The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 1, Acts of Compliance

Today, you will be reading about the first step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 1, Acts of Compliance

Acts of Compliance are very simple and direct instructions for the client to follow, such as “sit here”.  It can speed things along if the hypnotist can get compliance right away.  For example, if the hypnotist and the client are sitting facing each other, the hypnotist could say, “move your chair a little closer”, or “sit up straight”, or “put your feet flat on the floor”.  If they are both standing up, the hypnotist could say, “move a bit to the right”, or “sit in that chair right there”.  These commands are just general things for the client to do.  They should not be rude or pushy, but just simple and direct instructions.

The hypnotist must speak clearly and with an air of authority and expectation, as well as in a commanding and masterful tone of voice, showing that they fully expect the client to follow every instruction.  The hypnotist must demonstrate his authority.  When giving instructions, it is best that the hypnotist has the tonality of voice to match the intention, and they must sound as though every instruction is expected to be followed.  Doing this generally requires using the “command tonality” which is achieved by having the tone of voice go down at the end of a sentence.

Simple acts of compliance can be carried out even before the hypnosis appointment takes place.  For example, if the hypnotist instructs a “quit smoking” client to show up at the appointment craving a cigarette because they have not smoked that day, that is an act of compliance.

The purpose of all the acts of compliance is to get the client comfortable with following the hypnotist’s instructions.

Examples of good acts of compliance are:-

  • Make sure your phone is off
  • Follow my instructions
  • Stand right there
  • Say, “Good morning”
  • Do not speak again unless I have asked you to
  • Take three steps towards me
  • Stop
  • Sign this form here
  • Sit here
  • Move closer
  • Move your chair a little to the right
  • Now move it a little to the left
  • Stand up
  • Sit down again
  • Sit up straight
  • Put your feet flat on the floor
  • Put your hands in your lap
  • Turn your head to the left
  • Turn your head to the right
  • Turn your head facing forwards
  • Make sure you’re sitting comfortably
  • Take a very deep breath
  • Close your eyes
  • Sleep

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How Much Is Hypnosis Worth?

Today, you will be reading about what hypnosis is worth.

A fee is what people pay.

What Hypnotists Charge

Hypnotists’ fees can vary greatly.  For example, if you want to see a hypnotist in the UK, for instance to help you stop smoking, they can charge you anything.  The average UK cost seems to be somewhere around £40 an hour to £150 an hour.  Some hypnotists offer “pay one price programs”, where you might have to pay anything from £200 to £350 or more for a program of three separate hypnosis sessions.  In the USA, a hypnosis session is usually around $85 an hour, but on the East and West Coasts it can be up to around $125 an hour, with a “pay one price program” costing from $300 to $450 or more.

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

There are many benefits to be had from stopping smoking.

Health Benefits

If you stop smoking, the health benefits will include prolonging your life.  You will greatly reduce your risk of disease, including heart disease and heart attack, high blood pressure, lung cancer, emphysema, and many other conditions.  Please note, that your risk of heart disease and heart attack increases with the number of cigarettes you smoke, and your risk of a heart attack will increase the longer you go on smoking.  You will feel so much better, less tired, more energetic and more alive.  You will not cough and wheeze so much, and you will not get so short of breath when, for example, you go up that steep flight of stairs.  You will have fewer sore throats and you will have more stamina for doing more things.  Unlike smokers, people who quit smoking are more likely to exercise on a regular basis.  When you quit smoking and you are feeling more energetic and revitalized, you will want to improve your health even further.  You will find yourself wanting to take up regular exercise and you could join an exercise class; this would be an amazing thing to do, if you wanted to lose weight as well as improve your stamina levels, on top of everything else.  You will be looking and feeling so much healthier and generally so much better.  You will also find that your senses of taste and smell will be so much more improved, and you will be able to enjoy tasting your food properly.

Financial Benefits

Apart from all the health benefits, there are the financial benefits.  Smoking is extremely expensive.  No doubt you usually spend around £30 for a pack of 20 cigarettes, possibly every day, or even more cigarettes than that.  Obviously, £30 a day comes to £210 a week which over the months can add up to quite a lot of money.  If you stopped smoking, and saved this money aside, it would very gradually build up into a tidy sum.  If you are heavily in debt, you could gradually start to pay off some of the most immediate debts, especially for example if you are behind in mortgage or rent payments on your home.  You will feel so much better when you have given up smoking, and you will be able to see things more clearly mentally.  You will be able to say to yourself, “Right.  The first thing I need to do is to pay off the six months’ arrears on our mortgage.  Month by month I will add the money I’ve saved to what I always pay the bank, so that I am paying in more, and eventually the arrears will be all paid off”.  You could do even more things with this money.

You could save it in an interest bearing bank account; invest it wisely in an ISA account, or even in stocks and shares if you have wise knowledge of trading; buy a new house for your family; go on holiday; go on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise.  There are hundreds of “you could’s” that I expect you can immediately think of what you would like to do with it, once you have saved the money that you used to spend on cigarettes and tobacco.   It may take many months to save up your extra money towards something that you have always wanted to have or do, but just think how jubilant you will feel once you have achieved all the “you could’s” that you have thought of.  If you make a list of them, you can turn them into life goals, and work on each goal one-by-one.

