How Hypnosis Can Help You To Shift Your Excess Weight And Gain Peace Of Mind For Christmas

It is now Autumn, and the middle of September. The days are becoming shorter, and the mornings are getting lighter later, and the evenings are getting darker earlier. You might even occasionally find that you are cooking your evening meal in the half-dark. Time flies when you are busy, and it does not let you sit around moping and fretting and saying to yourself, “Well, where did today go?”. I expect you have noticed that the television is packed full of things like football programmes, because it is that time of the year when we are creeping towards Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes’, and, of course, Christmas and New Year’s. And along with the darker mornings and evenings, you are probably not going out exercising quite as much because there is not so much daylight, and as a consequence you may have well put on some extra weight, which of course means you will be weighing more than you were before.

Hypnosis is renowned the world over for helping people to make big changes in their life. It is a safe, natural and wonderfully relaxing way of assisting someone like yourself to make such a big change, for example to achieve shifting your excess weight and therefore gaining peace of mind in time for Christmas. If you were able to achieve this, you would then be able to sit at the family Christmas dinner table, and not be all tense and anxious about what family members thought of you because you were so overweight. Would it not seem to you, like an absolutely amazing Christmas gift that someone has given you, when as Christmas approaches you know that you no longer had to worry about all that weight you put on earlier in the year, because it has now simply fallen off you, even though you hadn’t been out jogging just lately? Yes, that would be really wonderful. It would be simply amazing. It would be incredible. It would be rather like wanting to lose weight at the beginning of the year, but instead this time you would be doing it towards the end of the year.

If you decide that you would really like to try hypnosis to shift your excess weight, you can make an appointment by calling a hypnotist yourself directly, or you could write them a letter of introduction, or an email. When you arrive at their office, they will have a chat with you. This is because they will need to know what you want hypnosis for, and this is when you tell them that you want to lose your excess weight before Christmas. They will not accept an unhealthy figure for a female who is, for example, 5 feet 7 inches tall and wanting to be 50 kgs, because they would need a different kind of help other than hypnosis. They will then discuss your medical history with you, and when they have done this, they will ask what your current weight is right now, and also what you desire to weigh. They ask about this because they will then know which simple instructions they need to give you.

They will then officially begin the hypnosis session by talking to you very gently, and they may put some quiet music on in the background to help you to relax very deeply. All you will be aware of initially is the sound of their voice talking to you in a very gentle, soothing, and relaxing manner and giving you some simple and straightforward instructions to follow. The reason why they do this, is so that they know you are willing to be compliant and to follow all their instructions willingly and without any problems. They also do this in order to place you into an extremely relaxing hypnotic state, which is almost sleep-like, so you may be feeling that you have fallen asleep but really you are still awake. When you have reached this point, they will be able to address your subconscious mind directly, and they will talk to it as though it is a very bright ten-year-old child.

Firstly, the hypnotist will tell your subconscious mind that it’s the one in charge, they tell it that you understand it had its own reasons for keeping your weight at 65 kgs rather than at 55 kgs, and it was just doing its job perfectly based on a set of previous old instructions that are now out-of-date. They will tell your subconscious mind that they now know that what is safest, quickest, and healthiest for you, physically, mentally and emotionally, is to now be at 55 kgs. They will inform it that, up to now, it has been doing an excellent job, but now things have changed. They will say, “I’m speaking to you, the subconscious mind. Up to now, you have been keeping “Mary’s” weight at 65 kgs, and you have had your reasons for doing this.”

They will instruct the subconscious mind to begin making whatever changes are needed in your metabolism, in appetites, in activity levels, and hungers, and cravings. They will tell it that all these things need to be changed along with whatever else it knows about, so that “Mary” can get to that healthy and safe weight of 55 kgs as quickly and safely as possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They will say, “Starting right now, you will make these changes in the safest and quickest and healthiest way possible, physically, mentally and emotionally, so that Mary can achieve her desired weight of 55 kgs before Christmas”. Starting from the day of the hypnosis session, these new instructions will enable your subconscious mind to help you in the safest, quickest and healthiest way possible, physically, mentally and emotionally, to achieve your ideal weight. This means that your subconscious mind is now ready, enabled and waiting to start helping you to lose your excess weight, and even more than you dared to think possible.

Once the hypnosis session is ended, you will be very slowly wakened, and you will find that you are feeling wide awake, fully conscious and alert, and feeling absolutely wonderful. And soon, as the weeks pass, you will notice that your weight has started to improve, and when you weigh yourself first thing every Friday or Saturday morning, you will notice that your weight is, very steadily, going downwards.

I will mention here, that it would be a good idea for you to buy yourself a notebook, so that you can keep track of what you are eating and drinking, the number of calories you are consuming, and what your current weight is. Then you will have physical proof that you are actually losing weight. Once it has started creeping downwards, and it stays going downwards, your self-confidence will improve in leaps and bounds, and you will soon begin to start feeling so much better.

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