Carol’s Problems With Weight Loss, by Rosemary Barrett

It was Friday, the 17th February, and I had an appointment scheduled for 3 o’clock with a lady called Carol, who wanted a hypnosis session to help her lose quite a bit of weight.  The weather on that day was dry and fairly mild, with spells of sunshine, and a few bits of fair-weather cloud around.  Carol knocked on my office door at four minutes to three.

“Hello Carol”, I said in a friendly and welcoming way.  “Hi”, she answered, looking a bit nervous.  “Come on in”, I said, “sit down over here in this comfortable armchair and make yourself feel at home.  Would you like a cup of tea?”.  She hesitated.  “Could I have one after?” she asked.  “Yes of course you can”, I replied, sitting down in my armchair opposite her.  They were matching light blue armchairs, that set off the darker blue carpet beautifully.

“Now then”, I began, “you told me on the phone that you were anxious to lose some weight before you go off on your holiday next year.  Am I right?”.  Carol looked quite chubby, as though she could definitely do with losing quite a bit of weight.  But she was quite pretty nonetheless.  “Oh yes”, she said, “but I can’t do without my chocolate biscuits or my jammy doughnuts.  They are all so absolutely yummy”.  “Hm’mmm”, was all I could think of to say to that, and then I thought that was a good point to give her one of my charts.  “Okay Carol, here’s a very simple chart I would like you to fill out, just to give me an idea of the kinds of things you generally eat every day, like in a typical week, Sunday to Saturday”.  “Okay”, she answered, and then proceeded to do as I had asked.

A little bit later, when looking through what she had put on the chart, I soon realized that she had rather a sweet tooth.  She had chocolate biscuits every single day, as well as some chocolate bars, and a couple of doughnuts during the week as well.  And that was without the white wine that she was guzzling over the weekend.  “Right”, I said, “we will begin by helping you with hypnosis to cut down on the chocolate biscuits, the chocolate bars, and the jam doughnuts, and on top of this, to lose all interest in drinking wine”.

“I don’t know how on earth I’m going to manage doing all that”, she said wistfully.  “After all, I really love my wine.  It really helps me with my anxiety about everything and with my stress levels.  I just don’t know how I’m going to manage without my lovely wine.

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing I like more, than a couple of glasses to help me unwind.  But then, I do want to lose weight.  I really do.   I absolutely hate weight loss groups, and I think hypnosis will be ideal.


The initial discussion over, I then began the hypnosis process that I know so well.  I went through it in a steady manner, and when I came to the point where I could directly access Carol’s subconscious mind, I gave implicit instructions.  These instructions were, that Carol was to eat less biscuits, especially the chocolate ones, and eat less chocolate bars, each day.  I told her subconscious mind that every single time Carol was about to eat a biscuit, especially a chocolate one, she was to imagine that the biscuit was a scallop (which she had told me she hated).  She was to be allowed only one doughnut a week, and wine was no longer of any interest to her.  I also intimated  to her subconscious mind that, if she wanted, we could certainly do some follow-up hypnosis sessions to help her even more with her weight loss.

At the end of the hypnosis session, I gently woke Carol, and I made sure she was fully awake.

I sensed that she was very focused and relaxed during the whole hypnosis session, and I thought it had gone really well.

Over a cup of tea she said, “I seem to remember hearing something about all my biscuits, especially the chocolate ones, tasting of scallops, and I found that very amusing.  That will really put me off biscuits now”.

We then agreed to schedule a few additional sessions to continue with the weight loss, and I made a further appointment with her for four weeks’ time.




My Experience With Hypnosis, by Rosemary Barrett

My name is Rosemary.

This is my experience with hypnosis.

I have always had a really great interest in hypnosis.  Just before I moved house from Brighton in East Sussex to Worthing in West Sussex in August 2011, I purchased a couple of books on hypnosis written by the world’s greatest hypnotist, Dantalion Jones.  It was the name Dantalion that drew my attention to these books, and made them stand out from the other authors.  The books that I decided to buy were entitled Mind Control 101, and Perfected Mind Control, which were both about hypnosis.  I also like the book covers, which were black and purple, because these are my favourite colours.

A few months later, when I learned of the hypnosis training seminars held by the now late Jeffrey Stephens, and Dantalion, I was really excited about the thought of attending one.  There were only two things stopping me; one was this fear of flying which was not helped by the fact that I had not been on a plane for a very long time.  The other was that I was also waiting to have major heart surgery.

When I asked the hospital if I could fly, they said no, because of my condition, and they said that I should wait until I had recovered.  Dantalion used his amazing powers of hypnosis to help me prepare for the surgery.  He gave me several hypnosis sessions which really helped me to feel extremely confident, and it took just over a year  for me to feel better enough to be able to travel.

Then, after several more hypnosis sessions with Dantalion, I felt confident enough to book into a hypnosis seminar in Boston, USA, in November 2013, and the travelling did not bother me at all.  I was simply very excited at the prospect of this great adventure.  I had a super time, and I really enjoyed all the flying and the seminar itself.  I was able to accomplish all this solely due to the effects of the hypnosis.

I was incredibly impressed by what hypnosis can do, and I left the seminar feeling determined to become a great hypnotist myself.

I have created this website, purely in the hope that you will thoroughly enjoy reading everything on it, and also in the hope that you will feel inspired to give me a call.  I look forward to having a chat with you about your problems.