All Covid-19 Travel Tests Could Soon Be Removed, But You Will Still Need A Covid-19 Booster Vaccine So That You Can Travel Abroad

The UK Transport Secretary, Mr Grant Shapps, declared that all Covid-19 travel tests could soon be removed. He said they will just disappear, as holiday firms saw a massive increase in bookings for holidays, both at home in the UK and abroad. Mr Shapps’ promise was made as holiday firms reported unprecedented increases in people visiting their travel websites and making actual bookings for their holidays, when the UK Government had announced they were going to scrap the use of pre-departure tests and PCR tests for fully vaccinated travellers.

Sources within the travel industry said this would happen quite soon, as Government Ministers worked hard to get travel and tourism going again, after two years of on-and-off travel restrictions.

The pre-departure tests were axed from 4 am on Friday, 7th January, and the PCR Day Two tests would be removed from Sunday, 9th January following the changes announced on Wednesday, 5th January. An average PCR test costs around £80 for each traveller, compared to £20 – £30 for a lateral flow swab, and this would save families up to £200 on post-arrival tests. They could save another £100 in tests taken for entry into the UK. Also, the quarantine would be reduced from ten days to seven days. And now the UK Government is still discussing the question of whether the seven-day quarantine should now be lowered even further to a five-day quarantine. These measures will save people hundreds of pounds, because they would not have to purchase quite so many tests, and this will make it much easier for them to book holidays. As a result, there has been a significant increase in demand from sun-seekers, and also from winter sports enthusiasts such as skiers, as well as from people who want to travel so that they can re-unite with family and loved ones far afield.

Mr Shapps also indicated that the final lateral flow swabs would still have to be taken by fully vaccinated travellers on their arrival back into the UK. He said that the tests were originally introduced to fight the spread of the Omicron variant, and were no longer useful, as the government were beginning to ease restrictions so that people would be allowed to live with the virus. And he also said, that those travellers who had not been vaccinated, would still have to take the pre-departure tests, and the seven-day quarantine, (which was recently reduced from ten days and might be reduced even further to five days), and the PCR swabs on Day Two and Day Five. As of January 14th 2022 the seven-day quarantine was officially reduced to five days, for positive cases who are fully vaccinated. He also said that people would soon not have to do any testing at all. He could not promise that things would be the same as the other way around, because this would depend on what the other countries in the world were going to put into place. However, for the immediate future, “vaccination status” is something that countries are looking for, and that is what they ask him about.

The UK Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson said that travel is likely to soon return to normal, and he asked millions of people who were eligible, to get their jabs. Booster vaccines are likely to be needed for travel to many countries within weeks, Mr Johnson warned, as he urged people to come forward for a third jab. He said it would be very much to people’s personal advantage to take up the jabs.

He said that the pre-departure tests put many people off from travelling overseas, in case they became trapped in a foreign country and would end up having to pay extra very significant expenses.

Third vaccines are set to be needed for vaccine passports in England after everyone has been offered one. More than 9 million eligible people had yet to take up the offer. On Tuesday, 4th January, Mr Johnson said that the government would give people plenty of time before acquiring a third jab for vaccine passports.

Government Ministers are concerned about the poor take-up of boosters, with uptake peaking in mid-December. The latest figures show, that only one in three available slots for the coming week beginning Sunday 9th January have been booked. Mr Johnson said it was “heart-breaking” that people were dying from Covid-19, simply because they had not been vaccinated.

Travel Anxiety

Hypnosis would really be able to help you, if you are a naturally anxious person, who for instance, becomes extremely anxious and agitated about even the very thought of sitting on a plane for 10 hours in a cramped space surrounded at close quarters by other people. And more especially, feeling like this since the coming of Covid-19. What will help you, is setting up up precautions in place before you even travel. Hypnosis will also help you greatly. There are things you can do, such as getting yourself fully vaccinated before you go, and make sure your passport is up-to-date. If you are not vaccinated, and you absolutely have to travel, then you can get a Covid-19 test before and after you travel. There are times when you should not travel, for example if you have been exposed to Covid-19; if you are actually sick; or if you have tested positive for Covid-19, even if you are fully vaccinated.


Hypnosis is a safe, natural, and extremely relaxing way of learning how to gain great comfort, a sense of ease, and total peace of mind while you are travelling somewhere, especially on a longer journey. It will show you how to feel this sense of great comfort, and total peace of mind instead of feeling constantly anxious and worrying the whole time.

So, if you decide to see a hypnotist, whether in person or online, they will welcome you in a professional and courteous manner. They will chat with you first, to find out what your problems are with regard to travel, and then they will begin the hypnosis session. They will talk to you soothingly and comfortingly, and after a while they will just know when you have become relaxed enough so that they can directly access your subconscious mind. When they have done this, they will remove the old instructions from your subconscious mind with regard to travel, and replace them with a completely new set of instructions for it to follow. And at the end of the hypnosis session, the hypnotist will fully waken you and will bring you back to full waking consciousness. And after the hypnosis session you will be fully awake and alert, and you will find yourself feeling completely relaxed, absolutely amazing, and absolutely wonderful.

The hypnosis session will enable you to travel in a calm and relaxed and careful manner, although of course you will still need to be cautious and mindful regarding Covid-19 and the Delta and Omicron variants, and any other variants, but hypnosis will also remove any unnecessary worries that you might have had about even going on a journey. Just make sure that, wherever you are going, you find out what the rules are that you will have to follow in that country; for example maybe social distancing, wearing a facemask etc., and the whole time you are there make sure that you simply follow all the rules. Hypnosis will also automatically fill you with a wonderful sense of ongoing ease, great comfort, and total peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, particularly with regard to helping you to travel comfortably, please feel free to give us a call on 07904 605344 for a friendly chat, and we can talk with you further about how hypnosis can leave you feeling absolutely wonderful.

Covid-19 Causes Complete Holiday Chaos

Earlier in the month of December 2021, the UK government made travel regulations tighter in order to try and stop the Covid-19 Omicron variant from spreading, and these regulations will now remain in force until at least the end of January 2022.

