Anxiety & Stress



Anxiety can show itself in your life in various ways, and there are many different symptoms.  One of the main symptoms is that you will find yourself worrying a lot about all kinds of different things, some of which you probably do not really need to even worry about.  You will start to find it difficult to cope with ordinary things in your everyday life, and you will wonder why, and you will start to worry about all this.  All of this perpetual worrying can stop you sleeping properly, and night after night of not sleeping properly can make you feel quite ill.  Other general symptoms of anxiety can include feeling very tired all the time; feeling faint, dizzy, restless, irritable, on edge and wound up, and feeling that you cannot relax properly.  You might feel a sense of absolute dread, often for no particular reason.  Dwelling constantly on your symptoms can seem to take over your life.  You might start to imagine all sorts of possible disasters.  As a result, you will not want to go anywhere much, and you will begin to avoid other people.  You will begin to avoid certain situations especially, for example, in a place where there is a large gathering of other people, where you might have felt ill once before.  The anxiety will cause you to think, “What if I might feel ill there again?”.  You will find your life becoming full of “What if’s”.

Extremely severe anxiety can build up into a full-blown panic attack, which can be really alarming and frightening.  Some of the physical symptoms of a panic attack can include feeling faint; feeling dizzy; feeling that you cannot breathe properly; having chest pains which can become severe, and having palpitations.  The symptoms might make you think that you are actually having a heart attack, but they have simply been caused by anxiety that has got out of control, and become extremely severe.

By using hypnosis, you will be able to overcome the anxiety that used to completely fill you with fear and dread and trembling about doing anything and everything, going anywhere or seeing other people.  You will no longer shut yourself away from life and sit at home alone, feeling sad and tearful, simply because you just could not cope with those things before.  Hypnosis can help you to unwind and relax and feel so much better, naturally and safely.  You will be feeling full of zest and vitality, and you will therefore be able to keep yourself busy, because you are feeling so much more energetic and not so tired all the time.  This will be because the hypnosis will be helping you to sleep so much better, and you will not be lying wide awake at night with worrying.  At some point you may even find yourself stopping what you are doing just for a moment, and you will ask yourself why you wasted all that valuable time and energy worrying needlessly about anything and everything, when so often there wasn’t really anything for you to worry about.  Hypnosis will help you to once again feel free to go about your daily business and lead your daily life just like you did before, without giving anxiety a single thought.