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How To Acquire And Keep Peace Of Mind In These Troubling Times

“Peace of mind” is a mental state of feeling calm, peaceful and tranquil, and it is having a sense of complete freedom from any anxiety and stress.

I give below some helpful ideas to aid you on your way towards obtaining complete peace of mind.

De-clutter your house

The recent lockdown has taught us all something. You were shut in your own house, within your own four walls. What you do is de-clutter and have a big clear-out. Separate all your stuff into three piles labelled “keep”, “dither”, or “chuck”. Work on one room at a time and look at each thing at a time. You don’t have to keep everything and you don’t have to chuck everything. If you have used something in the last 12 months, then keep it, and if you haven’t used something in the last 12 months, then chuck it.

But what do you do with all the clutter you want to throw out?. You can donate to charity, but call the shop first before you take your donations along, in case they are not suitable, and make sure any clothing you are giving them is clean and ironed. Put similar things in the same bags. You can sell some things online, such as a games console or a pushchair, on websites such as ebay, marketplace, or gumtree, or you could place an advertisement in a newspaper or in a newsagents window.

When you have decided on the things you want to keep, it will greatly help if you obtain some cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes and put some of your stuff in them. Then put the full boxes somewhere like in your box-room, spare room or attic.

When you have worked through the “chuck” pile and the “keep” pile, you can begin sorting out your “dither” pile. This will probably take rather longer, but give yourself plenty of time and space to do it in and don’t rush at it. Take your time. One thing at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

It is very important to de-clutter your house and get in control of it, because you will then feel so much happier and more stress-free. You will feel calmer and more peaceful, and so much more in control of your surroundings.

Go for a walk in the countryside

Going for a walk in the open countryside will bring you close to nature. It will increase pleasant feelings mentally and reduce your anxiety and stress. It will also greatly help to make you feel better emotionally and will increase your mental and physical sense of well-being. It does all this by reducing your blood pressure, your heart rate, and your muscular tension, as well as the production of your stress hormones.

So get to your nearest public space out in the open air, such as a park, on a nice warm and sunny day, and go walking for at least half an hour in the warm sunshine. This will help you to feel better in so many ways and will stop you concentrating on all your anxieties. You will find you are very tired later in the day, but you will also feel much calmer and more peaceful.

Go and work on a “Care Farm”

Care Farming is a mental health practice that can be prescribed if you are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. If you are suffering from these, or any other similar ailments, especially those brought on by the recent lockdown, you can ask to be placed on a “Care Farm”.

Working on a Care Farm will give you opportunities to carry out physical activities and will also bring you close to nature. Doing something physical, such as planting vegetables or looking after farm animals such as cows or chickens, or pigs, requires focused attention and concentration, but not intense thought. This helps to relax your mind and also helps to stop the anxieties and worries brought on by the mental effects that the lockdown has had on you, that you may now have. As an added bonus, because you have been working very hard physically all day, you will be very tired at night and consequently able to sleep much better than you normally would.

The Care Farmer acts as a personal mentor who will support you as their client and will help you to develop the skills required to undertake the routine farming tasks. While carrying out these tasks as ordered by the Care Farmer, you will find that you will feel a sense of achievement because you have something to focus on other than all your stress, anxieties and worries. You may also find that at some point you may even be offered a job on an ordinary farm and be paid for doing it.

Hypnosis is something that many people find is very helpful to them, if they want to constantly feel calm, peaceful and tranquil, and they want to be able to fully experience that state of constant comfort and calmness known as true peace of mind. Hypnosis is a safe, natural and extremely relaxing and very enjoyable way of totally unwinding from all the stresses and strains of their very busy, everyday life.

Go and see a hypnotist

If you decide to go and visit a hypnotist in person, they will very gently place you into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state, by talking to you in a very soothing manner and sometimes by playing soothing background music. When you have become deeply relaxed and very still and almost motionless, as though you are fast asleep, that is the point when they will be able to address your subconscious mind directly. They will be able to speak to it, and will give it a brand new set of instructions to follow, whether they are to help you to quit smoking, to lose weight, or some other practical wish that you may have. These instructions will help you to feel that wonderful, constant sense of comfort, joy and peace of mind for every moment of your life, however busy and cluttered it may be. And when the hypnotist has finished giving your subconscious mind all these different, new instructions, they will gently waken you to a state of full, waking consciousness and they will welcome you back to your normal life. At this point you will be feeling wide awake and absolutely wonderful.

There are many hypnosis audios and videos out there online which will always help you to stay calm, become more relaxed generally, and able to experience that wonderful mental state that is known as peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, give us a call on 07904 605344 for a friendly chat. All enquiries regarding COVID-19 or the Indian Variant will be dealt with fo

The International Travel Rules For UK Residents Wishing To Travel Abroad

As you are no doubt aware, international travel for non-essential purposes has been made illegal since the beginning of the third lockdown.

