Coping With Anxiety

Today, you will be reading about how to cope with anxiety states.

When you suffer from anxiety, you probably find yourself worrying endlessly about anything and everything, even when there is really nothing for you to worry about.

Anxiety can interfere with your ability to carry out normal everyday activities. You start getting irrational feelings of fear, which can escalate into panic attacks where you become very dizzy and feel like you cannot breathe. You can also get social anxiety, where you worry for days on end about something like an up-and-coming big family event, and the very thought of it just makes you feel sick and ill. Anxiety also causes other problems such as depression, insomnia, over-eating, alcohol or drug abuse, and heart disease.

For example, you might find yourself constantly worrying about the terrible state of your finances, especially if you have a large mortgage on your house, or a large loan that you have to pay off every month. These monthly payments can spiral out of hand, and you can become extremely anxious worrying about it all, because you are living on a huge, outstanding overdraft. Every thought that you think about it, seems to begin with, “What if”. You might suddenly start thinking:- “What if I am late for work three mornings in a row?”. “What if I am on sick leave for a long time?”. “What if I lose my job?. “What if I cannot pay my bills?”. “What if I have to heat or eat?”.

If you are always feeling anxious, the first thing you should do to help yourself, is to talk to your family doctor. Anxiety is easily treatable and there are some things that really can make you feel better. Your doctor can prescribe medication, and / or they can refer you for psychotherapy, which is also known as “talk therapy”, or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Using one or both treatments can help tremendously with anxiety. You could also try meditation, stress management, or yoga to help you cope with your anxiety, or you could even try joining a “self-help for anxiety” group.

Hypnotherapy is, of course, also extremely useful for anxiety. It can help you to relax and unwind both physically and mentally, and you will feel so much better after even one or two hypnotherapy sessions.

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