At the moment, if you are travelling into the UK, you must show evidence of a negative test, and then you must also take two PCR tests within two days of arrival in the UK. You will also need to self-isolate until you have been notified of a negative result. It is looking extremely unlikely that the UK government will ease or even lift these restrictions, when the next travel review is held on 5th January, 2022.

People in the travel industry have informed the newspapers that because the current travel restrictions will be staying in place until the end of January, it would be a total disaster for some travel firms. Many British tourists would now be abandoning their bookings for their annual winter sun holidays to places like Florida in the USA, or for their annual trips to the ski slopes in places like Switzerland which is closer to home, and which does not make them sit for hours in a plane along with 200 other passengers. It is also the time of year when people are all excited about making plans for their annual summer holidays.

At this time of the year, travellers would normally be getting all excited, making plans to go away on holiday. They would normally be happily looking forward to getting away and going somewhere, on a ship or in an aeroplane, but now instead they are faced with uncertainty, and expensive travel tests, and they will be quite anxious about not knowing whether they can actually book to travel to their chosen destination.

Thousands of trips overseas have been cancelled during the festive Christmas and New Year period this year due to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the country to where people are travelling. One particular winter ski holiday company cancelled all their trips to Austria which were going to leave the UK on Monday, 27th December, which was when Austria brought in tougher entry requirements due to the Omicron variant.

Austria said that arrivals to Austria from the UK would have to quarantine for 10 days from Saturday, 25th December unless they were fully vaccinated and could show the results of a negative result from a recent PCR test. They also cancelled holidays to Austria on Monday, 27th December, because the tests for those holidays would have to be taken on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They said they knew that travellers would find that last-minute testing can be very challenging, especially on these two particular days. Because of limited availability to book the test nationwide, Austria was aware that most of their customers would not have been able to meet this new requirement to travel, and they apologized for the disappointment that those people would be experiencing. Customers who were affected in this way were being offered a full refund within 14 days, along with an incentive to re-book. However, travellers who were due to travel from the UK to Austria on the 1st or 8th January, would be able to change their plans without paying a re-booking fee, until Wednesday, 29th December.

Travel firms experienced a great amount of bookings for winter sports holidays in Austria, after France had introduced a travel ban on UK holidaymakers from 15th December.

One particular cruise company cancelled four sailings from the UK by one of its ships due to the pandemic restrictions across Europe. The cruises, which were due to depart from Southampton in Hampshire on 21st and 28th December, and 4th and 11th January, were on schedule to call at France, Germany and The Netherlands. Now, The Netherlands has been put into lockdown until the middle of January, while Germany and France both currently ban UK tourists from travelling to them.

A travel writer has said that huge disruptions to people’s travel plans over Christmas and New Year, will remind everyone that if anyone is booking a trip overseas during the current pandemic, they will suffer from a significant risk of losing some or even all of their money. Anyone who definitely wants to book a holiday, should therefore select a provider who has a reliable booking policy, or they should choose a package holiday as these are better protected financially. An experienced traveller will find that a good travel insurance policy will carry on being absolutely essential, and they will continue to book available holidays, whether to Austria or New York, with a credit card because these would give them further travel protection.

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and very relaxing way of learning how to stop yourself over-worrying becoming very stressed when you want to, or have to, travel somewhere. You will find a hypnosis session, whether it is online or in person, will be extremely relaxing and comforting. Once you have become extremely relaxed, the hypnotist will be able to gain access to your subconscious mind, whereupon they will give it a totally new set of instructions to follow which will enable you to travel carefully and fearlessly. Of course you will still need to be cautious regarding Covid-19 and the Delta and Omicron variants, and you will still need to take any lateral flow tests or PCR tests, and follow all your government’s travel rules, but hypnosis will remove any unnecessary worries that you might have about going on a journey. Hypnosis will automatically fill you to the brim with a wonderful sense of ease, comfort and total peace of mind. At the end of your hypnosis session, you will be fully wakened, and you will find yourself feeling fully relaxed, incredibly amazing and absolutely wonderful.

And now I would also like to add a few words about a mental health condition known as “travel anxiety”. This is when someone becomes anxious about anything to do with travelling, whether they are being driven in a car down a main road, or they are about to board a huge great cruise liner, or even if they are already sitting very comfortably on a crowded plane. The anxiety might suddenly hit them out of the blue and they could become very panicky. Hypnosis would be extremely useful in these kinds of situations, because it would slow their breathing down and it would help them to become steady and calm again, and fully able to continue with their carefully planned journey. Hypnosis can be very useful indeed in many travel situations.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis generally, or about how hypnosis works, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07904 605344, and then we can have a friendly chat about how we can help you with hypnosis, whether it is concerning travel anxiety or any other problem that you may have.

Just A Cold – Or Could It Be Covid-19?

We are now in the depths of winter, the bleak mid-winter, and the weather is getting colder, and it is getting lighter later and darker much earlier. It is also the season of things like the winter snuffles, very bad colds, and influenza, along with Covid-19.

Now, if you are one of those people who tend to worry about the slightest niggling little ache or pain that you are suffering from somewhere, and you are sitting and worrying about it for days on end before plucking up the courage to go and see a doctor, or before you go trundling through google in the vain hope of finding an answer to your current medical problem whatever that may be, I trust that I may be able to help you with regard to this. There is a condition known as “health anxiety”, which can be greatly helped with hypnosis.

However, today I am going to compare the symptoms of the common cold with the symptoms of Covid-19, because colds are so common at this time of the year. The main symptoms of a cold are a headache, runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing, but bear in mind that these are also some of the main symptoms of Covid-19. Other Covid-19 respiratory symptoms can be a fever, a bad cough, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Most people’s cold symptoms reach a peak in the first two or three days, whereas Covid-19 symptoms take much longer, and show up from two to fourteen days. People find that most of their cold symptoms reach a peak within the first two or three days from infection, while Covid-19 ones take much longer, and show up from two to fourteen days.

