How To Lose Weight Safely and Steadily in a Healthy Way

Major life changes such as “to lose weight” are notoriously difficult to achieve and maintain. Your eating habits as they are now have been instilled into you for many years, and you are probably still thinking, for example, that you must eat three healthy meals a day, and you must not skip eating your breakfast whatever you do. With the following tips from Worthing Hypnosis, we can help you to lose your excess weight slowly and safely.

The very first thing you can do to help yourself, once you have firmly decided to lose some weight, is to go and visit your family doctor or healthcare provider. They will be very pleased for you that you have made such a healthy and important decision. They will record your height and your weight, and they will check your blood pressure. Then they will sit down with you, and discuss your current health conditions, your medication, and any risk factors such as obesity. If you tell them you would like to take up some form of healthy exercise, they will help you to compile an easily maintained exercise plan to suit your personal needs, your circumstances and your physical capabilities.

Keep looking for relevant information, such as in healthcare articles online, or read some books about losing weight. Think of friends and helpful family members who will gladly help you in your quest, and will continue advising you along the way. When you start to successfully shift your excess weight, they will act as your cheerleaders for every milestone that you reach. You will be able to talk to them easily on the telephone or on the computer and discuss things like useful television programmes on healthy eating, and you can share healthy recipes that you can cook from scratch. Changes in your life such as losing weight are not half as daunting when you know you can pick up the phone and have a nice chat with a friend or someone in the family.

The next thing you need to do, is to start keeping a detailed Food Diary. Draw up three columns headed Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper and the times when you have these meals. Write down all the things that you eat and drink every day, and the times that you actually consume them. You should ideally also keep track of the number of calories you are consuming as you go along, and write these down also. While you are doing all this, you will find that you are more aware of everything that you are eating, (even the snacks, sweets and occasional chocolate bar that you eat). This, in turn, will help you to avoid unnecessary eating such as in-between meals, or when you are not actually hungry.

When you have been keeping your food diary for a couple of weeks, carry out a review of all your eating habits that you currently have, and write down a list of them. This will help you to find your bad eating habits, and may we mention here, that hypnosis is well renowned for helping people to conquer bad habits. You might find, for example, that you always want to eat a chocolate bar or some other sugary snack like a cream cake to help you get through the mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy dip even if you are not actually hungry. When you feel that you really must have something to eat to keep you going, always write down how you were feeling when you wanted the sugary snack, such as if you were bored, tired, angry and/or depressed, for instance. Quite often you might find yourself wanting to eat due to something environmental that bothers you about where you live. What you could do, is replace eating the calorie-laden snack with a non-food activity, such as going for a quick walk, or making a useful telephone call.

Some useful ideas for helping you to keep yourself from eating these snacks, which could certainly be adding to your weight gain, are:- (1) Always plan your meals, to ensure that you eat a healthy, well-balanced meal. (2) Eat only when you are truly hungry, and not when you are tired, anxious, stressed or feeling fretful. A quick walk instead will help you to feel better. (3) If you drive to work every day, do not stop at the local corner shop and pick up a doughnut to eat in your tea-break. Wait for your lunch-time and eat then. (4) Eat more slowly. If you eat too quickly you may empty your plate from habit, rather than paying attention to whether you have stopped feeling hungry.

You will find hypnosis to be of great benefit to you in your quest to lose some weight. If you decide to try hypnosis, simply go and see a hypnotist and explain to them what it is that you wish to do. They will then give you a hypnosis session, either in person or online, and you will find this to be extremely comforting. They will talk to you in a soothing and relaxing manner, and when they think you are feeling very comfortable and ready, they will directly address your subconscious mind. They will give it a completely new set of instructions to follow regarding your wish to lose weight. When the hypnotist has ended the hypnosis session, you will feel absolutely wonderful, and you will also feel contentment, along with a wonderful sense of ease, comfort, and peace of mind. Week after week, as you obediently follow these instructions, your weight will drop almost automatically, and you will feel really pleased with yourself when you see that you are at last achieving great results.

You will begin to feel so much better and happier and much more content when you have managed to lose some of that stubborn weight. However, if you have already started your weight loss journey, and you are finding things difficult to shift, and nothing seems to be happening, you can always call us on 07904 605344 and we will be pleased to help you with hypnosis for your weight loss ambitions.