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What Happened When Henry Went To A Hypnotist About Quitting Smoking

Henry is a 30-year-old office assistant, who had been smoking cigarettes since he was around 18 years old. He was repeatedly reaching for the familiar pack of cigarettes, knowing full well the possible damage that smoking cigarettes could be doing to his lungs. Everything had started to mount up in his mind, and things were making him feel that he was not coping very well with everything like he used to be able to. It had got to the point that after smoking yet another cigarette, he always felt relaxed once again. However, just recently he had also been researching the various possible methods that were able to help people to quit smoking.

It was on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon one week-end in early Spring, when Henry was driving aimlessly around the town where he lived, and he found he was worrying about the cough that had recently started bothering him. “Hm’mm”, he said to himself out loud, “I wonder if it’s anything to do with the fact I’m smoking 15 cigarettes a day?”. He parked in a tree-lined layby and mulled things over in his head.

It seemed that at least after every meal he was smoking a couple of cigarettes every single day, and many more at other times. Late in the evening he would smoke about four in a row because he knew that he would sleep well when he had done that. They didn’t allow smoking in his office, so at break times he would slope out and quietly have a ciggie round the corner somewhere nearby.

He then remembered that he had read a story in a local newspaper about how a chap had been to see a hypnotist who had cured them of their compulsive smoking habit. “That’s it! That’s what I’m going to do!”, Henry thought, brimming with great excitement. “I’m going to make an appointment right now, to see that wonderful sounding lady hypnotist called Rosemary who lives in that up-market apartment block on the corner of Brook Street”. He dug his mobile phone out of his back pocket, and found her number. It was three o’clock, and Henry didn’t know whether Rosemary would be open at that time of day. As luck would have it, he struck lucky and Rosemary answered the phone herself.

“Oh, hi”, Henry said, trying to sort of sound more confident than he felt, “I’m sorry to bother you on a Saturday, but I really need help to quit smoking. I’ve read that hypnosis can be extremely useful in helping people with this awful habit, and I am currently smoking about 15 cigarettes a day”, he garbled quickly because he felt very nervous all of a sudden. Rosemary realized that he was feeling awkward, and she said, very helpfully, “Yes of course, in my career as a hypnotist I’ve successfully managed to help several people quit smoking. I can see you at 12 noon next week-end, on Saturday?”. “Oh thank you”, Henry answered, and he found that he was really looking forward to seeing this hypnotist called Rosemary.

That Saturday, Henry arrived at Rosemary’s apartment. She showed him into her office, made him a cup of tea, and gave him some instructions. She said, “Hang your jacket here”, and she pointed to a hook on the back of the door. “Sit in this armchair here”, and she pointed to the armchair. “Make sure you’re sitting comfortably. I’m going to talk with you for a bit”. She handed him the client intake form asking for his personal details and also asking a few medical history questions. “Now, complete this form”. Then Rosemary asked, “How are you feeling right now, Henry?”. “I’m feeling really anxious”, he replied, “I don’t know if the hypnosis is going to work, or not”. “Well”, Rosemary said, “Hypnosis is very relaxing and you will find that after the session you will not need another cigarette, ever again.

“Now, Henry, what do you want?” Rosemary asked in a kindly way. Henry said, “I want to be rid of this dreadful urge to smoke yet another cigarette. I’m getting so anxious and jumpy a lot of the time, and I’m wanting a cigarette every five minutes. I don’t want to feel this anxiety saying that I must take another puff of that lovely cigarette you’re holding because it will make you feel better instantly”. And Rosemary said, “Oh yes, I know. But what do you want to feel?”. Henry said, “I don’t want to feel this anxiety”. Rosemary said, “Well, you’ve made it very clear that anxiety is what you don’t want to feel. But what do you want to feel?”. (This is where, if you go and see a hypnotist about quitting smoking, you have to be really clear on letting the hypnotist know what it is you actually want). So Henry said, “I want to be completely free of all this anxiety about everything, and more than anything else, I want to quit smoking once and for all”.

Then Rosemary began the actual hypnosis session. Henry knew he was going to have an hour of hypnosis, but he wasn’t quite sure what to expect although he assumed it would be very relaxing. At the very beginning, she instructed him to breathe deeply for a couple of times, and then close his eyes. She talked to him very soothingly for a while, and then gave him a few more instructions to follow. After a few minutes, when she knew that he was in a very deep hypnotic state, she also knew that it was the point where she was able to communicate directly with his subconscious mind.

Henry became gradually aware of some quiet music playing in the background. She addressed his subconscious mind as though she was talking to a very intelligent 10 year old child, and gave him instructions that he would follow regarding his wish to completely quit smoking. She said things like, “Starting right now, Henry will be a non-smoker. This will be healthier for him. You will follow all my instructions, because you have Henry’s best interests in mind”.

When Rosemary had finished the hypnosis session, she gradually wakened Henry to full waking consciousness, and when he opened his eyes she asked him how it went for him. Henry simply said, “That was amazing. Thank you very, very much, Rosemary”. At that point, he silently made a vow to himself not to smoke any more cigarettes, at all. He was also conscious of a feeling of peace, of ease and comfort, and an overwhelming sense of peace of mind.

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If, like a lot of other people, you are constantly finding yourself struggling to reach your desired weight, hypnosis is an extremely successful tool for you to make use of that will help you. It is a safe, natural and extremely relaxing and peaceful way of achieving success in your seemingly hopeless quest.

If you go to see a hypnotist, for example because you want to be helped to lose weight, they will initially ask you to complete a patient intake form where you will need to fill in your personal details such as your name, address and telephone number. There will also be a page with questions about your medical history, and a question about why you have come to see the hypnotist.

Once the hypnotist has agreed to help you to lose some weight, they will instruct you to make sure that you are sitting very comfortably. They begin talking to you in a soothing and gentle manner, accompanied by some appropriate background music, and they will put you into an extremely relaxed hypnotic state, which you will find deeply soothing and relaxing. This will stop you thinking over and over again about, “Why can’t I lose any weight?”, or, “Why, oh why can’t I lose weight?”. While they are talking to

you ever so gently, you will become aware of a subtle change in their voice. This is because they have reached the point where they are now directly addressing your subconscious mind. They need to ask it to do certain things, and they need to give it some instructions to follow which will help you with your weight loss. They need its co-operation, and therefore they talk to it as though it is a very bright and intelligent 10-year-old child.

For example, although your subconscious mind has kept you at a weight of 65 kgs, you would certainly feel much happier and you will be a lot healthier, at 58 kgs. There is no need to be afraid of hypnosis. The hypnotist will not be cruel, and tell your subconscious mind to force you to eat a lot of salad and raw carrots. They will speak to it in a very soothing, kindly, and gentle manner. For instance, they will inform it that your metabolism needs to be changed. As a result of your metabolism being changed, you will have so much more energy, and you will therefore be able to increase your activity levels and generally do more. And when the hypnotist has finished giving your subconscious mind these instructions, they will gently waken you into full waking consciousness. In this way, by using hypnosis, you will be able to successfully achieve a steady and ongoing amount of weight loss until you reach your ideal weight.

Once you have managed to successfully get to your ideal weight through using hypnosis, you will acquire a wonderful sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and an amazing feeling of complete peace of mind. Your self-confidence will also greatly increase. This peace of mind will remain within you, growing ever stronger at every single moment.

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