Social Benefits

There are also quite a few social benefits to gain from quitting smoking.  If you constantly make regular health insurance payments, and you inform your insurers that you have quit smoking, your premiums will go down, and this will save you money.  If you quit smoking, you will feel that you are in control of the situation, and that you are in charge.  You won’t be feeling that the cigarettes are controlling you.  You will become aware of a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Your family will not have to put up with breathing in your second-hand smoke any more, and they will be really pleased about this because they will also be looking and feeling better, and more alive and energetic, just like yourself.  They will be really thankful to you for quitting smoking.  If you attend any social or business gatherings that are only for non-smokers, you will not have to try and leave the proceedings without people noticing so that you can go outside and have your cigarette, or a few puffs of your pipe, because you won’t have this problem anymore.

Benefits in self-image and self-esteem

When you quit smoking, you will start to have a strong and healthy appearance. rather than looking pale, gaunt, ashen and grey-faced like a heavy smoker does.  You will be looking and feeling so much better and so much healthier.  Quitting smoking can help you to prevent wrinkles on your face, it will get rid of stained teeth, which will become brilliantly white, and your skin will have a rosy glow.  People who feel better about themselves notice positive results in other parts of their life.  This is the benefit of healthy self-image and self-esteem.

The value of hypnosis is the benefit people get from it.

The Benefits of Hypnosis

The benefits of hypnosis are many and varied, and they are what make it of such great value to people who experience a wonderful hypnosis session.

Among many other things, hypnosis will help you to increase your motivation; to build up your sense of self-confidence, and to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.  For example, if you want to experience the joys of a particular life goal, such as maintaining your weight loss, hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.  Hypnosis will generally fill you with energy and vitality and sheer motivation, and you will find yourself brimming with self-confidence as you continue to drive yourself towards your desired quest.  It will help you to keep to your desired weight by encouraging you to eat more healthily; to try out new and healthy recipes that you have not cooked before, and to take regular easy exercise like walking every day.  It will fill you with an endless stream of wonderful ideas that will help you to achieve your dreams.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings.  It can also help you to relax and unwind better, and to sleep more soundly than you ever have before.  These are only a few examples of the many benefits of hypnosis.

How much are these benefits worth to you?.

What I Charge For a Quit Smoking Session

At the moment, I charge £70 an hour for someone who wants to come and see me so that I can help them to quit smoking.  If they want to make use of my three session program, then I will charge them £210 altogether.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of having freedom from cigarette cravings, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.

In order to achieve your goal to quit smoking, take the time now to call us and schedule your appointment.  Call this number 07904 605344, or visit our Contact Page to leave a message.  I can also work with you through Skype, so send me a message and I will get back to you.




Five Wonderful Ways To Watch For Weight Gain

Today, you will be reading about wonderful ways to watch for weight gain, and how you can keep watching how much healthy food you are actually eating, even though you believe it doesn’t matter because it’s all healthy food and really good for you.  If you have been dieting, and you have reached your weight loss goal, you still have to be careful of how much you eat so that the weight you lost doesn’t all pile back on again.

Always eat a proper breakfast

No doubt your mother always told you to make sure that you eat your breakfast, because it includes foods that are high in protein, fibre and vitamins.  Breakfasts include healthy things like whole grain cereals, fruits, berries and yoghurt.  Before you sit down to eat your breakfast, and also any other meal, put all the leftovers from the meal that are sitting in the saucepans and baking dishes into storage containers, and put them in the fridge.  This will help to stop you leaving the leftovers on the stove for “seconds”, which could tempt you into eating extra helpings of food that you don’t actually need.  If you eat a healthy breakfast, you are going to have more energy and you will therefore be more physically active, and much more likely to exercise during the day.  The energy you spend doing physical activity will burn a noticeable number of calories, and this will help you to avoid regaining weight.  However, if you lead a very busy lifestyle, and just don’t have the time to cook a full, home-cooked breakfast, then you can use meal replacements with top quality whey protein and other nutrients.  You can simply enjoy a shake which is packed with protein.  This is a modern and healthy way to help to maintain your general health and your wish to avoid further weight gain.

Set Goals

Set goals to help you to keep focused on your aspirations regarding your weight.  This will help you to concentrate on your weight, and you will be able to notice how your weight has changed.

I now give three examples of possible goals that you may want to use, if you think you might find them helpful.

Goal 1: Weigh yourself every day.  Doing this on a regular basis will keep you on track with your goal, and as a result you will be more consciously aware of how much you weigh.

Goal 2: Keep a daily planner, where you can keep track of all the food you actually eat, and make sure you add how many calories you have actually consumed for everything you eat.

Goal 3: Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day of the week.

Keep Exercising

When you have finally reached your goal weight, don’t make the easy mistake of stopping your diet and then crawling back to your old and bad eating habits.  You will need to continue eating as you did before you lost your weight, and also to keep exercising.  Keeping up regular exercise will help you to burn even more calories and to increase your metabolism, and both of these are needed for you to achieve your energy balance.  If you exercise for at least 30 minutes every single day of the week, including weekends, this will help you to maintain your weight loss by balancing your intake of calories against the amount of calories you burn while you are exercising.  There are many different pleasurable ways to exercise.  You can just walk round the block.  If you live near the sea, you could walk along the beach, or along the promenade.  You can keep up your regular visits to the gym.  You can keep up your weekly or twice weekly exercise class.  You could join a pilates class, or a yoga class.  You could join a walking or rambling group.  You could even take up a sport you used to do, like football, or a completely new one like running or golf.  If you became good at running, you might even consider training to enter a marathon.  Apart from being able to keep the weight off, you will soon be feeling much fitter and much healthier generally.

