Five Fabulous Things You Can Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown

We have all heard about what you can or cannot do if you are elderly, over 70, someone with an underlying health condition, or a pregnant woman, or even if you are a healthy individual who does not wish to risk catching coronavirus. You can only leave your house: (1) To shop for basic essentials like food and medicines; (2) To travel to work when you cannot work from home; (3) To take one form of daily exercise outdoors, like taking the dog for a walk, either alone or with other members of your household, and (4) To access medical care. When you are out of your house, you must do social distancing. This means that you must not get too close to other people, and you must keep at least 2 metres away from everyone, especially if they are coughing or sneezing.

There are also other rules to follow, like wash your hands more frequently using the hand sanitizer, for more than 20 seconds; keep your hands clean; watch what you’re touching; and wipe down everything that you’ve touched. When you are out of your house, you must do social distancing. This means that you must not get too close to other people, and you must keep at least 2 metres away from everyone, especially if they are coughing or sneezing.

I describe below six fabulous things you can be getting on with during the 12-week lockdown.

Learn Yoga

You can start to teach yourself yoga. Log into you tube, and learn how to do all the different positions, which are called asanas. Yoga is very relaxing and it will benefit both your mental and physical health. It will help you to feel very peaceful mentally, and to help you cope with the anxiety and stress that you may be suffering from during this time of self isolation.

Learn French

You can start to learn a foreign language, such as French. You may have an old French text book which you could learn from; or you could log into you tube where there are videos to teach people vocabulary, consisting of lists of words; French phrases; and conversational French.

Clear your house of clutter

You can start to clear your house of clutter, if it is an absolute mess and full of useless junk. Take things slowly, one day at a time. Keep a plan and write down what order to do the rooms in. Perhaps just do an hour of this in the morning, and another hour in the afternoon, but create your own daily schedule. Perhaps just work at this from Monday to Friday, and rest from it at the weekend.

Learn to bake a cake

You can learn to bake a cake. Dig out one of your many cookery books, or log into you tube. Decide on something you have never cooked before such as a black forest cake, and this will make it seem more of an adventure. Write notes in a “cookery notebook” detailing the ingredients, and how to bake it.

Create a veggie patch in your garden

If you have your own garden that is big enough, you can work at creating a veggie patch, and then you can eat your own fruit and vegetables. This will save you some money because you will not need to go to the shops and buy them.

Write about how all these activities, and hypnosis, can relieve you of the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression which you may be experiencing during your self-isolation.

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Are you obsessed with Coronavirus?

Today, you will be reading about strategies to help you to cope with the now global effects of coronavirus.

Are you perpetually thinking about coronavirus? Because this could become a problem … because this could lead to anxiety, stress, depression and panic attacks. When you continue to think about something irrational, then you have a very real problem with anxiety. Is the first thing you do in the morning, you grab your newspaper, or read every single article in the news that is about coronavirus, or watch all the television programmes and news bulletins about coronavirus.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Keep calm and carry on”. Don’t panic.

To help you to avoid picking up coronavirus, I am now going to give you some very simple rules that you need to follow in order to keep yourself safe. You shouldn’t let coronavirus worry you. You wash your hands for at least 20 seconds very often, and you use the sanitizing lotion. If you have to touch something like a door knob to open or close a door, cover your hand with a clean tissue before you do so. It’s not about being afraid, it’s about being cautious. There is “social distancing” … which means you do not get too close to other people who may be nearby. If there are a lot of people around, keep a nice three foot distance away from anyone who is coughing.

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds

You need to be careful and self-isolate for a few weeks if you are elderly, or a pregnant woman, or someone with some sort of immune deficiency. You must not travel anywhere; you must stay indoors; order things like food and other essentials online, and have them delivered to your door. When you place your online order, make sure you don’t panic buy. For example, don’t order 7 bottles of hand wash, just 3; and if you normally keep to a budget when you shop online, make sure you keep to it. Governments in many countries have already closed places like schools, pubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas. Many sporting fixtures have been cancelled in the wake of coronavirus, like big football matches, tennis matches and horse racing events. Everywhere is shutting down to try and contain the spread of this fast-growing disease.

It is extremely important to stay connected with friends and family while everyone’s lives are being affected by this disease. You can also keep in touch with professional people like doctors and hospital departments. You might find self-isolation extremely hard going and find that you really are becoming increasingly anxious, stressed, and depressed. Being isolated and totally on your own for many weeks can produce a totally overwhelming feeling of loneliness which you might not have experienced before the coronavirus surfaced. Keeping in touch with people you know could be a simple phone call, or a text, or a video message could be a real lifeline.