If you have been fully vaccinated, may I stress here that you should still watch out for any cold or flu-like symptoms, and get a Covid-19 test, especially if you are living with or working with other people who could be at great risk from Covid-19. If you do find that you have a runny nose, or you have been sneezing, or you have lost your sense of smell or taste, do not panic, but you could avail yourself of a lateral flow test. Your first lateral flow tests may say negative, but if you actually do have Covid-19, and you are suffering from a hacking cough, a runny nose and a fever, then it is more likely that your runny nose and sneezing will be Covid-19. If you then go ahead and take a PCR test it is more likely to prove positive. Just keep in mind that the main Covid-19 symptoms are a high temperature, a fever, a new continuous cough and a loss of, or a change to, your sense of taste or smell.

Some of the main symptoms of Covid-19 are Headache; Runny Nose; Sneezing; Sore Throat; and Loss of the Sense of Smell or Taste.

“Headaches” are not a well-known symptom of Covid-19, but they are one of the first signs of it, and a lot of people have them rather than the usual symptoms of cough, high temperature, a fever or the loss of smell or taste. They can be quite painful, and they can last more than three days, but you may find that your usual pain-killers do not do much good.

Last year, a “Runny Nose” was the second most reported symptom of Covid-19 after headaches and a lot of people who tested positive with a loss of smell also reported having a runny nose. Scientific data shows that when Covid-19 rates are high, the chances of a runny nose being Covid-19 are high, but when Covid-19 rates are low a runny nose is not as likely to be Covid-19 and is most likely to be a cold or an allergy.

People who are “Sneezing More Than Usual” and have been vaccinated, are more likely to have a cold or an allergy than Covid-19, but it can be a symptom of it. Although a lot of people with Covid-19 could sneeze more than they usually would, sneezing is not a definite symptom because it is so common.

A lot of people have said that they have a “Sore Throat” that seems to be the same as the sore throat that belongs to a cold or something like laryngitis. Sore throats that are related to Covid-19 are very mild and do not last more than five days, but an extremely painful sore throat which lasts any longer than that will more probably be something like throat cancer. A sore throat can be a symptom of Covid-19, but a lot of people who have one will simply just have the common cold.

The Omicron Variant

The Omicron Variant started in South Africa.

People who have been infected with the Omicron variant, or “Omicron”, will have very bad, heavy and drenching night sweats. If you have caught this variant, these night sweats will make your clothing and bedding soaking wet, and you will have to change them. This will happen even if your bedroom is not too hot. Apart from these terrible night sweats, other symptoms of Omicron are:- aches and pains; mild muscle aches; a dry cough; extreme fatigue, and a fever. These are all signs that you have Omicron, but if you have been vaccinated then the symptoms will be much milder.

If you find that you are constantly worrying about the state of your mental and/or physical health, especially after you read about all the symptoms of the different variants, and you become quite anxious, why not consider “Hypnosis for Health Anxiety?”. Hypnosis can greatly help this kind of anxiety, and it will help you to gradually become much calmer and more relaxed about this kind of thing. Eventually you will just read something, and then think, “Oh well, I don’t think I’ve got that”, and you will just forget about your worries and get on with doing other things.

Hypnosis is a relaxing, natural and very safe way to help you to unwind and feel calm and relaxed. We will talk to you in a gentle and soothing way for a while, and we might play some soothing music in the background. You will gently and very gradually be placed in a deep, hypnotic state and you will be feeling relaxed and very comfortable. We will know when you are ready, and we will gently start to give you instructions to follow that will help you with all your anxieties anyway, but particularly with your anxieties about the general state of your health. When we have finished giving you these instructions to follow, we will gently waken you back to full waking consciousness, and you will waken fully. You will find that at this point, you will be feeling absolutely wonderful, really amazing and ready for anything.

To find out more about hypnosis, and about how hypnosis works, call us on 07904 605344, and we will endeavour to answer all your questions. We look forward to seeing you and being able to help you.

Christmas Is Coming – And So Are The Scammers . . .

Christmas and New Year is the time when a lot of people are rushing about. And now they are threatening London with a load of pure white snow, and they are even saying that we will get it in Worthing, down in the South of England. We are quite sheltered here, and we do not get snow very often, but saying that it can be disruptive to traffic and things like having your shopping delivered. However, snow can also be very pretty, especially when it’s lying untouched in the fields and in parts of the countryside.

Why I mentioned that, is because sometimes when it snows, a lot of people are stuck at home indoors and cannot get out easily, for instance if they want to go Christmas present shopping and want to go and have a browse in all the supermarkets and clothing shops. As I have said, Christmas is coming, and the scammers are out in force because they are after a great chunk of your money, they hope. In this present Article, I am writing about online scammers and fraudsters, because they are so rife at this time of the year. So, when you are out and about, be extra careful when you get your purse out of your handbag, for instance, and have to fiddle about to get your card out so that you can draw cash from the cash machine. There may be a fraudster standing right behind you, watching to see you type in your pin number. Anything like that might happen, so I am reminding you to be extra vigilant, especially if it is busy where you are.

Now, when you are Christmas shopping online, be careful about who and where you buy from. Carry out some research on the person or the place from which you are intending to buy, and ask your family or friends for advice before buying anything. If you do buy something, it is safer to use a credit card, because nearly all the credit card companies insure online purchases.

Always secure all your accounts with a very strong password, and do not be tempted to use the same password for several of your different accounts. Make sure your email account has an extra strong password that is difficult to remember, because computer fraudsters want to break into your email account. They are after useful information such as your personal bank details, and the log-in details for other online accounts. Bear in mind that computer criminals will also use things like your home address or your date of birth, when they are endeavouring to hack into your passwords. And of course, being Christmas time, we have all these Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays when online fraudsters and cyber criminals are particularly busy.

Always use a Password Manager. If you have many different accounts, you will probably be tempted to use the same passwords and usernames for all your accounts. In order to get out of this temptation, use a Password Manager. This system will remember all your log-in details you need for each separate account, so that you do not have to worry about forgetting them, and the only password you will then need is that for the Password Manager itself.