Join a support group

There are many benefits to joining a slimming support group, either locally or online, to help you lose weight or maintain your weight loss goal.  Every month in places like community centres and church halls, people like yourself are signing up to join a slimming club like Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Rosemary Conley.  The secret of their success is that they offer personal advice, support and encouragement in person at their monthly meetings, as well as on the telephone, and they advertise extensively on the internet, and in magazines and newspapers.  Trying to struggle on alone to meet your weight loss goal is not always easy, and there are times when you probably feel like just giving up.  For instance, one afternoon when you are all alone and you have just made a cup of tea.   You might find yourself munching your way through a whole packet of chocolate biscuits, and you could feel that you might like to go to such a meeting to meet like-minded people with similar problems.  However, take note that these meetings also include a public weigh-in.  There are people who join these clubs simply for the social side of things and to have people to chat with, and perhaps they are fat and jolly and outgoing types who simply don’t mind a jot about being weighed in public and maybe being told off if they haven’t lost any weight.  But if you are one of those sensitive people and you can get easily upset, especially about your weight, and you just don’t like the idea of having to line up in a queue of other people to be weighed, only to be made to feel upset, ashamed and humiliated in public because you haven’t managed to lose any weight, then a public slimming club may just not be the right place for you.  In this case, why not come and see me for a private hypnosis session?  I can really help you with your weight problems using hypnosis.

Personal makeover and photoshoot

When you have managed to reach your weight goal, go and have a personal makeover and a photoshoot.  Hire a local professional photographer, and have several photographs taken of you looking really good, and keep them all in a luxury photo album.

When you are feeling miserable and sorry for yourself at times, for example if you have gone on a binge and some weight has crept back on, you will be able to get the album out and keep looking at your pictures.  This will motivate you to keep at it, because the photographs will inspire you and uplift you, and will help you to keep going.  They will reinforce your positive belief that you can do it, and that you can look wonderful.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of maintaining your weight loss, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.  Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, and it will also give you a helping hand in remaining positive about your desires to maintain your weight loss.  It will encourage you to continue eating more healthily, which will include cutting down on sugary things like cakes and biscuits, and alcohol.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings, and it can help you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

In order to fulfil your weight loss maintenance goal, take the time now to call me and schedule your appointment.  Call this number: 07906 605344, or visit our Contact Page to leave a message.  I can also work with you through Skype, so send me a message and I will get back to you.





Managing, Making and Maintaining Your Weight Loss Goal

Today, you will be reading about how you can manage, make and maintain your weight loss goal.  Many people who manage to lose a lot of weight find that they simply pile it all back on again once they stop dieting and crawl back to their old habits.  However, there are quite a few ways to maintain your weight loss, ranging from keeping up your regular exercise routine to controlling your stress levels.

Keep up your regular exercise routine

Keeping up regular exercise will help you to burn off even more calories and to increase your metabolism, and both of these are needed to achieve your energy balance.  If you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day of the week this will help you to maintain your weight loss by balancing your intake of calories against the amount of calories you burn while exercising.  Apart from regular visits to the gym for your workouts, there are many different pleasurable ways to exercise.  You can walk for 30 minutes, possibly just going round the block.  You can keep going to your weekly or twice weekly exercise class.  You can join a pilates class, or a yoga class.  You can join a walking  or rambling group, and you could even take up a sport you used to do, such as hockey or football, or even a completely new one, like running, skiing, or golf.

Keep up your plan every day of the week, including weekends

A bad habit that can demolish your weight loss maintenance is eating a healthy diet on weekdays from Monday to Friday, but not doing this at the weekends.  This can mean that you might binge on things like junk food, and takeaway curries.  If you are doing this on a regular basis it could lead you to putting even more weight back on again than you lost in the first place when you began your diet plan.  Studies show that people who follow a consistent eating pattern for the whole of the week are much more likely to be successful in maintaining their weight loss in the long term.  If you stick to your healthy eating plan all week long, as well as at the weekends, you will find it much easier to keep your weight off.  And if you keep track of the food you eat and the number of calories you consume every day in a journal, you will be more aware of how much food you are actually eating.  This will encourage you to keep going, and it will really help with your weight loss maintenance.

Eat a lot of protein and vegetables – And drink more water

Eating protein is good for weight loss maintenance.  It will help you to reduce your appetite by curbing your hunger, because it reduces level of bodily hormones that increase hunger, and it gives you a feeling of fullness after you’ve eaten protein rich foods such as beef, pork or chicken, because it also reduces levels of hormones that have this effect.  As a result, you will find that you reduce automatically the number of calories that you consume every day, and this will help you to lose even more weight.

Protein requires a large amount of energy for your body to break it down and digest it, and so eating it on a regular basis will automatically increase the amount of calories that your burn during the day.  You can also eat lots of vegetables. because they are low in calories and you will not put any weight on.  You will also consume many nutrients that are good for you.  Vegetables are high in fibre and this will make you feel full, which means you can reduce the calories you take in.  Ideally you need to serve one or two portions of vegetables at every meal.  Drinking plenty of water makes you feel full, and it is particularly helpful when you drink a couple of glasses of it just before you eat a meal.  The water will make you feel full, and therefore you will not eat as much during the meal and you will consume fewer calories accordingly.

