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What you can do if your peace and quiet is being disturbed by your neighbour playing loud music on those warm, sultry summer days

Now that the United Kingdom is currently enjoying really warm weather, with the temperatures in double figures, many households will be thinking about having a few parties out in their garden during the warm months of summer.

Flowers in a Cottage Garden

What can you possibly do about it, if you are quietly enjoying your garden, perhaps doing an afternoon’s weeding, for example, and you are being disturbed by loud music emanating from your neighbour’s house?

What if you just want to sit quietly in the afternoon sun, with a good book, in a corner of your beautiful garden, enjoying a peaceful hour or two, and then suddenly your neighbour has decided to start playing some really loud, apparently deafening music? Is there anything that you can physically, actually do about it?

A Garden Party Barbecue

We are now going to look into whether you simply have to put up and shut up, and try and ignore the fact that your neighbour is playing really loud music, which is annoying you intensely. Is it really that much of a problem, that you simply cannot bear it any longer? Maybe it is driving you totally insane, and you are at your wits’ end trying to think of ways to stop the racket.

The Problem Of Loud Music

“Loud music” is something that even normal people can fall out about. Some people will often post on social media platforms such as Facebook in order to talk about the problem. If it is an absolutely huge dilemma for you, it could drive you to distraction. Sometimes you might come out of your house, hear the terribly loud music, and turn straight round, slamming the front door as you go back into your house again, because you just simply cannot bear it. You might even find yourself humming the song that they were playing in their house! Now, I have just thought of an idea myself while writing this, why not find a recording of their song, or make a recording of it yourself, and hastily play it somewhere near your front door so they would hear it, and just wait and see what happens.

Posts That Were Written On A Facebook Page

A person once posted on a Facebook page and explained the problem. He said, “Now we have had the first bit of blue sky and sunshine, and along comes the loud “bang bang” so-called music. This has been playing all the afternoon and it is carrying on. Why not try asking your neighbour yourself first, and see if they are going to be playing it all day long, and maybe all the evening? Maybe all night as well. This would be easier than making people feel they were in the wrong by knocking on their neighbour’s door and asking for the music to be turned down. After all, some of us work all hours, and we want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet day off out in the garden”. They added, “I always hate feeling awkward about something that is difficult to do, and I sometimes actually feel scared to ask the neighbour to kindly turn it down. After all, you might like your “music” very much, but just do not expect your neighbour to do so”.

People who made comments to this Facebook post, said things such as: “Now why don’t you lighten up, and stop making complaints about the small things?”.

Another said: “Selfish people who disturb other people’s peace and quiet with a lot of loud music when they’re just sitting quietly in their garden, and thus absolutely ruining their day off work, is not a small thing”.

Someone else said: “This might surprise you, but I actually enjoy it when my very nice neighbours play music when I am outside in the garden, on a beautifully sunny and warm day like today. After all, it saves me the bother of finding some nice music to play, and it saves me the cost of the electric. Sometimes a horrible tune comes on that I just do not like, or even hate, but I simply wait for the next one”.

You Really Do Have To Approach Your Neighbour Yourself In The First Instance

So exactly what should you do, if you are really unhappy about your neighbour’s loud music, when there is a lot of people saying, “Just go around to their house and ask them very politely to turn it down”? This is when you really do have to approach your neighbour in the first instance. One particular City Council in England said, “If your peace and quiet is being disturbed by noise such as loud music from a neighbour, the first thing you actually must do is to consider approaching them yourself. Explain to them very politely that you are being disturbed by their noise, and explain how much their loud music is affecting you. You might find having to do this is very difficult, but people are sometimes not aware that they are causing a problem, and nice people will be pleased to just reduce their noise level. But please, do approach doing this very carefully, if you think that your neighbour could react with anger to a complaint”.

What If Asking Your Neighbour Politely Does Not Get You Anywhere?

So, just what should you do, if your friendly chat with your neighbour does not get you anywhere? Then you may well have to take the problem to the next level.

Most of the issues over noise complaints are dealt with by the City Council, the District Council, or the Borough Council. Some complaints are dealt with by the Police, but these are only in certain special circumstances.

When To Approach The Council

The Council deal with noise that is likely to have an upsetting effect on a community, and this may include anti-social behaviour which may also be classed as a “noise nuisance”. This would include noise from a hi-fi or a television which is played at a very high volume. The Council would then need to decide if the music is being played at an excessively loud volume.

If you want to go ahead and make a formal complaint to your local Council, you can find all the details on their website. The Council may then ask if you could keep a diary or a notebook of when the noise occurs and how long it goes on for. Or you may decide yourself, before you even approach the Council, to actually begin doing this, and start keeping a diary describing when the noise happens. If the noise is excessively loud music, you should put the day and the date on which it occurs, the time it starts, how long it goes on playing for, and the time it stops.

When To Call The Police

The Police ask that you can only report a problem involving a noise such as loud music to them, if you believe that either it is an emergency, or that a crime is being committed, or there could be a threat to somebody’s life or their property, or the noise may be a link to domestic violence or a violent argument which could be life-threatening to somebody.

Please Take Note: Sometimes, noise can be part of harmful and violent domestic behaviour. Noise from a hi-fi playing loud music, or noise from a television, can be used to cover the sometimes terrifying sounds of domestic violence, so you need to be aware of this. If you decide that the noise is linked to domestic violence, a violent argument, or some kind of violent incident, you should call the Police immediately on 999.


What A Hypnotist Does

If you decide to see a hypnotist because you want to regain your sense of inner calm, your sense of comfort, your sense of ease, and your sense of total peace of mind because you are feeling all anxious and stressed out over things such as a neighbour’s noise, like loud music, they may see you either online or in an office.

They will welcome you in a professional and courteous manner. They will have a chat with you first, to find out what your particular problems are regarding anxiety, stress and worry, and then they will begin the hypnosis session.

They will talk for some time with you, very comfortingly and soothingly. After a while has passed, they will know when you have become deeply relaxed enough so that they can access your subconscious mind directly. Once the hypnotist has successfully been able to access it, they will remove the old, outdated set of instructions from it, and they will then replace the old set with a completely new set of instructions which your subconscious mind will be able to follow very easily.

When the hypnosis session has been drawn to an end, the hypnotist will fully waken you, and you will find that you are fully wide awake, fully alert, and feeling amazing and absolutely wonderful. You will also be aware that your wonderful sense of inner calm, your sense of comfort, your sense of ease, and your sense of total peace of mind that you have previously enjoyed up to now, has now been completely restored.

Feel Free To Call Us

If you want to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, please feel free to call us on 07904 605344, and we can have a friendly chat about what problems you may be having, especially problems about things like excessive amounts of noise, such as loud music from neighbours, which could be making you feel anxious and stressed. The hypnotist will do their very best to restore your sense of inner calm, your sense of comfort, your sense of ease, and your sense of total peace of mind accordingly.