“A Treatise On Worry”, by Rosemary Barrett

Worry is the state of being anxious about actual or potential problems.  I know exactly what it’s like to worry.  Hypnosis is very good for worry, because it soothes all your cares and concerns away and puts them all in their proper place.

There are quite a few things that can help if you start to worry about something.  There are things you can say to yourself, and you can tell yourself, and you can do, like physical exercises, to re-direct your attention.

Today, you are going to read what happens when you worry a lot.  Worry might keep you awake at night, or give you nightmares.

Many people who worry might also smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of alcohol.  They’re worried about nothing in particular, or how much they have to do, or their finances, or their relationships.  As a former worrier, I am now much wiser and older, and will tell you ways and means to deal with your worry.

Re-directing your attention is the first tool you can use, because it will distract you and re-focus your train of thoughts.  What I would recommend is that you have something to completely fill your attention and your concentration and your focus.  This could be a hobby, or it could be a conversation with someone.  It could be watching a show or something like that, or it could be just sitting down and meditating, perhaps using worry beads.  It could be anything.  It needs to be something that is designed to fill your attention and draw your thoughts away from what you are worrying about.  Just do something, especially if it is something that you know will help you.  Read something, or research something, or do some knitting or sewing, or paint a picture, or even scrub the kitchen floor until it sparkles.  Something that will help you, and will have an end result.

There are people who have a good control over their life, and they will tend not to worry.  So the more you can control details of your life, they’re important, the better.  All the things you’re doing are designed to help you to get more control over your life.  So focus on a particular task that will help you to know that you are in control.  Make sure your house is in order; make sure the bed’s made; make sure your clothing is laundered; and make sure there are no sheets of paper or crumbs all over the floor, things like that.  Every time you get that under your control, it’s one less thing you have to think about, or worry about.  It’s all about getting the various parts of your life all in order, so that you have total control over them all.  Then you will be more in control of your life, and you will not need to worry about things mounting up and becoming a mess which you will then find overwhelming and getting on top of you, and then you will start to worry about these various things all over again.

Daily Plan

If you are a person who worries a lot, you need to create a “Daily Plan”.  Write out a list of tasks for yourself, which you would like to accomplish by the end of the day.  This Plan will help to keep you busy, and keeping busy will help you to stop worrying.  Write down the time you start a task, and the time you finish it, and check off each task as you complete it.  Keep a record of your Plan in a proper notebook, so that you can look back and see how much you have positively achieved over a period of time.  You will find that being able to keep a Plan to look back on will give you an immense sense of self-satisfaction.

It is very likely that you will not be able to accomplish every single thing on your Plan in one day, but what you will be able to do is to learn to manage your time wisely and more effectively, and become as productive as you can be.  This is why you need to write it all down, just so you can see where your time is going.  For example, if you find from your Plan that you have two spare hours a day within your schedule, you can use them for having a meal, or taking a rest.

Obviously, on some days you will probably be more tired than usual, or you might find you have unexpected things happening during the day that crowd in on you, and you may have to quit everything that is on your Plan in order to be able to deal with them.  There is no need to worry about this.  You will either just not get the usual tasks done, or you simply re-schedule them to either later in the day or even to the next day, depending on what is happening in your life.

Every day is not going to be the ideal day, so you have to look at it from the big picture.  You may not be able to shop, to eat, to do all the housework, or even to sleep, simply because you are trying to do too much in one day in order to achieve everything on your Plan.  So use all your energies to have a complete life, and not one that is just focusing on doing one particular thing.  Please consider that you’re trying to do as well as you can every day, and prioritise the things that are the most important and helpful to you which you wish to achieve on any one particular day.

Financial Budget

Financial worries are the result of feeling lack of control.

You can starve it by understanding where every penny comes from, and where every penny goes.

Just watch every single penny.

Write down, in your personal budget, from week to week, exactly what you spend.  This way you can keep track of what you spend, and of what you have in the bank.  Keep records of your weekly incomings and outgoings.

This is commonly referred to as a “budget”.

Understanding this will give you a greater sense of control.

Ask For Help

You could have a Coach who will help you organize your day, and you could have a Coach who will help you understand your finances better.  You could ask for guidance from someone who already has control over a particular area of their life.  Make sure this is someone who is qualified,  you don’t want someone who is begging on the street to be giving you financial advice.  You want someone who has their finances in order.  There are professionals who can do this for a fee.


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