Make sure that you take care with clicking on links contained within emails and texts that are sent to you, containing exciting special offers that you cannot possibly refuse. Many of these emails and texts contain links that lead to fake websites, and if you actually take up this “amazing special offer” they then steal away your money and all your personal details. Not every single link is bad and will defraud you, but if you are at all unsure about this, do not click on the link and go straight to the website.

When you are shopping online do not give out too much of your own personal information. Sometimes websites will ask for your mother’s maiden name, or where you went to Primary School, before they allow you to buy something. However, an online shop will need some of the more obvious details, like your name, address, a contact telephone number and your bank account details, and even the long number on the front of your debit card that you are intending to use when shopping online with them. Be careful what you say, if you are asked for details which are not required for what you are going to buy. Make sure that you only complete the absolutely necessary details on online forms when you are buying something. These often have a red asterisk or exclamation mark on them somewhere. If you can possibly help it, do not create an online account for yourself on a new website that you have not used before or ever heard of, unless of course you will be going to use that website again quite often in the future. To make a single purchase, websites usually allow people to “check out” as a guest so that they can make a solitary one-off purchase.

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, especially on the days around Christmas time. Some of the scams can be very convincing and might possibly just sound too good to be true. If you think you might have been “had” by a fake website, write down the website’s address and call your bank to ask their advice about what you should do. Whether you have been hit by fraud depends on the amount of personal information you have given to the website. Keep checking your bank transactions on your statements. If you find anything remotely suspicious or anything on the statement that you do not recognize, contact your bank immediately. So, if things go wrong for you, contact your bank straightaway.

Hypnosis is a very relaxing, natural and very safe way to help you to unwind and become very calm and extremely peaceful. When you come to see us for a hypnosis session, we will talk to you gently and soothingly for a while, and we might play some relaxing music in the background if you so wish. You will then be gradually and very gently placed into a deeply relaxing hypnotic state. When you are feeling comfortable and ready, we will know this, because you will not be moving and your breathing will be steady and even. At this point, we will be able to access your subconscious mind directly, and we will give you a full set of brand new instructions to follow, that will help you to be not as anxious and stressed about preparing for Christmas and New Year. If you are anxious and stressed, you will probably be more likely to make mistakes when shopping online, and may give away more information to a website than you should, which will not be as likely to happen if you are feeling calm and relaxed.

Whatever you may be doing at Christmas, may I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. If you are overcome with, for example, a lot of stress and anxiety connected with this time of the year, please feel free to contact us at Worthing Hypnosis on 07904 605344. We can then have a friendly chat to see what we can do for you, and about how we can reinstate your peace of mind. We can do hypnosis sessions online, on Skype, on Facebook Chat, and on Zoom.

How To Keep Yourself Feeling Calm and Relaxed While You Are Getting Ready for Christmas and New Year 2021

Christmas Is Coming!

With Christmas and New Year literally just around the corner, may I take this golden opportunity to let you have a few straightforward hints and tips on how to manage preparing for all the jolly festivities, while keeping yourself all calm and peaceful regardless of whatever else may be going on in your life. There is still about three weeks of November in which to get things done, but I would strongly advise that you do not just sit back and wait around for 1st December to come along. If you do this, you will simply find that you just do not have enough time and space available in which to do everything you want to do, and go to everything you want to go to, before the 25th December arrives. Ideally, it is probably best to start preparing for Christmas way back at for example the beginning of October, so that you can give yourself more time to sort out your priorities.

During the next week or two of November, the first thing you need to do is to compile your Christmas list of the most important things you need to do. Your very first priority should be to make a financial budget for yourself, so you need to put something like, “Make A Budget for Christmas and New Year, And Stick To It”. Many people write down all the things they want to go to, and all the Christmas presents and cards they want to buy and for whom they are intended. They then go and buy each and every one of all these things, and then wonder why they have fallen into debt.

What you should ideally do next, is to write down on your list all the people for whom you wish to buy a gift, and what you are going to buy for them, and another list of people to whom you want to send a Christmas card. When you have done this, you can then go ahead and plan some Christmas shopping trips, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time for each trip, so that you are not rushing around from one place to the next. Spread your shopping trips out so that you can organize your money better. You really need to be able to do all this in a calm and relaxed manner, so that you can enjoy what you are doing.

By the end of November, with some careful planning, you should have bought all the Christmas presents you wanted, including some treats for yourself, and neatly wrapped and labelled them all. You can now consider attending to the ones that need to be posted, especially if there are some that need to be sent abroad to friends and family, for instance. You can also write and post all your Christmas cards, as well. You will start feeling very pleased with yourself if you get all your Christmas presents and cards sent off before the beginning of December.

Also in November and December, you can start preparing your home, especially if you are hosting Christmas dinner, or a Christmas party, and you might be having guests staying. Give your whole house a thorough deep clean everywhere. Make sure your dining area especially is thoroughly clean, tidy, and very comfortable. Give yourself plenty of time and space in which to do all this. When you have done all the cleaning, you can thoroughly enjoy all the decorating in December, after you have bought all the necessary decorations (or when you have retrieved your existing decorations from the attic or the basement, or wherever you normally keep them).

May I mention and suggest here, that amidst all the hustle and bustle of this time of year, it is absolutely essential that you try and make sufficient time for yourself. In the month of December, you could consider using certain tools to help you keep calm and relaxed while getting ready for Christmas and New Year, and at all other times, too. You would do well to choose something that may be new to you, such as hypnosis, which is very calming. Hypnosis is natural and safe, and extremely relaxing. After a hypnosis session, you will find that you are feeling totally relaxed and very calm, and you will also experience a sense of total ease and comfort, and great peace of mind.

If you would like to contact us, call us on 07904 605344, and we can have a friendly chat about what you would like help with, such as to lose some weight, or to quit smoking, or simply just to keep you feeling extremely relaxed and calm throughout all the possibly frantic Christmas and New Year celebrations. We wish you all the best for the Christmas season.