Try not to spend hours and hours reading entire articles about coronavirus that make news headlines. Also try not to spend hours every day watching every single television programme about the disease, and all the news bulletins. This will only increase your anxiety and stress levels and will just make you feel panicky. You only need the key points of what to do in certain situations which might apply to you, such as if you suddenly become extremely hot and feverish and wonder if you have a temperature and / or a raging fever. You can keep a dedicated notebook just for jotting down things like this that refer to coronavirus, because it will stop your thoughts endlessly whirring about in your head.

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Coping With Anxiety

Today, you will be reading about how to cope with anxiety states.

When you suffer from anxiety, you probably find yourself worrying endlessly about anything and everything, even when there is really nothing for you to worry about.

Anxiety can interfere with your ability to carry out normal everyday activities. You start getting irrational feelings of fear, which can escalate into panic attacks where you become very dizzy and feel like you cannot breathe. You can also get social anxiety, where you worry for days on end about something like an up-and-coming big family event, and the very thought of it just makes you feel sick and ill. Anxiety also causes other problems such as depression, insomnia, over-eating, alcohol or drug abuse, and heart disease.

For example, you might find yourself constantly worrying about the terrible state of your finances, especially if you have a large mortgage on your house, or a large loan that you have to pay off every month. These monthly payments can spiral out of hand, and you can become extremely anxious worrying about it all, because you are living on a huge, outstanding overdraft. Every thought that you think about it, seems to begin with, “What if”. You might suddenly start thinking:- “What if I am late for work three mornings in a row?”. “What if I am on sick leave for a long time?”. “What if I lose my job?. “What if I cannot pay my bills?”. “What if I have to heat or eat?”.

If you are always feeling anxious, the first thing you should do to help yourself, is to talk to your family doctor. Anxiety is easily treatable and there are some things that really can make you feel better. Your doctor can prescribe medication, and / or they can refer you for psychotherapy, which is also known as “talk therapy”, or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Using one or both treatments can help tremendously with anxiety. You could also try meditation, stress management, or yoga to help you cope with your anxiety, or you could even try joining a “self-help for anxiety” group.

Hypnotherapy is, of course, also extremely useful for anxiety. It can help you to relax and unwind both physically and mentally, and you will feel so much better after even one or two hypnotherapy sessions.

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Further Ways To Help You To Lose Weight

Today, you will be reading about other ways to help you to lose weight.

For years and years we have been constantly told that we must carefully watch what we eat if we want to lose some weight. For instance, we were told that protein such as red meat was good, and eggs were good, but things like biscuits, cakes and chocolate were all bad for us. It was made very clear to us that if we eat less calories than we burn, such as by making absolutely sure that we get plenty of regular physical exercise, then we will definitely lose weight.

It has recently been found, that the times when you actually eat matter just as much as what you eat. We were taught that day-time was for eating food and digesting it while we were active and physically moving about, while night-time was for sleeping and giving the body time to rest and recuperate and make any repairs that were needed to the digestive system.

Some scientific studies have shown that eating breakfast later on Saturdays and Sundays than you normally would during the week, leads to weight gain. These studies show that it is best for you to have regular meal times every day. It has been found that three regular meals a day, being breakfast, lunch, and an evening meal, is generally what works for most people. It is even better for you if you do not snack on things like cake and biscuits between these regular meal times, because this will allow your body to digest what you have eaten for your meal.

Other studies show that if someone is on a diet and they eat most food before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they will lose about 25% more weight than those on the diet who ate much later on. Some people will find that always starting the day with a huge breakfast will certainly help with weight loss, because it will help them digest their food more quickly and easily, rather than eating a large main meal at the end of the day.

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Ways To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now it is the time of year for setting your New Year’s resolutions. Today I will give you a few tips on what you can do to help you keep them.

Woman refuses alcoholic drink

The first thing to do, is to think of your New Year’s resolutions as a fresh start, because then you are about 10 times more likely to actually achieve what it is that you want.

You will probably be thinking of ways in which you can help yourself conquer bad habits, by quitting smoking, losing weight, clearing out all your junk from your house, and getting your finances in order. Achieving all these goals, and more, will make you feel more in control and on top of things, and as a result you will feel so much better.

