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Vapers, Vapers, and more Vapers – The Mysteries of the “Elf Bar” Disposable Vapes

People everywhere are now currently asking, “What is an Elf Bar?” and they also want to know, “Whether an Elf Bar is good and safe for you to smoke”, while the new Elf Bar craze slowly sweeps throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

But what are these “Elf Bars” and other disposable vapes (which have been called the new and more healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes), and are the younger generations finding them more attractive, and nicer and easier to smoke?

You might well have already seen some of them, these coloured tubes about the size of a packet of Polo mints that people all over the country are gripping onto. Elf Bars are not sweets, although they may look like one, but they are disposable vapes which can be bought very cheaply and which are chock full of sweet and readily available flavours when you smoke them.

Elf Bars, Geek Bars and Solo Bars are some of the more popular brands available, and they come in attractive flavours like “orange”, “kiwi”, “watermelon”, and “blueberry ice”. The popularity of these disposable vapes has shot up right across the country. The online vape platform called “Indejuice” said that they had seen a big increase in sales, and they said that vapes which had included “fruit” and “ice” flavourings made up 60 per cent of the sales.

You could vape a “blueberry ice” flavoured Elf Bar

People want to know whether Elf Bars and other disposable vapes are 100% safe to smoke. Disposable vapes like Elf Bars can often make you feel there’s nothing to worry about too much when you are smoking them. They are cheap, they are cheerful, they are disposable, they are easy to use and you get a wonderful uplift when you smoke them, and you do not mind if you happen to lose one. And because they come in such light colours and lovely “fruity” or “ice” flavours, you just do not worry about what harm they could possibly do to you. They are definitely not the same as, or anything like, a traditional cigarette, are they?

Or you could vape a “cherry flavoured” Elf Bar

A lecturer at the University of Chester, Dr Gareth Nye, disagrees with this. He said that there was limited evidence regarding disposable vapes, mostly with regard to the liquid people use to vape with, rather than the actual vaping device as these have continued to change over the last ten years.

He then said that, “e-cigarette liquid and smoke contain nicotine, and many of the same harmful toxicants and carcinogens as traditional cigarettes”, and we can assume that disposable vapes such as Elf Bars also have the same risks for similar health effects as in people who use e-cigarettes. These effects include long-term lung damage, cardiovascular damage, cancer, and certain metabolic changes”.

Dr Nye also said that, “While vapes and e-cigarettes do not contain the tar and carbon monoxide that are found in traditional cigarettes, there are still certain concerns over the chemicals which vapers are breathing in. He said that a study showed that e-cigarette users had similar build-ups of metals and chemicals such as benzene and toluene, which were causing the long-lasting lung damage, compared with those of traditional cigarette smokers.”.

Girl Vaping

He added, “Vaping was responsible for the increases in tooth decay, and in other dental and oral conditions, and has also shown signs of being linked to mouth cancers in the same way that traditional cigarette smoking does.”

He said that, “Inhaling chemicals into the lungs which were not meant to be there in the first place, starts a reaction from your immune system which damages your lung tissue. If you have damaged lung tissue you cannot get oxygen into your blood, and your heart has to work twice as hard, and the rest of your body will go into survival mode. The longer you do this, the worse it will be. I would not be surprised if there is a whole generation of 30-year-olds who have lung conditions in the next ten years”.

Elf Bars are cheap and cheerful and disposable. Therefore, are Elf Bars primarily aimed at younger people?

Dr Nye said that some people have raised concerns that the products might encourage the younger age groups to take up proper smoking with traditional cigarettes. Kieran Hynes, who is a former salesman for the tobacco industry giant British American Tobacco and also a vaper, said: “I think that the huge selection of fruity flavours such as “blueberry ice” has a mass appeal to the younger age groups”. Dr Nye then carried on to say that, even though Elf Bars were the better option than the traditional cigarettes, there is a worry concerning young people, that vapes and Elf Bars are 100 per cent safe, which is absolutely not true. Even versions of Elf Bars containing no nicotine are not safe”.

On TikTok, the Elf Bar craze has just under 700 million views and it is packed full of videos of young people using their Elf Bars and making fun out of their own addiction.

But even though the Elf Bar website requires users to declare they are 21 years old or more, it seems that the Elf Bars are getting into the hands of young people. The text actually reads: “There have been some reports of children managing to find some Elf Bars and used vapes lying around the local community where they live. However, there may be other ways children are getting hold of these that we do not know about”.


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