Control your stress levels

It is important to manage your stress levels when you are maintaining your weight loss.  This is because when you suffer from a lot of stress, this can stimulate your appetite which in turn will make you eat a lot and much more than usual.  Stress also often causes impulse eating, and if you are very stressed you will find yourself eating something even when you are not actually hungry.  There are things you can do that will help you to calm down and reduce your stress levels, and these activities include hypnosis, regular exercise, meditation and yoga.

Weigh yourself regularly, preferably every day

If you weigh yourself every day, this will put your goal about maintaining your weight loss at the forefront of your mind.

It will make you consciously aware of how well you are progressing, and will also encourage you to continue making healthy choices about what you eat and drink, and how much you exercise.

Weighing yourself on a daily basis will keep you on track with your goal.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of maintaining your weight loss, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.

Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, and it will also give you a helping hand in remaining positive about your desires to maintain your weight loss.  It will encourage you to continue eating more healthily, which will include cutting down on sugary things like cakes and biscuits, and alcohol.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings, and it can help you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

In order to fulfil your weight loss maintenance goal, take the time now to call me and schedule your appointment.  Call this number: 07904 605344, or visit our Contact Page to leave a message.  I can also work with you through Skype, so send me a message and I will get back to you.




Five Fabulous Facts To Fulfil Your Weight Loss Goals

Today, I am going to give you some ideas about how to help you to achieve weight loss.  Firstly, I will advise you not to start any of those hundreds of fad diets, like the 5 / 2 fasting diet, or the Military diet.  They only work in the short term, and then once you have fulfilled your goal and stop using the diet, your weight will simply pile back on.  The ideas I give here are simple, straightforward and easy to apply to anyone’s daily life.

Fact One – Do More and Eat Less

This fact is obvious.  You can do more than usual.  Do more housework, and you will find that even using the hoover around the house every single day, or even twice a day, will soon take the pounds off.  Do more physical exercise, and gradually increase the number of visits you make to the gym.  You can start your “getting more healthy” campaign by going for a 30 minute daily walk every morning and every afternoon.  Keep a daily journal, and write details of how long you walked for, and how far.

And while you’re doing all this, simply eat less.

Fact Two – Train Professionally for a Marathon

As you find yourself getting fitter and feeling more healthy with all this walking and exercising, you could then try taking up going for a run every day, which might even make you think about the possibility of training professionally for a marathon.  Just think of the amazing feeling you will have while you embark on this exciting and uplifting adventure, and the thrill you are bound to  experience when you actually win one.

When you’ve won, you can justifiably feel proud of yourself for helping others by raising money for your chosen charity that you ran for.

Fact Three – Take the Stairs

Always walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift / elevator when you are at work, or in a business building, or a big building like a hotel or hospital.  This will uplift and energize you, and will leave you feeling refreshed.  However, while you are taking the stairs, be mindful of whether the stairs are slippery, such as if the cleaners have just washed or polished them.  Go up or down the more carefully if this is the case, so that you don’t slip and suffer a nasty fall.

Fact Four – Walk A Couple of Stops Instead of Taking the Bus

When going to work on the bus, get on it two stops later, and when coming home from work, get off the bus two stops earlier.  The extra exercise you take by doing this will refresh you and help you to lose more weight and get fitter. Obviously, this might not be a great idea if it is pouring with rain or snowing heavily, but it would really do you the world of good on a calm, fine and bright day.   And if you drive everywhere to places close by, such as the shop around the corner, walk the trip instead of taking the car.

Fact Five – Reduce your Intake of Sugars and Starchy Food

Sugars and starchy food increase the stimulation of insulin, which is the main hormone that stores fat in your body.  When your insulin levels go down, your body starts to burn fats instead of carbohydrates.  Lowering your insulin levels helps your kidneys to excrete excess water from your body which will reduce bloating.

Try to cut down on eating sugary things like biscuits, chocolate, cakes, and sweet desserts especially ones that are filled with cream.  Don’t eliminate them altogether, but reduce how many you eat in a week.  Try and reduce your alcohol intake.  A useful tip is to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices containing a lot of sugar. so drink something like tea or coffee, but without any sugar in it, or even try sticking to drinking water.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of weight loss, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.  Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, and it will give you an endless stream of wonderful ideas, such as trying out new, healthy recipes.  It will also give you a helping hand in remaining positive about your desires to achieve weight loss.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings, and it can also help you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

In order to fulfil your weight loss goals, take the time now to call us and schedule your appointment.  Call this number: 07904 605344, or visit our Contact Page to leave a message.  I can also work with you through Skype, so send me a message and I will get back to you.




“Feeling the Joys of Spring 2018”


And now it is February and soon, very soon, it will be Spring.  Spring is nearly here, oh yes it is!  Spring is certainly in the air and it’s literally just around the corner.  You can almost see it, hear it and feel it.  Last year is last year, it is past.  The year 2018 is already with us, it is already here.  Springtime is coming, along with leaves on the trees coming into bud, and the flowering plants just beginning to peep above the ground and a lot of their leaves are already showing.  No more doom and gloom because all that has gone, along with the cold, dark days and very long, dark nights and the freezing weather which seemed to consist of nothing but everlasting rain, sleet and snow.   The reason for Winter is because that is the time of year which lets people hibernate in their warm and cosy houses and apartments.  The Winter has therefore now given them time and space to dream about what goals they are going to create for themselves for the coming year, and how they are going to achieve these goals.  The warmth of the Spring wakes them out of their hibernation.  It re-energizes them and gives them renewed growth.