The Holidays Are Here Again

Yes, holidays are soon going to be available again, and you will be able to fly off in an aeroplane far, far away to a destination of your choice so long as the country that you wish to travel to is on the new “The Rest Of The World List”. However, you can still travel to a country on “The Red List”, but just remember that if you do this, you will still have to quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days at your own cost, upon your return to the UK. Just imagine basking on a sun-lit sandy beach, the sea lapping away quietly, and the occasional call from a sea-bird passing by. You could soon be actually doing this, with the palm trees standing like sentinels along the promenade.

Bookings for holidays are expected to rise sharply now, after the UK Government said that they would be relaxing the international travel rules so that holidaymakers would find things easier to understand and to follow. Travel agencies have already been reporting a healthy and steady increase in bookings. One company said that over this October’s half-term week holiday, bookings were already up 200%, and they were expecting this figure to rise because of some of the great deals that are being offered, along with the new easier rules about testing, and also changes to the rules for international travel.

The “Traffic Light System of Travel” Has Been Scrapped.

Be aware, that the UK has now scrapped the previously existing “traffic light system” of travel. This system consisted of three different lists of countries, which were entitled:- “The Green List”, “The Amber List”, and “The Red List”. This system has now been replaced with two different lists of countries, which are now entitled:- “The Rest Of The World List”, which is for lower-risk destinations, and “The Red List”, which is for countries that demand quarantine.

There are only 7 countries on “The Red List”. They are Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, and The Dominican Republic.

What kind of Covid-19 Tests are there for Travel?

You might be sitting there at home, wondering whatever kind of Covid-19 tests do you need to take for the particular country that you want to travel to for your holiday. Some countries require proof of a negative PCR (polymer chain reaction) test before you are allowed to travel there from the UK, and the test result will say whether you have tested positive or negative for Covid-19. If you have tested negative you will be provided with a Fit to Fly travel certificate which will give details of your full name, date of birth, laboratory and test credentials, passport number, the time and date of your sample, and the time and date of your report.

You must also take a Day Two PCR test, after returning home to the UK from your holiday abroad, as well as an additional Day Eight test if you are not fully vaccinated. If you are fully vaccinated, you will still need the Day Two PCR test, but you will not need the additional Day Eight test.

(Please note, that you are not allowed to use the free NHS lateral flow tests or the free NHS PCR tests for travel. You now have to buy them from a private provider. They tend to vary in cost with some of them costing anything from £50 up to around £120 or so. The time it takes for you to get your results back will vary from provider to provider, because some promise to send your results back to you within 24 hours, and other providers can sometimes take several days).

The UK Government has said that compulsory Day Two PCR testing for fully vaccinated arrivals in the UK will be scrapped and will be replaced by lateral flow testing. This did not happen on 4th October, and it is now going to be rolled out by the end of October.

British nationals who are fully vaccinated, will not have to self-isolate or shield themselves at home when they return from travelling abroad, if they have travelled to a country on “The Rest Of The World List”, but they will have to take a Day Two PCR test when they have arrived back to the UK. However, they will not need the additional Day Eight PCR test.

Also, please make sure that you remember that you must find out officially and for certain what the travel rules are for the country that you are travelling to. This is most important because, for instance, you may be able to board the plane, but when you get to your country’s port of entry you might not be allowed to enter the country for one reason or another.

If you want to travel from the United Kingdom to the United States of America

America has now lifted its travel ban on people from the United Kingdom and Europe. This means that many people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will soon be allowed to visit the country, and see family members that they may not have visited for many months due to the pandemic.

Travel to the United States from the United Kingdom will resume from November 2021 for fully vaccinated British people. This change in American border policy was made when health officials in the United States decided to recognize Covid-19 vaccines that were given out in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

This means, that from November, anyone who has received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and who are therefore fully vaccinated, will be able to enter America, as long as their last jab was at least two weeks before they arrived in the United States.

Travellers will also need proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within three days of their flight there. These new rules would come into effect before Thanksgiving, which this year is on the 25th November.

If you would like some help with any kind of travel anxiety

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through what I have written here about the new travel rules. If, however, you are feeling rather anxious about a trip abroad that you have thought about and would greatly be able to enjoy, but you do not think you would be able to go because of your anxiety states perhaps, or if you worry a lot when you are away, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hypnosis is a natural and safe method of helping someone who is very nervous about travelling, to feel confident enough in themselves, once they have had a hypnosis session, to be able to manage to go on a wonderful holiday. We will talk to you very gently in the hypnosis session, and once you are deeply relaxed and in a deep hypnotic state we will be able to address your subconscious mind directly. We will give it new instructions, for instance we will instruct it to help you to feel really confident once you are sitting in the aeroplane instead of sitting there feeling all worried and tense, and we will command it to do things like help you to really enjoy your trip. After the hypnosis session you will feel absolutely wonderful, extremely relaxed and full of self-confidence. You will feel ready to do things like getting out your suitcase, and going to the shops to buy some clothes to wear on your travels. You will find, that once you are actually travelling, you will feel very calm and relaxed.

If you would like to call us, we can have a friendly chat with you about any worries in particular that you may have about travelling, especially if you are alone and if you will be on your own while travelling. Our telephone number is 07904 605344. (Or you can ask us about anything else that may be bothering you, that you would like us to help you with).

Sick Over Sweets

This is all about creating or using a sense of nausea and and a sense of feeling uncomfortable in someone, whenever they want to eat cakes, cookies, pastries, and sweets and other things like that. For instance, they might happen to be in a cake shop surrounded by cakes and pastries, and they will say that they simply must have one or more of them to eat, right now. They could have been over-eating the cakes and pastries along with the cookies, chocolates and sweets, without realising how many of them they had actually been eating in recent weeks. They might have suddenly noticed one day, how much weight they seemed to have put on just recently, and they knew very well that they would not be able to successfully lose more weight without trying something different like hypnosis, especially if exercising and going to the gym regularly had not worked.

