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A Warning for Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s Shoppers Regarding a £279 Bill for their Regular Weekly Shop

Today, you can read all about how to avoid receiving a bill for £279 when you do your regular weekly shop at Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

If you do your regular weekly shop at either of these two supermarkets, they will have sent you a warning that says you might be issued with a £279 bill. A lot of people do not know that if you shop in particular supermarkets, it could mean that you pay extra for your shopping yearly.

The consumer magazine “Which?” recently published a new checklist, which proves that shoppers spent £10.20p more each week at a particular “Sainsbury’s Local” in preference to a “Sainsbury’s Supermarket”. This adds up to a whopping £322 over the course of 12 months. Groceries from a “Tesco Express” could also cost, on average, £279 more over 12 months.

The “Which?” Report analysed the average price of 48 different items in the two convenience store chains. The research shows a series of cost-cutting methods for shoppers in the midst of the current cost of living crisis. The cost-cutting methods come as researchers at “Kantar” warned shoppers that their average food bill could rise by £279 this year. “Kantar” told them that grocery prices were now 5.9 per cent higher than they were exactly a year ago.

The “Which?” consumer rights expert, Adam French, said: “Rising food prices, and the current cost of living crisis, are putting a lot of pressure on household shopping budgets at the moment, and nobody wants to pay over the top for food”.

He said: “Shopping around different supermarkets and shops, and sticking to buying only own-brand groceries, is an easy way to save yourself hundreds of pounds a year, because you will be avoiding the more expensive convenience stores as much as you possibly can. Also, if you are a shopper who is prepared to move to a cheaper supermarket for your regular weekly shop, you will probably find some great value alternative products to your favourite brands”.

Five Top Tips To Save You Money On Your Regular Weekly Shop

Tip One – Always compare the different prices, and shop around for the best deals, such as “buy one get one free”. “Lidl” was the cheapest supermarket when “Which?” carried out a monthly price comparison, involving a basket containing 21 different groceries, with each basket costing about £25 each. More or less the same items from a “Waitrose Supermarket” cost £36.50, which meant you would save money by shopping at “Lidl”.

Tip Two – Start buying supermarket own brands, such as “Tesco’s Best Cornflakes”, and stop buying brand products, such as “Kellogg’s Cornflakes”, and you will save yourself hundreds of pounds a year. This is called “Downshifting”, and it could take about a third off the price of your usual weekly shop. If you usually spend £100 each week in “Tesco’s”, you would then save about £30 every time you went shopping there.

Tip Three
– Go to different supermarkets when you shop, and search through the different aisles for the best value products. “Which?” magazine found that some items, such as “rice”, “sauces” and “ingredients used for baking”, can be found in many different supermarket aisles. For example, items like “chickpeas” can also be found in the “world foods” aisle, as well as in the “tinned vegetables” aisle.

Tip Four – Always stock up whenever you can. Price changes mean that it is worth buying in bulk when items that you usually buy are sold at a lower price, and they will have a “reduced” sticker on it. This is especially useful for items such as tins of soup that can be kept in a cupboard, and also for products that can be frozen, such as fresh salmon fillets, because they will not go out of date in the near future.

Tip Five – Always check the “Special Offers” aisles in different supermarkets. There might be some things on special offer because they are nearing the “Use By” date, or they might be one of the items that are “buy one get one free”, or “buy two and get a third free”, because that particular supermarket wants to shift the stock more quickly before it passes the “Use By” date.

If you follow these tips diligently, you will be sure to knock off a few pounds or more on your weekly shop.

The Use Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and relaxing way of gaining calmness, a sense of comfort, a sense of ease, and total peace of mind. For instance, if you always go shopping on your own, you might sometimes find that you can get anxious and start to feel stressed, especially if the shop is really busy and quite noisy, and full of other people. For example, you might start feeling anxious because you are worrying about whether you can actually afford to indeed buy ten of one particular thing that is on a “buy two get one free” offer. Hypnosis can really help with this kind of anxiety.

What A Hypnotist Does

If you decide to see a hypnotist, whether in an office or online, they will welcome you in a professional and courteous manner. They will have a chat with you first, to find out what your particular problems are regarding anxiety, stress and worry, especially if they are related to anxiety about going shopping or about your financial situation and how much you should spend on your shopping trips. The hypnotist will then begin the hypnosis session.

They will talk with you soothingly and comfortingly. After a while has passed, they will know when you have become deeply relaxed enough so that they can access your subconscious mind directly. Once they have accessed your subconscious mind, they will speak to it as though it is a very bright ten-year-old child. They will remove the old, outdated set of instructions from it, and they will then replace them with a brand new set of instructions which it will be able to follow very easily.

When the hypnosis session has been gently and peacefully ended, the hypnotist will fully waken you, and you will find that you are wide-awake, fully alert, and feeling amazing and absolutely wonderful.

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