This is now almost Spring, and you need to move on because it’s a new year!  It’s practically Spring.

Spring is the time to renew and revitalize.  It is the sprouting forth of new growth from the cold, hard and frozen ground when it gets warmed by the heat from the sun.  It is also the sprouting forth of new ideas which have come into your mind during the long, dark days of Winter.  In Spring, begin to build on these thoughts and bring them into your reality and into your life!  In early Spring, even in February, start your usual annual spring cleaning routine.  Now’s a good time to tidy up the garden.  Now’s a good time to start doing things like chucking out stuff that has accumulated in all your cupboards and wardrobes.   Clean out the cupboards and put it all back in an organized fashion.  Don’t stop at the cupboards.  Tidy up everywhere!  Clean everywhere, every little dark corner, every little nook and cranny, even underneath the sofas and the armchairs.  Don’t leave any stone unturned.  While you’re busy doing all this, take the time to focus your thoughts and use your Springtime energy to work out what is the most important thing that you wish to achieve in the current year.

During the Winter, you have probably considered things you want to do when Spring happens, so you have made a list.  You’ve kept a notebook of all your amazing and wonderful ideas about the things that you want to get out of life itself.  What you want to do.  Where you want to go.  Who you want to see.  There are all sorts of things you have been planning, and with your notes from the Winter, now’s a good time to add a shortlist of what are the most important things you want to actually and physically achieve.  The long, dark Winter days might have made you feel too tired and lacking in energy to start anything new because maybe the weather was just too gloomy and freezing cold, or maybe the ideas that came to you were just too big to handle.  The lighter, warmer days of Spring will give you so much more energy, and you will find it much easier to focus on something in particular that you would really like to be able to do.  Any Winter depression, known as seasonal affective disorder, which might have made you feel heavy, tired, lethargic, lacking in energy and terribly depressed, will have all but disappeared.  At last, now’s a good time to start getting on with things that have been building up and left untouched over the last few months.

Using hypnosis is an effective way to maintain the positive emotions of the Spring season.  Hypnosis is a natural process.  An energizing session of hypnosis will enable you to rid yourself of any left-over feelings of sadness or depression, and it will lift you up out of the doldrums and the gloom.  Hypnosis will clear out all the junk from every dark recess and every dark corner in your mind, so that you are able to harness the renewing and revitalizing energies of the Spring.  This will empower you to work positively and steadily towards all that you wish to achieve in the coming months.  Hypnosis will strengthen you and fill you with a positive and far-reaching sense of self-confidence.  Instead of constantly being bombarded with totally negative thoughts such as, “No, I can’t possibly go and do that”, you will find yourself thinking more positively.  You will think, “Why ever not?  Yes, I am going to try doing that.  I can, and I will!”.   Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, it will fill you with endless ideas, and will help you to remain positive.

In order to maintain the positive feelings of Spring, take the time now to call us and schedule your appointment.   Call this number: 07904 605344, or visit our Contact Page to leave a message.  I can also work with you through Skype so send me a message and I will get back to you.



Five Easy New Year’s Resolutions

Today you will be reading about some very easy New Year’s resolutions which are simple and straightforward to do, yet they will make your life much better in 2018.

Many people really like the beginning of a New Year.  It’s brand new, and they use this opportunity at this particular time to start afresh.  They use the New Year as a reason for doing things like eating more healthily; improving their health and fitness; joining a gym so they get more exercise; decorating their house and upgrading the appliances and furniture in it; or simply for improving their finances.  People do all sorts of things to make themselves feel better generally.  However, some general and vague resolutions can be hard to keep, especially ones such as wanting to lose an impossible amount of weight.  These are not easily sustainable, and so often the person has just given up totally after two or maybe three months because they simply have not been able to lose any weight at all.

A good idea to help you stick to your resolutions, is to put a reminder on your phone.  For example, if one of your resolutions is to take a multi-vitamin tablet at 4 pm every day, simply put this reminder for yourself on your phone, and the reminder will pop up on your phone at the appointed hour.  Most people always carry their phones with them, so just put “4 pm” for the time, and then, “take multi-vitamin tablet”.  Doing this will help you to keep on track.


Most people’s resolutions are very general and are often to do with their health and well-being, such as “to lose weight”.  Although these are great and excellent ideas, you actually have to try and stick to it.  You might have made one of them and given up on it because it seemed too overwhelming.  Eating just one thing that is colourful, such as a bright red strawberry, a bright yellow banana, or a bright green apple, every day is so simple and easy.  There is so much fruit and vegetables around that is easily obtainable, and if you choose those that are in season, they will be cheaper than at other times of the year.  If a particular fruit or vegetable has a lot of colour, this means that there are many nutrients in it, and it will therefore be good for you to eat.  Just eating the one thing that is brightly coloured every day does not seem too unmanageable and before you know it, you will be eating much more healthily.