Hypnosis can also be used to create a sense of nausea and feeling uncomfortable in someone who is smoking, say 20 or more cigarettes a day, and then one day they are about to smoke yet another cigarette. They suddenly decide that they are actually fed up with smoking and wasting their money on such a bad habit, when the money could be better spent elsewhere like on food and clothing and the household bills. They are sitting there, just wondering if hypnosis can help them to quit smoking altogether. Then they might remember that they have tried several times to quit smoking themselves in the past, but it was just too difficult to do, and they will sit there worrying and going round in circles. However, yes, there is definitely a way of using hypnosis to help someone do this.

Now I am going to tell you about a client I once had, called Claire, who phoned me up a few weeks ago and said that she wanted to work with me just once. “Rosemary, I would very much like you to take over my many sugar cravings, because I am eating lots of sweet, sugary things like cakes, pastries, cookies, and chocolates. I also like to make my own puddings on which I pile the warmed custard laden with brown sugar. I’m really desperate to lose more weight, and I want you to take over and completely control all my sugar cravings. I absolutely insist that you take over my sugar cravings, and I want you to make me feel all anxious and nauseous to the point of throwing up as soon as I start to even think about eating anything like cookies, and cakes and things”. She was also a compulsive cigarette smoker, who smoked 20 or so cigarettes a day, and simply could not stop this terrible habit. She knew it was endangering her life, but she simply could not get on top of it. She had tried everything, and nothing worked. And now she was wondering if hypnosis could completely free her of this dreadful habit of eating all this sweet stuff, as well as helping her with her sugar cravings, and from the habit of smoking cigarettes.

“OK, Claire”, I said, “I can certainly do that. I am booking you in for 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning next week, for a hypnosis session where I will take complete control of your sugar cravings. If you are OK with this, please do not eat anything sweet like biscuits or cakes for 24 hours before the appointment time. And please do not have any sugar in any of your cups of tea or coffee within that time. This is because I need you to be absolutely craving something sugary like a chocolate bar, or a huge slice of chocolate gateau with chocolate sauce drizzled lazily over the top, OK?”. I wanted her to be really craving something very sweet before she came in, I said to her, “Now Claire, I want to double check, to make sure you are going to feel OK in my clinic, with being instructed during the hypnosis session to feel nauseous, and about to be sick, and to have a sense of feeling uncomfortable and queasy as though you are about to actually throw up, as soon as I instruct you to start thinking about chocolates and cakes and such like? And are you going to be OK, in my clinic, when I instruct you to feel nauseous, and about to be sick, and also to have a sense of feeling uncomfortable around smoking a cigarette?”. And Claire said to me, in fact she absolutely insisted, that of course she would be fine with that, and feeling great about it, because that was precisely what she actually wanted to feel like. She wanted me to put her off eating so many sweet things, simply by making her feel anxious and nauseous and uncomfortable about the thought of eating sweet and sugary food to the point that she simply could not physically eat it because the thought of doing so made her feel so nauseous and sick and about to throw up. I then explained to her that I would need to do another hypnosis session to remove her smoking habit, to which she agreed.

The following Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny. I used my usual hypnosis process, which places the client into an extremely deep hypnotic state so that they are feeling extremely relaxed. Once Claire was settled and deeply relaxed and in The Golden Box, I was then able to access her subconscious mind and speak with it directly, as though it was a very bright 10 year old child. I told it, that it was the one in charge. I said, that up to now it had been doing a wonderful job of keeping Claire to 63 kgs, but now things have changed. She now wants to be rid of her habit of eating a lot of sweet things, and she wants me to ask you to make her feel terribly anxious and extremely nauseous and to have that feeling that she is about to throw up, every time she wants to eat something like cakes, or pastries, or chocolate, so that she does not eat so much sweet stuff. And oh, by the way, she is very fond of those Danish Pastries. Now, when Claire even wants to pick up a chocolate bar, or thinks she wants to go into the cake shop and buy a huge great treacle tart all for herself, you will straightaway make her feel nauseous and sick and immediately overcome all of her sugar cravings so that she does not do so. You will not let her buy all those cakes and pastries and sweets and things. Starting from now, you will do this, in the safest and healthiest way for Claire, so that she may reach the desired weight that she wants, of 57 kgs.

Claire, or course, reported back to me, that she had already lost a lot of weight, all due to this queasy feeling of being uncomfortable when she was tempted to start eating cakes and cookies. Her weight plummeted and she now weighed 55.9 kgs. I was absolutely delighted for her, and told her so, and she said that she had never felt happier. She was now looking forward to her hypnosis session in a couple of weeks’ time, to help her overcome her cigarette smoking habit.

Hypnosis is a natural, safe and very relaxing way of helping people to overcome habits like smoking, eating too much, anxiety, stress, depression, nailbiting, and many other things. If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how it works, or if you would like help with something but you are not sure if hypnosis would help, call us on 07904 605344 for a friendly chat.

How Hypnosis Can Help You To Shift Your Excess Weight And Gain Peace Of Mind For Christmas

It is now Autumn, and the middle of September. The days are becoming shorter, and the mornings are getting lighter later, and the evenings are getting darker earlier. You might even occasionally find that you are cooking your evening meal in the half-dark. Time flies when you are busy, and it does not let you sit around moping and fretting and saying to yourself, “Well, where did today go?”. I expect you have noticed that the television is packed full of things like football programmes, because it is that time of the year when we are creeping towards Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes’, and, of course, Christmas and New Year’s. And along with the darker mornings and evenings, you are probably not going out exercising quite as much because there is not so much daylight, and as a consequence you may have well put on some extra weight, which of course means you will be weighing more than you were before.

