Rosemary is a fully trained and fully qualified hypnotist.  She runs Worthing Hypnosis, which is based in Worthing, West Sussex, in the UK.

Rosemary has always had a great interest in hypnosis.

In August 2011, just before she moved house from Brighton in East Sussex to Worthing in West Sussex, she bought a couple of books on hypnosis written by the world’s greatest hypnotist, Dantalion Jones.  Rosemary later learned of the international live hypnosis training seminars that were held by the now late Jeffrey Stephens, and Dantalion.  Consequently, she booked into one of these seminars in Boston, USA in November 2013, and she was very excited at the prospect of this great adventure.

The seminar itself was organized and run by The Whole Life Mastery Hypnosis School, of which Jeffrey was the Founder and President.  Dantalion was his co-trainer.  There were about 12 other students present, and they came from all over the world, including Denmark and Sweden.  Rosemary found the seminar to be very well-organized and informative, and she learned a great deal about hypnosis.

The seminar began on the Friday evening, which was basically an introduction to hypnosis, and also to Jeffrey and Dantalion.  It was then divided into two separate parts.  The Direct Hypnosis Course was held on the Monday and Tuesday, and The Advanced Hypnosis Course on the Thursday and Friday, with a free day in the middle.  Rosemary found that although the seminar was very hard work, it was also very interesting.  She learned The Ten Steps of Hypnosis as part of her training, and she learned how these Ten Steps would be able to help people to do things like stop smoking and lose weight.  At various times throughout the seminar, Rosemary was able to have the valuable opportunity of hypnotizing the other students.

When the seminar ended, Rosemary was given two Certificates of Achievement, which state that she is now fully qualified to hypnotize other people.  One Certificate was for completing the Direct Hypnosis Course, and the second Certificate was for completing the Advanced Hypnosis Course.  Rosemary was highly delighted to receive both of these Certificates.

When Rosemary returned home after the seminar, she wanted to become a great hypnotist herself.  Therefore, with a great deal of help from Dantalion Jones, she formed Worthing Hypnosis, which now has this amazing website.

She now hypnotizes people from all over the world in person, and online using Skype.  People fly to see her from such places as France, China and America because she is known for her effectiveness at helping other people.


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