Everybody has loads of things in their house, and quite often these are things that you don’t really use or need to keep.  They may be big things, like a box of video tapes that you bought 20 years ago and maybe have only used once, or lots of little things that are just adding to your general clutter.  You might have accumulated ten boxes of chocolate biscuits, rather than just two or maybe three of them.  One day every week, everybody has a garbage, or rubbish, day, when they come and collect it from your house.  On this particular day, or the day before, and as well as your usual rubbish, what you have to do is go around your house and pick one thing to throw away, and then you actually throw it out of your house.  Things add up, and it’s easy to keep adding to them without realising you already have sufficient things in your house.  Just walk around your house and find a significant thing that you either don’t use or don’t need and simply throw it away.  If it is something that someone else might make use of, you could also donate this one thing to a charity, if you wanted to do so.  Over time you will gradually notice a difference in your environment, because your house will seem clearer.


Adding one hour of extra sleep every night is a good and fairly easy resolution to keep.  You can do this at the beginning of the night, or at the end, whichever is more suitable for you and your lifestyle.  If you don’t get enough sleep you might think, like other people, that you’ll just feel a bit tired the next day.  Sleep is very important to your body and if you are constantly not getting enough of it, there can be a cumulative long-term effect.  When you are sleeping at night-time, that is when your body recuperates itself and does things like fight diseases, and helps you to recover from things like a heavy cold or a bout of the ‘flu.  If you have a full-time job, for example, and you work long hours, and possibly work extra hours in the evening as well, or have a family to look after when you come home from work, not having enough sleep can leave you feeling absolutely whacked and exhausted and running dry.  If you feel that you simply can’t manage a whole hour of extra sleep at either end of the night, try having an extra half an hour at both ends instead.  You will feel so much better for it in the morning when you need to get up and get going, and your body will be very thankful.

Number Four is “DO A DAILY 10 MINUTE TIDY”.

Every single day, set a timer for ten minutes, because ten minutes doesn’t take too long.  Or, if you are a very energetic type of person, you could call it “DO A DAILY 30 MINUTE TIDY” and do this for thirty minutes instead of ten.  Pick a room in your house and in those ten or thirty minutes, you clear as much as you can as fast as you possibly can, for ten or thirty minutes only.  Doing this every day will make you feel in control of your house.  Don’t let the clutter control you.  You control the clutter.  It is unbelievable how much you can actually get done in those ten or thirty minutes.  It is such a short space of time.  When you are done, you will feel so satisfied when you realize how much you have managed to do in that time.  It is very gratifying.  You will be in control of your environment, and your house will be so much more clean, tidy and organized.  You will be able to put your hand on something instantly that you cannot find, or something that you have mislaid, and you won’t have to go around the house from room to room thinking, “now where did I put that book”.  You will know instantly where every single thing is at any time.  There should be a home for everything, and everything in its home.  You now control your environment, instead of the environment controlling you, and you will feel so much better because of this, simply because you have a clean, tidy and organized house.

Number Five is “THE GRATITUDE JAR”.

For this one, what you do is find or buy a large and pretty jar or vase just for this purpose.  You keep it in a place in your house where you will see it every day, such as in the kitchen or in the lounge, and make sure it stays there all year round.  Now, whenever something good or exciting happens to you, what you do is write it all about it on a piece of paper, you could use brightly coloured paper if you wish, and then you put it in the jar.  You can write about absolutely anything.  Perhaps someone sent you a nice present.  Maybe you attended a wonderful family celebration.  Maybe you have been offered a brilliant job.  Only write about the good things that happen, not anything bad or nasty.  You don’t need to do this every single day, but only when something important takes place in your life and makes you feel particularly happy.  Do this for the whole twelve months of the year.  On the 31st December you look in the jar and take out all the pieces of paper, and start reading what you have written about all the lovely things that have happened to you during the year.  It really makes you truly aware of how lucky you are; how loved you are; and how unique and wonderful you are, and it will make you feel much more positive about life generally.  This is the Gratitude Jar.





Five Factors of an Effective Hypnosis Session

Today I am going to describe five factors which will help any hypnotists to successfully achieve an effective hypnosis session.

Factor 1 – Be Prepared

The very first thing that you need to do, is to make sure that you are prepared for the forthcoming hypnosis session.

This includes having your Client Intake Form ready.  This is a form which either you will need to fill out yourself possibly from a telephone conversation that you have previously had with the client, or the client fills out when they come to the appointment.  The form will typically contain such things as the client’s name, their address, their telephone number, their family doctor’s address and telephone number, and a few listed questions about their medical history.  You will need to make sure that they sign their name at the bottom of the form when they have completed it.  That is the Client Intake Form.

Know beforehand, what they are coming to you for.  You should know what this is, if you have previously spoken with them on the telephone about their problems and what they want help with.  You need to know this, so that you will know what to say to them at the hypnosis session.

Any hypnosis scripts to read from, should be ready and at hand, so you won’t find yourself rustling around during the hypnosis session.  Make sure the scripts that you are going to be reading are clearly written out or preferably typed, and they are easy for you to read straight off without having to think about it.  You need to be able to read them straight through with no breaks or hesitation, or “now what comes next breaks” that can hold you up during the process.  Know what you’re going to do next, and always just be ready so that all of your attention can go right to the client.

Factor 2 – Prepare The Environment

Make sure the general environment is quiet.  Have your office clean and ready.  It must be clean, and not stinking of rubbish.  It should also feel welcoming.