Hypnosis is renowned the world over for helping people to make big changes in their life. It is a safe, natural and wonderfully relaxing way of assisting someone like yourself to make such a big change, for example to achieve shifting your excess weight and therefore gaining peace of mind in time for Christmas. If you were able to achieve this, you would then be able to sit at the family Christmas dinner table, and not be all tense and anxious about what family members thought of you because you were so overweight. Would it not seem to you, like an absolutely amazing Christmas gift that someone has given you, when as Christmas approaches you know that you no longer had to worry about all that weight you put on earlier in the year, because it has now simply fallen off you, even though you hadn’t been out jogging just lately? Yes, that would be really wonderful. It would be simply amazing. It would be incredible. It would be rather like wanting to lose weight at the beginning of the year, but instead this time you would be doing it towards the end of the year.

If you decide that you would really like to try hypnosis to shift your excess weight, you can make an appointment by calling a hypnotist yourself directly, or you could write them a letter of introduction, or an email. When you arrive at their office, they will have a chat with you. This is because they will need to know what you want hypnosis for, and this is when you tell them that you want to lose your excess weight before Christmas. They will not accept an unhealthy figure for a female who is, for example, 5 feet 7 inches tall and wanting to be 50 kgs, because they would need a different kind of help other than hypnosis. They will then discuss your medical history with you, and when they have done this, they will ask what your current weight is right now, and also what you desire to weigh. They ask about this because they will then know which simple instructions they need to give you.

They will then officially begin the hypnosis session by talking to you very gently, and they may put some quiet music on in the background to help you to relax very deeply. All you will be aware of initially is the sound of their voice talking to you in a very gentle, soothing, and relaxing manner and giving you some simple and straightforward instructions to follow. The reason why they do this, is so that they know you are willing to be compliant and to follow all their instructions willingly and without any problems. They also do this in order to place you into an extremely relaxing hypnotic state, which is almost sleep-like, so you may be feeling that you have fallen asleep but really you are still awake. When you have reached this point, they will be able to address your subconscious mind directly, and they will talk to it as though it is a very bright ten-year-old child.

Firstly, the hypnotist will tell your subconscious mind that it’s the one in charge, they tell it that you understand it had its own reasons for keeping your weight at 65 kgs rather than at 55 kgs, and it was just doing its job perfectly based on a set of previous old instructions that are now out-of-date. They will tell your subconscious mind that they now know that what is safest, quickest, and healthiest for you, physically, mentally and emotionally, is to now be at 55 kgs. They will inform it that, up to now, it has been doing an excellent job, but now things have changed. They will say, “I’m speaking to you, the subconscious mind. Up to now, you have been keeping “Mary’s” weight at 65 kgs, and you have had your reasons for doing this.”

They will instruct the subconscious mind to begin making whatever changes are needed in your metabolism, in appetites, in activity levels, and hungers, and cravings. They will tell it that all these things need to be changed along with whatever else it knows about, so that “Mary” can get to that healthy and safe weight of 55 kgs as quickly and safely as possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They will say, “Starting right now, you will make these changes in the safest and quickest and healthiest way possible, physically, mentally and emotionally, so that Mary can achieve her desired weight of 55 kgs before Christmas”. Starting from the day of the hypnosis session, these new instructions will enable your subconscious mind to help you in the safest, quickest and healthiest way possible, physically, mentally and emotionally, to achieve your ideal weight. This means that your subconscious mind is now ready, enabled and waiting to start helping you to lose your excess weight, and even more than you dared to think possible.

Once the hypnosis session is ended, you will be very slowly wakened, and you will find that you are feeling wide awake, fully conscious and alert, and feeling absolutely wonderful. And soon, as the weeks pass, you will notice that your weight has started to improve, and when you weigh yourself first thing every Friday or Saturday morning, you will notice that your weight is, very steadily, going downwards.

I will mention here, that it would be a good idea for you to buy yourself a notebook, so that you can keep track of what you are eating and drinking, the number of calories you are consuming, and what your current weight is. Then you will have physical proof that you are actually losing weight. Once it has started creeping downwards, and it stays going downwards, your self-confidence will improve in leaps and bounds, and you will soon begin to start feeling so much better.

If you want to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, call us on 07904 605344 for a friendly chat.

Five Top Tips For Your Weekly Shopping Trips

Before you actually set off on your weekly shopping trip, think in advance about your deals, your special offers, and any tokens that you may have. For instance, your usual supermarket might not have any special offers on chocolates, but a different one may do so. Avoid spending hours and hours where you tick off the lowest price offer, and then you find that you’re going around from shop to shop and into yet another store. Choose just one supermarket that sells all the special offers and deals that you are after, such as three cottage pies for the price of two, even if you still have to go to your own store to spend your tokens.

When you go food shopping, make sure that you do not do this on an empty stomach. This is simply because you will then be feeling very hungry, and you will just end up buying far more than you ever intended. As a result you will overspend by a lot more than you were originally going to. You will probably buy all those special extra things like packets of fancy chocolate biscuits, and loads of cakes, and puddings, that were not even on your original list of things you needed to buy in the first place. Therefore make sure that you eat something like some cheese on toast with a cup of coffee before you set off on your trip.

Planning your meals for each and every week might seem tedious to you, and an absolute waste of time, As you were probably doing this as a matter of course during the months of lockdown due to the pandemic, you might be feeling that you’re just totally fed up with all the careful organizing that planning a week’s family meals would entail. You’re probably thinking that it’s just too stressful, and it takes up far too much of your time and your energy. However, it will definitely save you time and money in the long run. It will also let you bulk buy some ingredients at lower prices and some of those ingredients that are currently on special offer. You will know exactly what you need to buy in the shop for the current week, and how many of each thing.

Before you go to the shop, try and write your shopping list as though you’re going around the different aisles, and keep to the route that you always use, because this will save you actual time when you are in the shop. If you use your shopping list, you will know exactly what you need to buy, and also make sure that you keep to what is on the list, especially if you are on a strict budget. Always take a calculator with you, then you can add up how much you’re spending as you go along. Using your list will help to keep you focused, and you will not be easily swayed into buying unplanned things, like seasonal special offers that were not available in the previous week.