Holidays Are Here Again.

Most people really enjoy going on a wonderful holiday trip abroad. It is doing something completely different, and it disconnects them from their usual everyday humdrum lives. They have a complete break from everything, such as cooking lots of meals, laundering their clothing, or doing loads of housework. A holiday abroad gives them a totally different environment, and it gives them the chance to recharge, refresh, and renew, and gather all their thoughts about everything. If they are interested in cooking, they might go abroad to taste the local food.

Many people choose to get away from it all by going on a cruise, sometimes for two or three weeks. Bearing in mind the new international travel rules from May 2021, they can choose any destination(s) they wish, or even travel on a round-the-world cruise. If they go on a cruise, they do not need to keep unpacking the suitcases. Cruises offer live entertainment on board ship, and tours on shore at ports of call. Passengers can do things on board that they can do at home, such as relaxing in the spa, going to the cinema, or even doing lots of wonderful shopping, because cruise ships always have fantastic sales.

If you are one of those people who are tired of hearing about nothing but Covid-19, and you are absolutely longing to travel long-haul, (or or even short-haul), you will be pleased to know that the current international travel rules are changing at 4 am on Monday, 17th May. From this date, international travel will be allowed to restart, governed by a new “traffic light system”. Countries have been allocated by government ministers according to the latest data, so quarantine and testing requirements on return from those countries are appropriate to the risk of coronavirus and variants of concern.

The UK Transport Secretary has confirmed that the current ban on international travel will end on Monday, 17th May. From this date, you will no longer have to complete a “Declaration To Travel Before Departure Abroad”, and there will no longer be a £5,000 fine for trying to make an illegal international leisure trip abroad. However, many of the restrictions will remain, and these include having to quarantine if you have just travelled to a country on the “red list”. This quarantine has to be completed in one of the special government-designated quarantine hotels in the UK for “red list” travellers. You must also check what further restrictions there are in the country you wish to travel to, because either their borders are completely closed, or they might not want to let people into their country from the UK.

A negative Covid-19 test will soon become the new normal for international travel, and so the details for the rules for each list are given here:-

If you are travelling to a destination on the “green” list, which includes popular countries like Portugal, you will need to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test before you travel back to the UK. You will also need to book and pay for another Covid-19 test which you must take on Day Two of your arrival back in the UK, and you will not need to quarantine if both of the Covid-19 tests have proved negative.

If you are travelling to a destination on the “amber list”, you will need to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test before you travel back to the UK. You will also need to book and pay for another two Covid-19 tests because you will be self-isolating at home for 10 days. You will need to take a second Covid-19 test on Day Two of your self-isolation, and a third Covid-19 test on Day Eight of your self-isolation. Because you are self-isolating, and not being held in quarantine, you can also book and pay for an “early release” Covid-19 test which you will need to take on Day Five if you wish to be released early from your self-isolation. All three Covid-19 tests must have proved negative.

However, if you are travelling to a destination on the “red list”, will need to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test before you travel back to the UK. The difference is, that you will be required to book and pre-pay the sum of £1,750 for being held in quarantine for 10 days, when you have travelled back to the UK, in one of the special government-designated quarantine hotels. You will also need to take a second Covid-19 test on Day Two of your quarantine, and a third Covid-19 test on Day Eight of your quarantine. All three Covid-19 tests must have proved negative.

The List of 12 Countries on the “Green List” (From 4 am On 17th May 2021):-


12 Popular Countries on the “Amber List”:-


12 Popular Countries on the “Red List”:-


Hypnosis for Travel Anxiety

Hypnosis is a safe, natural, relaxing and highly effective way to treat anxiety about travelling, including a fear of flying. If you have always been afraid of flying, for example, then this fear will be deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. You now want to travel, and you want to be able to get on a plane without shivering and shaking, and enjoy your ten-hour flight like everybody else seems able to. If you go and see a hypnotist, they will give you a hypnosis session to completely banish this fear. The hypnotist will place you in an extremely relaxed hypnotic state, where they will be able to access your subconscious mind and speak to it directly. They will then find out what causes you to suffer from travel anxiety and your fear of flying, and they will accordingly give your subconscious mind a new set of instructions to follow. As a result of the hypnosis session, when the time comes for you to go on your holiday, you will find yourself sitting very comfortably and happily in the departure lounge at the airport without any anxiety, fear, or panicky feelings whatsoever. You will find yourself calmly boarding the plane, and thoroughly enjoying the flight, and when you get to your destination you will be able to completely relax and enjoy your holiday.

If you want to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works, give us a call on 07904 305644. Any enquiries regarding Covid-19 will be helped for free.