Have everything in order.

Remove any clutter.

Clutter is the last thing you need, because it demonstrates that you’re very disorganized and you’re not very much in control, so there must be no clutter.

Do not have a load of paperwork on top of your desk, and do not have piles of paper or boxes lying around in a mess on the office floor.

Do not have rubbish bins in the office filled to overflowing.

Make a point of regularly cleaning out your desk and throwing away anything you do not need to keep, and give your desk a deep clean.

Always make sure that you frequently wipe the top of your desk free of any dust, dirt, smudges or food particles.

Have any papers in order, and only those papers necessary for the session.

Make sure that anything the client is going to see will not be distracting for them.

Remove all technological distractions.  Completely turn off your computer monitor(s) and / or your cell phone (mobile phone).  Instruct your client to do the same.

Minimize any distractions from inside the room, and make sure noises from outside do not occur, like voices, door slamming and things like that.

If you have a waiting area for your clients, display some interesting and useful magazines and leaflets about hypnosis for them to read.  Make sure you keep all these reading materials clean and tidy and up-to-date, and regularly remove any which are old, torn or dirty.

Make certain available washrooms are clean and presentable.

Factor 3 – Demonstrate You’re The One In Control

Give them very simple instructions to follow.  For example, tell them where to sit, how to sit, turn off their phone.  You could say, “here’s the form, just take this pen, fill it out, thank you.  Did you sign your name on the bottom there?  Excellent.  Very good”.  Make your instructions simple and direct.

As the hypnotist, you’re the one in control, so you have to be able to demonstrate that.  Being in control is not being controlling.  If you’re in control, it means they can put themselves at ease, they can willingly follow you because they trust your level of competence.  They need to know that you are familiar with the hypnosis process, and they need to feel comfortable with you, knowing you have done this hundreds of times.

If you’re the one in control, then they are under your influence, and they are therefore under your protection.

You must sound confident and direct.  You must speak clearly, and communicate with your clients with ease and efficiency.

Factor 4 – Make Your Client Feel Interesting And Important

First of all, you start off liking the person as they are.  Just accept them.

Making your client feel interesting and important is just a part of having excellent customer service skills.  There are several ways of doing this, and being able to create a professional and friendly rapport with your client will make them comfortable returning to you.  This rapport will enable them to fully place their trust in you, and they will feel safe, and look forward to coming to see you for hypnosis.

Always acknowledge your client as soon as they arrive.

Smile and make eye contact, and shake their hand warmly.

Greet them and talk with them in a professional and friendly way, and you should make them feel as though they are interesting and important.

Call your client by name.  Use whatever technique will work to remember your client’s name.


Ensure that your client enjoys the conversation you have with them prior to the hypnosis session.  This will make them feel appreciated and valued as a person.  Try to establish a personal yet professional connection with them.

If they are a returning client, always remember to ask them how their previous session went for them.  Listen carefully and intently to their feedback, and make notes about their hobbies and interests.  When you next see them, mention or ask them about their hobbies or interests.

Acknowledge their strengths when they talk about challenges that they have overcome.

You should occasionally nod your head when they’re talking.

You should repeat back to them what they’ve said, to demonstrate that you were listening.

Anytime you have an opportunity to show admiration or approval for what they’re doing, do it.  Acceptance, approval and admiration are three things people respond very positively to.

Factor 5 – Give Your Client Your Full Attention

Paying full attention to your client is a valuable customer service skill, which will keep your clients coming back to you.

In order to give your client your full attention, focus on their needs.  Every client has personal and unique needs, listen to what they are saying, so that you can discover what their real needs actually are.  Be responsive to their needs by acknowledging what they say and asking clarifying questions.

Try not to interrupt your client whenever they are talking to you, or you might miss what they are trying to say and appear rude.

By turning off your phone in front of your client you are demonstrating that you are giving them your full attention.

Pay attention to your client throughout the hypnosis session.  You will see the subject respond in very subtle ways.  They may only give a slight head nod when asked to nod their head.  Their faces may flush, they may swallow slightly.  All those things are some response to your hypnosis session.

Be prepared.  Know what kind of hypnotic inductions you’re ready to use.  Have several hypnotic inductions ready.  Use the induction you think the client will respond to best.

Always follow up with clients through the method they prefer, whether this is by email, text or a phone call.  This shows that you have paid attention to them, and they will know you made a note of their request.  It also shows you want to build upon the professional relationship with them.







“A Treatise On Worry”, by Rosemary Barrett

Worry is the state of being anxious about actual or potential problems.  I know exactly what it’s like to worry.  Hypnosis is very good for worry, because it soothes all your cares and concerns away and puts them all in their proper place.

There are quite a few things that can help if you start to worry about something.  There are things you can say to yourself, and you can tell yourself, and you can do, like physical exercises, to re-direct your attention.

Today, you are going to read what happens when you worry a lot.  Worry might keep you awake at night, or give you nightmares.

Many people who worry might also smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of alcohol.  They’re worried about nothing in particular, or how much they have to do, or their finances, or their relationships.  As a former worrier, I am now much wiser and older, and will tell you ways and means to deal with your worry.