There is simply no need to be afraid of using tinned food. There are all kinds of vegetables available in tins, such as sweetcorn, garden peas, carrots, chopped tomatoes and red kidney beans, and you can also even get tinned potatoes. People often go straight to the fresh vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and courgettes, because they tend to be displayed at the front of the shop and they are easy to see. However you can often find really good tinned produce at a much lower price than the fresh variety, if you look in the tinned food aisle.

Now that we have been talking about food, there is of course the possibility that you may have wondered if hypnosis can help you to lose some weight. Hypnosis is excellent for this. So, if you want to try hypnosis, you can make an appointment with a hypnotist directly on the phone. When you get there, they will ask you some questions about your weight problem. They will then carry out a hypnosis session, which might be accompanied by some gentle music and which you will find extremely calming and relaxing. The hypnotist will address your subconscious mind directly and they will give it a brand new set of instructions to follow, which will help you to lose weight. When they have ended the hypnosis session, they will gently waken you fully, and you will awaken and feel alert, really relaxed and absolutely wonderful.

If you wish, you may contact Worthing Hypnosis direct on 07904 605344, and you can have a friendly chat with us about your desire to lose weight, or whatever it is that you would like some help with. We can also do online hypnosis which will save you the bother and expense of travelling. We can book your appointment for a hypnosis session at the same time, and we can answer any queries that you may have about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works.

How To Experience Great Peace of Mind By Decluttering Your House

Peace of Mind is a sense of profound peace, ease and comfort that you can sometimes feel and experience.

This could be something like thoroughly enjoying a wonderfully relaxing three week holiday abroad, or you can be aware of it when you manage to sort out a very tense and difficult situation in your personal life. It is also the absence of worry, which is when you find that practically all the time you are feeling blessed and thoroughly content with the way things are generally going, and also when you are nearly always feeling extremely calm and peaceful. Today, I am going to give you some help and sound advice on how to declutter your house easily and relatively quickly, so that you gain peace of mind from having all the extra space that you have subsequently created.

Even though the days of Covid seem to have long gone, it will make things so much easier and more pleasant for you to cope with “Staying At Home”, as it were, if you have re-organized your house and thrown out all your old clutter and all the items you knew you did not want to hold on to anymore, into the rubbish bin. However, beware of “emotional attachment”, where someone who has a tendency to hoard everything in sight, wants to cling unnecessarily onto a large piece of decorative china, for example, which is taking up a lot of space for something else that is more important.

You can begin this much needed task, by writing down all the rooms in your house in numerical order, starting with the smallest. The reason for this is, that once you have cleared the smallest room, you will then feel more motivated to start working on the next room. So when you have made your list of rooms, break them down into areas at which you need to work diligently. Then choose a day to begin your decluttering, and fill several bin bags and/or cardboard boxes with things that you know you can throw out easily. These are things you definitely do not want to keep, such as old papers, old small appliances like worn out kettles and toasters, or unwanted clothing (some of which you can donate to a charity shop, if you wish, if they are clean and in good enough condition). Tick each room off your list methodically as you work your way round your house. With regard to things that you are not sure about whether to keep them or not, put them in the “dither” box. Put all the small things you know you want to keep in the “keep” box, and things you do not wish to keep, chuck into a bin bag or cardboard box to take out to the rubbish bin, or keep them aside to donate to a charity shop or sell privately.

When you have sorted through all the easy, little objects, including all your old paperwork, start looking at the larger items such as furniture, including tables, chairs, and beds, and anything that takes up a lot of space. You may well be able to sell some of your large, really posh furnishings such as a Welsh dresser or a sideboard, so as you look at them all in turn, decide there and then whether it would sell easily or not. As you gradually remove things in this way, you will see how much space you are creating in your house as you declutter. You will feel amply rewarded for your efforts as you see things being thrown out, and all this positive activity will undoubtedly enhance your sense of mental well-being. The more space you make, the more motivated you will feel, and this will encourage you to carry on and keep going at it steadily and purposefully.

As the days go by, and the end of this great task gradually appears, what at first seemed terribly daunting and possibly overwhelming, will now slowly come to fruition. When this great and amazing moment happens, take a few deep breaths, and a few mental steps back, and congratulate yourself for such a great achievement. Give yourself a great pat on the back. You will constantly feel a sense of ease, inner peace, and comfort, as well as peace of mind, from completing this great task. It does not even need to be an overwhelming exercise, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time – even two years – to do it in, very slowly and very carefully, and always at your own pace. Do not rush. Rest, recuperate and recover from your decluttering as you go along, and keep working at it thoroughly, slowly, calmly and peacefully. Make time for cleaning, laundering, and daily exercising and other activities.

Also, please make sure you and your family eat properly, and eat proper meals, and if you want to do so, create a daily meal plan for you to follow in order to ensure this. Cook some meals in advance on a certain day of the week, and keep them in the freezer for when they are needed, because this will help you to save valuable time when you could be decluttering instead of cooking. Also, keep a notebook listing what meals you are going to be having on each day. Have all your groceries and other stuff delivered to your house, so that you do not have to keep going out to the shops because this is another time-saver. There is absolutely no need to rush at it whatsoever, because you will just end up exhausted.

And, finally, please remember The Golden Rule:-

One Step At A Time

One Thing At A Time

One Day At A Time.

If you want to try hypnosis for a problem, you can make an appointment to see a hypnotist yourself on the phone. When you get there, they will ask some questions about your problem. They will then carry out a hypnosis session which you will find extremely relaxing and calming. During the session, they will address your subconscious mind directly, and give it a new set of instructions to follow which will help you to achieve what it is that you want. Once they have finished the hypnosis session, they will gently waken you, and you will subsequently feel absolutely wonderful and completely relaxed.

Hypnosis can help with a lot of things. If, for instance, you have started this great task, and you are becoming anxious and stressed about it all, give hypnosis a try. Whatever your problem may be, and you feel that hypnosis might be helpful for you, call us on 07904 605344 and we can have a friendly chat with you. You can have a hypnosis session online with us.