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The Massive Change in the Law that will make the United Kingdom completely Smoke Free by 2030

A completely new change in the law is going to stop everyone smoking, and it is intended to make the United Kingdom totally smoke free by 2030 as part of a UK Government plan. This new law change will be introduced in plans to tackle the smoking habit, and it will also encourage people who normally smoke traditional cigarettes, to start vaping and use e-cigarettes instead. The Health Secretary, Mr Sajid Javid, is going to publish a damning report on the tobacco industry.

Although smoking rates are currently at their lowest ever level, it is commonly believed that there are currently around six million smokers in England, and the smoking habit is one of the largest causes of health disorders. The Government has reported that tobacco and smoking are the single largest causes of deaths that could have been prevented, and they said that 64,000 smokers have died from smoking in the year 2019 alone.

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“The Tobacco Control Plan”, which is going to be published later on this year, will be suggesting that the legal age to buy cigarettes should be raised up to 21. The legal smoking age, which is the legal age at which people can begin smoking, is currently now 18, and this might also be raised if Mr Javid puts the recommendations into effect. The report that has been commissioned by the Health Secretary, says that new taxes on tobacco company profits should also be backed.

The report has been drawn up by Mr Javed Khan, a former charity boss, who supports the “Polluters Pay” ideal. This means that all tobacco companies must pay for the cost of anti-smoking policies. When they were speaking about Mr Khan’s plans, a source said that, “The stance he has taken in the meetings which I have attended with him has been quite radical”.

Smoke From A Traditional Cigarette

It has been reported that Mr Khan wants to increase the legal age to 25, but it is expected that the age will probably be changed to 21. This change in the law comes after smoking amongst younger people, mostly aged between 18 and 30, suddenly shot up by 25% during the first Covid-19 lockdown, despite the fact that smoking rates have fallen steadily for the past 20 years as reported by the “Office for National Statistics”.

In addition to increasing the legal smoking age to 21, the UK Government is going to make vaping and e-cigarettes more easily obtainable rather than smoking traditional cigarettes. Putting taxes on the tobacco industry will also help to raise possibly as much as £700 million every year, which, it is hoped, could be used to provide e-cigarettes on the NHS to help British people quit the bad smoking habit.

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A UK Government insider said, “Mr Sajid Javid is interested in people’s health, and he is interested in attacking public health issues of all kinds. With regard to tobacco, right-wing MPs are very nervous about a “nanny state attack” of some kind”. The UK Government said that: “The Covid-19 pandemic showed up the health inequalities right across the country, and this included “smoking” which caused an intolerable burden on the poorest families and communities”.

Mr Khan finished off by saying that he was very pleased to be leading this review into such an important area of public health, being the change in the legal smoking age. He said that: “My independent findings will help to show up the main changes which in turn would help the UK Government achieve its ambition to be completely smoke-free by 2030”.


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