Instead of just thinking very big and vague, and just saying, “I will lose weight”, you could say, “I will lose 5 kgs off my present weight”. Putting it like this will make it seem much easier to achieve. If you make a large, general resolution like “lose weight”, you might forget along the way why you set that particular goal. You need to think of something such as “I want to feel healthier”, because this will help you to keep motivated. Therefore the goal should be, “I will lose 5 kgs off my present weight because I want to feel healthier”.

Keep a journal. In this journal, keep records of what and how much you eat every day, and weigh yourself once a week. Note your weight in the journal, and make amendments to your diet accordingly. You can also make appointments with someone like a hypnotherapist for help with quitting smoking or losing weight, because hypnosis is very useful in helping people achieve these goals. You can write about what happened and what was said at these meetings in the journal.

Let family and friends know about the goals that you have set yourself for 2020. They will support you and help to keep you focused, motivated and on the right track. You may even find one of them who also wants to lose weight, and then you might be able to do something easy like perhaps go for a 15-minute walk with them once a week.

Never give up. Always keep trying, and like I said, if something seems too big to undertake, break it up. If you want to re-decorate the whole house, start with a small room like a bathroom and give yourself enough time to complete the task without having to rush things, because you will simply make yourself exhausted.

Take time over all your New Year’s resolutions, and don’t rush at them. Work slowly and steadily, and enjoy them, because you are far more likely to succeed.

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Top Tips To Help You To Lose Weight

Today, you will be reading about some easy ways to help you to lose weight.

If you have a constant bad habit of skipping breakfast, this will not help you in your endeavour to lose weight, because you will just snack throughout the day.

However, if you eat at regular times during the day, you will be able to lose more weight much more quickly. This will also stop you feeling cravings for things like a huge bar of chocolate, or a yummy doughnut packed full of raspberry jam and sugar.

You can still eat one of these

Make sure that you rigidly stick to a carefully worked-out daily calorie allowance. Doing this will mean that you do not have to deprive yourself of a particularly well-loved food that you sometimes absolutely crave, such as the above-mentioned chocolate. By all means, enjoy the occasional treat, but make absolutely sure that you do not exceed your daily calorie allowance.

You may find that eating from a smaller plate, especially at your main meal of the day, can help you to eat less food. You can then gradually become used to having slightly smaller portions at meal times without the feeling that you are starving yourself between meals.

You simply must get more active and get more exercise generally, and not sit or lay about all day. Just do more and keep moving. Do something easy that you actually quite like, such as walking, and make sure that you go for a regular 30-minute walk outside in the fresh air every day.

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Top Tips to Help You To Quit Smoking

Ideas To Stop You Smoking

Today, you will be reading about some easy ways to help you to quit smoking for good.

Tell your family and friends that you have given up smoking. Then if for example they are in the car with you, they will know not to smoke. And when you are at your workplace, tell the people who work with you that you no longer smoke. Find fellow non-smokers to enjoy your work breaks with, or do something else like go for a walk.

Try to avoid triggers that tempt people to smoke. Drinking alcohol will often do this, so drink inside places where smoking is prohibited or stick to non-alcoholic drinks. When you have had a meal, instead of lighting up a cigarette out of habit, eat something healthy like some fresh fruit such as an apple.

Find distraction techniques to help you when you feel the urge to smoke. Keep yourself busy by doing things. Wash the dishes, watch television, or have a long conversation with someone on the telephone. Go for a walk outside, which will also burn calories and help to keep your weight down.

You should constantly remind yourself about why you have decided to quit smoking. Keep telling yourself about the health benefits such as lowering your risks of asthma, lung cancer and heart disease. And of course there are financial benefits, because you will not need to spend any money on cigarettes.

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The Mysterious Illness Surrounding Vapour Cigarettes

Don’t Use E Cigarettes

Today, you will be reading about the mysterious illness caused by vaping.

Six more people have recently died in the United States from a mysterious illness that has been linked to smoking vapour cigarettes. Doctors have been describing it as a “serious lung injury”. At least 450 suspected cases have also been linked to the use of vapour cigarettes, and the numbers are rising every day. The people who are sent to hospital suffering from this illness are mostly young and healthy. The known symptoms start with fever and nausea, and worsen to coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. All these people had recently used vapour cigarettes which contained either weed or nicotine, or both together.

Most cases of this illness connected to using vapour cigarettes are due to chemical contaminants, or poisonous agents in the vape liquids. The human lungs were not built to breathe in anything apart from clean air, and anything else such as using vapour cigarettes carries a potential health risk. Some of the cases have been linked to THC-containing products. Testing of products have shown “vitamin E acetate” in weed products which the people had used and as a result had become sick. This oil could be causing lung inflammation, but apparently not everyone who became sick had reported using such products. Other people were only using the nicotine-containing vape product. Currently, there is no guaranteed safe form of vaping.

