Lose Weight



Hypnosis helps redefine the body’s ideal weight.

Would you like to lose some weight, and as a result, feel much happier and less stressed, and have much more self-confidence and a great deal more energy?

I have experience working with a hypnotist to lose weight, and have successfully lost 14.5 kgs (32 lbs).   I am absolutely delighted with this weight loss, and I know that hypnosis will be able to help you lose weight, too.

Hypnosis will help you to reach your goal weight naturally, safely, and without the use of drugs.  Perhaps you are struggling to lose some weight, because you have a lot of bad eating habits that you do not really want to change very much.  One of these bad eating habits is constantly overeating, even when you are not particularly hungry.  And although you are trying to lose weight, you are constantly eating too much when you are feeling lonely, stressed, or bored.  You may also be suffering from a severe lack of confidence due to being overweight, which could also make you start an overeating binge.  If you go ahead and decide to just try and lose weight for about six weeks, and change what you eat accordingly, your weight will start to come off.  But when you reach the weight you want to be, and then start eating again the same as you did before, the weight will simply pile back on you again.  If you want to lose weight successfully and permanently, you will need to understand your eating habits, and how to adjust them.

Using hypnosis to lose weight will help you to reach your weight loss goal.  Hypnosis will help you to change any bad eating habits that you may have, such as eating when you are not particularly hungry, snacking on lots of food between meals, and even missing meals.  I will draw up an individual eating plan for you, tailored around what you like to eat.  This plan will also include some “wrong” foods that you really like, such as processed ready meals, but in moderation.  When you begin to see your weight gradually dropping off, and staying off, you will feel delighted, and you will feel much better physically and mentally.  You will have so much more energy, and you will have much more self-confidence.

I will then continue to work with you, so that you are able to maintain your weight loss goal.