Concerns About EU Travel

Because of all the confusion about quarantine rules in different countries, a lot of British travellers are cancelling their summer holidays to France simply because of the worry and the anxiety caused by the fact they may have to quarantine for 14 days when they return to the UK.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

These tourists might well be very upset about having to cancel their journey, but there are quite a few British holiday home owners in France whose sole income comes from people going over to France and renting a “gite” for the duration of their holiday.

France is possibly about to be taken off the UK government’s list of places that are quarantine-free, because there is an ongoing rise in Covid-19 infections. The country has 12 million or so British holidaymakers a year, and currently has about 1,700 new Covid-19 infections a day. The virus is spreading in mainland France and affects every age group including young adults.

There are people in France who might be running a very successful vineyard, growing and selling all types of wine. Because a lot of the British tourists have cancelled their trips, the holiday home owners could well be losing money on the business, because the customers are pulling out or putting off paying until the last possible moment.

A French holiday farmhouse to rent

Many late summer and autumn holidays are now being cancelled, or the tourists are not making a final payment. The holiday home owners have to spend money on calling them to try and get them to pay, rather than just keep waiting to see if there are changes in the quarantine rules. For a lot of holiday home owners, and owners of ordinary guest houses, the business might be their only source of income.

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