You will know, if you suffer from a terrible, life-limiting lack of self-confidence.

You just will not be able to go and do things in the carefree way that other people seem to be able to do.  This is because, for hours or days beforehand, for instance if you have been invited to a very special occasion, you will find yourself just sitting there, and worrying incessantly about it and probably making yourself feel quite ill in the process.

You will be saying things to yourself like, I can’t go to that.  I just can’t go to that.  Supposing I am in a traffic accident on the way?  Supposing the car breaks down on the way?  Supposing I do or say everything wrong when I am there?  Supposing I become terribly anxious and feel sick or ill?  No, there is no way I am going.  I am going to have to decline the invitation.  Even the whole of the previous day, your subconscious mind will be trying for all its worth, to give you all sorts of perfectly reasonable excuses for not going to this special occasion.

Now, wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful, if you were brimming with self-confidence like everybody else, and you could spend time thinking how wonderful and how joyous this event would be and how you would enjoy it tremendously when you got there?

Your subconscious mind’s job is to protect you, to keep you safe and free from harm.  And because you are suffering from a lack of confidence it will do all it can to prevent you from going to where you want to go.

Hypnosis will give you great personal confidence and as a result you will become much more self-confident that you are right now.  With hypnosis, you will be able to go to these public functions without thinking twice about it, without a second’s thought.  You will not be plagued by this constant anxiety, stress and worry about stuff like saying or doing the wrong thing.  You will be so self-confident that you will be able to enjoy looking forward to it, and when you get there, you will be able to enjoy every minute of the occasion itself.