If you are suffering from insomnia, which is the inability to sleep properly, you will know exactly how you feel when you have been wide awake for yet another very long night.  You may be someone who panics as night time approaches, because you know that you will not be able to sleep properly.  You may be finding it difficult to go off to sleep at all.  You might even try saying to yourself something like, “I must go off to sleep … I must go off to sleep … I must go off to sleep …”, a few times.  All this does is make you even more tense, and therefore unable to relax, and therefore unable to actually go off to sleep.  You may be sleeping restlessly, tossing and turning almost all night long, and then waking too early, in the early hours, and you just cannot get back to sleep again, however hard you try.  You may be lying there all night, wide awake and fully alert, with all kinds of anxious and stressful and worrying thoughts incessantly going round and round in your head, with no means of “turning them off”.  You may even pound your pillow a few times now and again with sheer frustration and exasperation, because you are very anxious and worried about why you cannot get to sleep.  Even a tried and trusted method to help you go to sleep, like counting sheep jumping over a hedge, does not work for you.  Watching a bit of TV, or listening to the radio or some quiet music for a while, does not work for you either.

You may be anxious, stressed and very worried about things that have happened during the day.  Or about terrible things that could possibly happen tomorrow, or next week.  Or about your general health; your work; your finances; your relationships.  You may be just extremely anxious, stressed and worried about the fact that you simply cannot enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.  Insomnia can even be caused by worrying anxiously about not being able to sleep properly.  As a result, you just lie there, sometimes all night, like I have said, wide awake and fully alert, because you have become so tense simply from trying to get off to sleep in the first place.  Sleep itself is absolutely impossible.

Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to help you with your sleeping problems, and it gives you a calm and peaceful night’s sleep, every night, night after night.  Hypnosis teaches you exactly how to unwind, how to relax deeply, how to empty your mind of anxious, stressful and worrying thoughts, and how to simply “let it all go”.  Hypnosis literally teaches you how to switch off from the world, and fall asleep.