by a feeling of becoming more and more anxious. And as you know, this could ultimately lead to a full-blown panic attack.

Accordingly, your anxiety makes you feel that you absolutely must get out of the actual situation that you are in right now, meaning in the middle of doing your shopping in an extremely busy supermarket, so you abandon your shopping trolley somewhere and breathlessly aim for the exit door. You come straight home, and then you tell yourself that you must not go in there ever again, or certainly not for as long as you possibly can. Your anxious feelings have taken you over, as it were, and in that instance you were able to make your escape.

One possible answer to this, would be to try changing supermarkets, possibly to a smaller less busy one, or to one nearer your house. Or try going with another person who could help you with the shopping, like a “personal shopper”, or even a volunteer. Then you could chat with them while doing the shopping and that could take your mind off how you were feeling in there, and that could possibly prevent the anxiety getting into your head.

Anxiety, apparently, is rather like an unwelcome guest in your own house, like when you have a close relative come to stay, even just for three days and three nights. You worry for weeks beforehand, cleaning and scrubbing your house practically non-stop, and then when it’s all done and dusted you then start to get anxious about everything, like whether the place is clean enough or tidy enough, that they won’t like the meals you cook for them. They might say that they love eating shepherd’s pie, for example, but they will only eat shepherd’s pie that is made how their mother used to make it years and years ago. In this particular case, you might solve the worry by asking your relative, “Well, how did your mother make it? Please could you give me the recipe you use to make it with, and I’ll do my best to please you”.

The great question about anxiety in general, is:- “Should you confront it?”. You could spend time in the actual situation that makes you feel anxious. Just supposing that this close relative is your cousin Julia who wants to spend a whole week with you in your house, because she wants to make sure you are looking after yourself properly. You need to be able to get self-confident about the idea of it, piece by piece.

Please kindly note, that “Night Anxiety” is when it all actually builds up inside you, as it were, like a monster in a nightmare, and you cannot easily get away from it or escape from it, for example by going shopping in a busy supermarket when it is three o’clock in the morning. Years ago, there were 24 hours of opening in some shops (for example, from midnight on one night to midnight the following night), where you could have done this, but not now.

So, if you are overcome with anxiety at three in the morning, you say to yourself, “OK, I’ll phone cousin Julia in the morning first thing, and I’ll either say to not come at all to stay, not because I don’t want her to, but because the proposed situation is making me physically feel sick and tremble with stress”. Or, you could decide to ask her, to come at lunchtime one day next week like Wednesday, and stay for the afternoon, the evening, and the night, and leave after lunch on Thursday. The second option would then give you a bit of practice at having someone there with you, to spend time with you, unlocking the reasons behind these feelings of anxiety, panic and stress that you have been having for such a long time recently. You may have felt so “alone” on occasions during the last few weeks, but you do not think that is the reason for your troubles with anxiety, stress, and worry.

Buy A Notebook In Which You Can Write Everything Down That Makes You Anxious

If you really want to gain comfort and peace of mind, and rid yourself of these anxious feelings, try writing it all down. Buy a special notebook for yourself, which you can get online, and create a list entitled “Priorities”. If you already have a computer such as a laptop, you could put everything on your computer. But then again, if you do this, it might well be worth also having a notebook to write in, so that you have a hard copy to which you can refer, if the information gets lost on the computer.

Start with a list of all the things you are currently anxious about and worrying about a lot, and want to sort out. Instead of sitting there, thinking about it all and wondering how you are going to solve a particular problem like “anxiety”, write it all down. Simply write about everything that makes you anxious. Once you have removed the problem this way physically, then you can actually stop the actual problem(s) that you have whirring round and round inside your head. If it is then three o’clock in the morning, by the time you have done your writing up about all your “priorities”, especially the problems that are causing your current anxiety states, you could then try to go off to sleep again.

Things You Can Do Straightaway To Regain Peace Of Mind And Banish The Anxiety

One certain thing that you can definitely do yourself, is to make an instant decision to reduce caffeine in your diet. This is because if, for example, you drink seven or eight cups of coffee or tea every day and/or night, that is simply asking for trouble, as all the caffeine that you have been drinking steadily will keep you wide awake nearly all night anyway, and it will not let you fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, the caffeine will just wake you up again. You will then waken in the middle of the night, possibly more than once or twice. You may even be “forced” to simply be wide awake practically all night long, simply because of your caffeine intake.

So, therefore, may we make one simple suggestion, that you write about everything that makes you anxious, however slightly, down on paper in a special notebook, or on your computer (but remember to keep a hard copy in a notebook). Call it something like “My List Of Priorities”, or “My Problems I Get Anxious About”, or something like that. Also, make a special section where you can write down things that you can do instantly yourself, like: “Reduce my intake of drinks containing caffeine”.

Obtaining Help and Support For Your Anxiety States

If you have absolutely no-one to assist you with all your anxieties, worry and stress or whatever it is that is causing you all this mental ill-health, then you could consider paying to see a counsellor, a psychologist or some kind of therapist. If you live in the UK, you could go and see a family doctor at your doctors’ surgery. They can be of enormous help in these matters.

Hypnosis is Absolutely Wonderful, Especially for Anything like Constant Anxiety, Stress, or Worry

Of course you could always try a hypnotist. If you would like to do this, just pick up your telephone and call one directly, such as ourselves. Bear in mind, that hypnosis works really well, but it works especially well if your problem is a mental one like “anxiety”, rather than a physical one like a “headache”. If you would like to know more about hypnosis, and how hypnosis works, simply call 07904 605344, say that you would like a hypnosis session to help you with all your anxieties and worries, and ask how you can possibly gain peace of mind and a sense of comfort, and rid yourself of these awful feelings once and for all.


Hypnosis is a safe, natural, and relaxing way of gaining an inner calm, a sense of comfort, a sense of ease and peace of mind if you are struggling with anxiety, stress or worry. Hypnosis will help you to stop worrying and getting all anxious over probably something that is not really worth becoming all wound up about, anyway. It will also work out whether the problem you are stressing over, like anxiety, is within, or outside of, your control. If it is within your control, then you will be able to have a hypnosis session to try and solve the issue that is causing you such a lot of anxiety and worry. Hypnosis will provide a way out of it all, and give you peace of mind.

What A Hypnotist Does

If you decide to see a hypnotist, whether in an office, or online, they will welcome you in a professional and courteous manner. They will have a chat with you first, to find out what your particular problems are regarding anxiety, stress, and worry, and then they will begin the hypnosis session. They will talk with you soothingly and comfortingly. After a while has passed, they will know when you have become deeply relaxed enough so that they can access your subconscious mind directly. Once the hypnotist has successfully been able to access your subconscious mind, they will remove the old, outdated set of instructions from it, and they will then replace it with a brand new set of instructions which it will be able to follow very easily. When the hypnosis session has been gently and peacefully ended, the hypnotist will fully waken you, and you will find that you are wide-awake, fully alert, and feeling amazing and absolutely wonderful.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, please feel free to call us on 07904 605344, and then we can have a chat about exactly what your problems are. We look forward to hearing from you.