Re-directing your attention is the first tool you can use, because it will distract you and re-focus your train of thoughts.  What I would recommend is that you have something to completely fill your attention and your concentration and your focus.  This could be a hobby, or it could be a conversation with someone.  It could be watching a show or something like that, or it could be just sitting down and meditating, perhaps using worry beads.  It could be anything.  It needs to be something that is designed to fill your attention and draw your thoughts away from what you are worrying about.  Just do something, especially if it is something that you know will help you.  Read something, or research something, or do some knitting or sewing, or paint a picture, or even scrub the kitchen floor until it sparkles.  Something that will help you, and will have an end result.

There are people who have a good control over their life, and they will tend not to worry.  So the more you can control details of your life, they’re important, the better.  All the things you’re doing are designed to help you to get more control over your life.  So focus on a particular task that will help you to know that you are in control.  Make sure your house is in order; make sure the bed’s made; make sure your clothing is laundered; and make sure there are no sheets of paper or crumbs all over the floor, things like that.  Every time you get that under your control, it’s one less thing you have to think about, or worry about.  It’s all about getting the various parts of your life all in order, so that you have total control over them all.  Then you will be more in control of your life, and you will not need to worry about things mounting up and becoming a mess which you will then find overwhelming and getting on top of you, and then you will start to worry about these various things all over again.

Daily Plan

If you are a person who worries a lot, you need to create a “Daily Plan”.  Write out a list of tasks for yourself, which you would like to accomplish by the end of the day.  This Plan will help to keep you busy, and keeping busy will help you to stop worrying.  Write down the time you start a task, and the time you finish it, and check off each task as you complete it.  Keep a record of your Plan in a proper notebook, so that you can look back and see how much you have positively achieved over a period of time.  You will find that being able to keep a Plan to look back on will give you an immense sense of self-satisfaction.

It is very likely that you will not be able to accomplish every single thing on your Plan in one day, but what you will be able to do is to learn to manage your time wisely and more effectively, and become as productive as you can be.  This is why you need to write it all down, just so you can see where your time is going.  For example, if you find from your Plan that you have two spare hours a day within your schedule, you can use them for having a meal, or taking a rest.

Obviously, on some days you will probably be more tired than usual, or you might find you have unexpected things happening during the day that crowd in on you, and you may have to quit everything that is on your Plan in order to be able to deal with them.  There is no need to worry about this.  You will either just not get the usual tasks done, or you simply re-schedule them to either later in the day or even to the next day, depending on what is happening in your life.

Every day is not going to be the ideal day, so you have to look at it from the big picture.  You may not be able to shop, to eat, to do all the housework, or even to sleep, simply because you are trying to do too much in one day in order to achieve everything on your Plan.  So use all your energies to have a complete life, and not one that is just focusing on doing one particular thing.  Please consider that you’re trying to do as well as you can every day, and prioritise the things that are the most important and helpful to you which you wish to achieve on any one particular day.

Financial Budget

Financial worries are the result of feeling lack of control.

You can starve it by understanding where every penny comes from, and where every penny goes.

Just watch every single penny.

Write down, in your personal budget, from week to week, exactly what you spend.  This way you can keep track of what you spend, and of what you have in the bank.  Keep records of your weekly incomings and outgoings.

This is commonly referred to as a “budget”.

Understanding this will give you a greater sense of control.

Ask For Help

You could have a Coach who will help you organize your day, and you could have a Coach who will help you understand your finances better.  You could ask for guidance from someone who already has control over a particular area of their life.  Make sure this is someone who is qualified,  you don’t want someone who is begging on the street to be giving you financial advice.  You want someone who has their finances in order.  There are professionals who can do this for a fee.


What To Expect At Your Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session, by Rosemary Barrett

So, you have finally made an appointment for a hypnosis session for stopping smoking, and you are going to see this wonderful hypnotist called Rosemary.  You may be feeling excited and relieved, having made your appointment.  Rosemary has asked you not to smoke for a couple of hours on the day you are seeing her, and you have complied with her request because you were so excited about being hypnotized.

When you are finally there, that excitement and relief turns to ease and comfort when you first meet with your hypnotist.  Rosemary is a very friendly person, who is very easy to talk to, and she will greet you in a warm and welcoming way, in a comfortable place.  “Sit here and make yourself really comfortable”, Rosemary will tell you, pointing to one of the luxurious armchairs.  You will sit down and make yourself very comfortable.  The comfortable chair will put you even more at ease.

Rosemary will ask you questions about your smoking habit, and the reasons why you want to quit.

You will find that she is a very kind and compassionate person, and she listens intently to everything that you want to say.  She really cares about the problems you have with smoking, and she sincerely wants to help you to be able to stop.

It is now time for the actual hypnosis session itself, that you have so eagerly been waiting for.  You will find it’s very peaceful, relaxing and easy to follow.  At the end of the session, you will be tested for the results.  Typically, if you have followed the instructions, you will not be able to crave a cigarette, even as hard as you try.

You will be able to understand everything that is said.  You will feel deeply relaxed, and comfortable.  Your mind may wander and you may feel as though you have drifted off, that is all normal.  You may think for a moment that you’re asleep, or you may forget how long time has passed, but you generally feel good.  All the feelings in hypnosis are pleasant and concentrated.

When the hypnosis session is over, you will be asked to test your cravings for cigarettes.  It is here that most people are amazed at the results.  Further hypnosis sessions help to reinforce your determination to never smoke a cigarette again and live as a non-smoker.