April is a Good Time To Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions – Part Two

Now that we are well into the New Year, this is a very good time to review your New Year’s resolutions. You can go back and look at your list of resolutions, which could be things like to lose weight, or to quit smoking, that you wanted to work on when it was the beginning of January. Now it is the time of year to look back, and ask yourself how you are doing.

So, pick a nice, quiet and calm day such as a Sunday, on which you can do this. Find a space for half an hour in your busy daily schedule, make a cup of tea or coffee, go and sit in your favourite armchair, and maybe play some very quiet music. It is now time to simply look back and see what progress you have made with any of your resolutions. If you need to refocus, get to it now! If you have kept a notebook of how your resolutions are getting along, read through this unhurriedly at your own pace, and at your leisure. Think about the various resolutions that you have made, and perhaps make some notes about each of them individually. Doing this will help you to decide which ones have been helpful to you, and which ones have not been of any help at all.

When you have read through what you have written in your notebook about each of your chosen resolutions over the past 12 months, decide to “Pick One” to work on in a more dedicated way. Choose one which you have enjoyed doing some of, and which you know and feel will work for you when you give it enough time and space. Maybe you have made a resolution that is to “Decorate the living area”. Perhaps you have painted just one of the walls and enjoyed doing this, but for one reason or another you have not ventured any further. Pick the one resolution that will bring you joy and contentment, along with a sense of wonder and amazement, and peace of mind, when you have finally reached your goal and achieved great success in your chosen resolution.

The Wikipedia definition of Guided Imagery is:- “Guided Imagery is a mind-body intervention by which a trained practitioner or teacher helps a participant or patient to evoke and generate mental images that simulate or re-create the sensory perception”.

Guided Imagery is a method of mental and physical relaxation where you focus on mental images that help you to feel wonderfully calm, peaceful and relaxed. When you have practised this a few times, you will find that you have much more energy and enthusiasm which will help you to focus on what you want to get done, such as when you want to do some further work on the resolution that you have chosen. Now make sure you are sitting very comfortably in your favourite armchair, where you know you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes or so. Play some gentle and quiet music if you wish. Take a few deep breaths to slow your breathing down, and you will gradually start feeling generally calmer and more peaceful. Now close your eyes and imagine seeing calm, quiet and peaceful scenes, such as a long and beautiful beach, or a peaceful meadow filled with colourful summer flowers just sitting there in the light of the sun. Your breathing will become slower while you do this, and your muscles will become very relaxed.

You will feel very calm, very still, and totally relaxed. You can see yourself strolling gently through the flower-filled meadow. Now listen to the birds singing, and feel the warmth of the summer sun on your face. You can bend down to pick one of the flowers, and inhale the scent from it. Then carry on and continue walking, until you see a garden bench which has been put there so that people can have a rest and take in the wonderful scene of this beautiful summer meadow. Now just sit quietly and listen once more to the birds singing, and acknowledge how beautiful everything here is.

Once you know that you are feeling completely relaxed, both mentally and physically, you will know when to slowly open your eyes and just sit for a while in your armchair, maybe for five minutes or so, while you go over in your mind how absolutely wonderful you were feeling during the last 30 minutes. You will now be feeling wonderfully calm about everything and anything, and you will feel a sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and total peace of mind. You will also feel beautifully energized, and more than ready to get going on making your chosen New Year’s resolution work for you, and come to fruition.

Hypnosis is an extremely safe and relaxing way to help people like yourself to make big changes in their life. It is a wonderful way to help you to achieve incredible success with, and keep on track with, all your New Year’s resolutions. Hypnosis will put you into a very deep and relaxing trance state, where a hypnotist is able to gain direct access to your subconscious mind. When they have done this, they will speak to it directly and give it instructions to follow which will, slowly but surely, enable you to achieve amazing and wonderful things like conquering your New Year’s resolutions.

If you have made one particular resolution, or several resolutions, and would like to try hypnosis to help you to achieve them, perhaps using Guided Imagery as well, call us on 07904 605344 for a chat. At Worthing Hypnosis we know exactly how to make sure you are totally relaxed throughout your hypnosis session, and we will ensure that you will be able to achieve one or more of your chosen resolutions. You can also call us if you want to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis works. Any enquiries regarding Covid-19 will be helped for free.