You are therefore advised to not buy vaping products off the street from a vendor, and do not use products that have been tampered with. There are no inspections of shops that sell vapour cigarettes, so you cannot tell if such a cigarette or the liquid is from a reputable place. And also, because vapour cigarettes are relatively recent phenomena, the health risks from using them are not understood very well. The more scientists are studying them, the less safe they seem to be. Investigations have not, as yet, identified the source of the lung disorder.

Therefore, if you are using vapour cigarettes, you should stop completely. The only real solution is to stop smoking, and using vapour cigarettes, altogether. Keep to medications like gum, lozenges, patches and nasal sprays, because they are known to be medically safe. You can also try natural and safe solutions to stop smoking, such as hypnosis, which has been shown to be extremely effective at stopping smoking.

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The Odd/Even – Open/Close Induction

Today, you will be reading about The “Odd/Even – Open/Close Induction”.

This is a rapid induction.  Rapid inductions, rather than progressive relaxation, stop the subject from going to sleep, and they allow for testing.  In this induction, the hypnotist will know that the subject is following their instructions, when the subject can no longer open their eyes.

The “Odd/Even – Open/Close” Induction is a very simple induction that can be carried out almost anywhere, at any time.  It is very similar to part of The “Eye Lock” Induction.  This induction can take as long as a minute and a half, although it often works in 30 to 45 seconds.

While maintaining eye engagement with the subject, say the following

“Now … in a moment … I will begin counting … when I say an odd number, close your eyes … and when I say an even number, open your eyes … with each odd number, I say … close your eyes … with each even number, I say … open your eyes …”

Wait just a moment, then begin counting.

“One … (wait for eyes to close) … two … (wait for eyes to open) … three (wait for eyes to close) … four (wait for eyes to open) …”

The time between numbers should be relatively short.  However, wait just a little longer after the odd numbers than you do after the even numbers, so that the eyes are closed longer than they are open. 

Let the time with the eyes closed get slightly longer each time.

“Five … that’s right … six … seven … and when your eyes want to stay closed … eight … nine … you can just let them … that’s right … ten … eleven … good … thirteen … fourteen … fifteen … seventeen …”

From this point on, randomly leave out some of the numbers.  Occasionally repeat the part, “… and when your eyes want to stay closed … you can just let them …”. 

When you notice that the eyes are no longer opening on the even numbers, say a couple more odd numbers in a row.  Then reach up, and gently tap the top or back of the subject’s head and say … “SLEEP! … deeper … deeper … deeper …”.

Begin deepeners (intensifiers) immediately.

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The “Eye Lock” Hypnotic Induction

Today, you will be reading about The “Eye Lock” Hypnotic Induction.

The “Eye Lock” is a rapid induction.  Rapid inductions, rather than progressive relaxation, stop the subject from going to sleep, and they allow for testing.

The words that are actually spoken by the hypnotist are instructions that are to be followed, and not “hypnotic suggestions”.  As they are instructions, it is the subject’s responsibility to implicitly follow and obey them.

The Eye Lock comes after the slow deep breath and before the simple deepeners.  It is used so that the hypnotist can instruct the subject to close their eyes, and they can see that the subject is following their instructions, when they close their eyes.  When the hypnotist instructs the subject to test it, the hypnotist will see them trying unsuccessfully to open their eyes again.  When the subject cannot do so, the hypnotist will then know that they are in complete control of the subject, and the subject will keep their eyes closed throughout the hypnosis session.

“Close your eyes …

and for this moment … for right now …

focus your attention on your eyes and eyelids …

focus all of your attention on your eyes and eyelids …

focus totally on your eyes and eyelids …

and for this moment … for right now …

just pretend … imagine … just suppose …

that you have taped your eyelids shut … and sealed them together … and they’re locked down …

they are taped … so securely sealed … so tightly locked together … and sealed so securely …

that you know …

that no matter how hard you try …

they’re simply going to stay closed …

So make that true …

and when you have …

prove it to yourself … test it …

and then stop testing …

and then go even further …

go even deeper …

and focus even more enjoyably …

that’s what deeper means …

So the deeper you go …

the better you feel …

and the better you feel …

the deeper you go …

So just keep going deeper and deeper …

feeling better and better …

just … like … that …”

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