“Feeling the Joys of Spring 2018”


And now it is February and soon, very soon, it will be Spring.  Spring is nearly here, oh yes it is!  Spring is certainly in the air and it’s literally just around the corner.  You can almost see it, hear it and feel it.  Last year is last year, it is past.  The year 2018 is already with us, it is already here.  Springtime is coming, along with leaves on the trees coming into bud, and the flowering plants just beginning to peep above the ground and a lot of their leaves are already showing.  No more doom and gloom because all that has gone, along with the cold, dark days and very long, dark nights and the freezing weather which seemed to consist of nothing but everlasting rain, sleet and snow.   The reason for Winter is because that is the time of year which lets people hibernate in their warm and cosy houses and apartments.  The Winter has therefore now given them time and space to dream about what goals they are going to create for themselves for the coming year, and how they are going to achieve these goals.  The warmth of the Spring wakes them out of their hibernation.  It re-energizes them and gives them renewed growth.

This is now almost Spring, and you need to move on because it’s a new year!  It’s practically Spring.

Spring is the time to renew and revitalize.  It is the sprouting forth of new growth from the cold, hard and frozen ground when it gets warmed by the heat from the sun.  It is also the sprouting forth of new ideas which have come into your mind during the long, dark days of Winter.  In Spring, begin to build on these thoughts and bring them into your reality and into your life!  In early Spring, even in February, start your usual annual spring cleaning routine.  Now’s a good time to tidy up the garden.  Now’s a good time to start doing things like chucking out stuff that has accumulated in all your cupboards and wardrobes.   Clean out the cupboards and put it all back in an organized fashion.  Don’t stop at the cupboards.  Tidy up everywhere!  Clean everywhere, every little dark corner, every little nook and cranny, even underneath the sofas and the armchairs.  Don’t leave any stone unturned.  While you’re busy doing all this, take the time to focus your thoughts and use your Springtime energy to work out what is the most important thing that you wish to achieve in the current year.

During the Winter, you have probably considered things you want to do when Spring happens, so you have made a list.  You’ve kept a notebook of all your amazing and wonderful ideas about the things that you want to get out of life itself.  What you want to do.  Where you want to go.  Who you want to see.  There are all sorts of things you have been planning, and with your notes from the Winter, now’s a good time to add a shortlist of what are the most important things you want to actually and physically achieve.  The long, dark Winter days might have made you feel too tired and lacking in energy to start anything new because maybe the weather was just too gloomy and freezing cold, or maybe the ideas that came to you were just too big to handle.  The lighter, warmer days of Spring will give you so much more energy, and you will find it much easier to focus on something in particular that you would really like to be able to do.  Any Winter depression, known as seasonal affective disorder, which might have made you feel heavy, tired, lethargic, lacking in energy and terribly depressed, will have all but disappeared.  At last, now’s a good time to start getting on with things that have been building up and left untouched over the last few months.

Using hypnosis is an effective way to maintain the positive emotions of the Spring season.  Hypnosis is a natural process.  An energizing session of hypnosis will enable you to rid yourself of any left-over feelings of sadness or depression, and it will lift you up out of the doldrums and the gloom.  Hypnosis will clear out all the junk from every dark recess and every dark corner in your mind, so that you are able to harness the renewing and revitalizing energies of the Spring.  This will empower you to work positively and steadily towards all that you wish to achieve in the coming months.  Hypnosis will strengthen you and fill you with a positive and far-reaching sense of self-confidence.  Instead of constantly being bombarded with totally negative thoughts such as, “No, I can’t possibly go and do that”, you will find yourself thinking more positively.  You will think, “Why ever not?  Yes, I am going to try doing that.  I can, and I will!”.   Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, it will fill you with endless ideas, and will help you to remain positive.

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