Covid-19 restrictions for “Plan B” to be lifted as confirmed cases rise over 100,000 again

Covid-19 cases in the UK have risen over 100,000 again, and 359 lives have been lost to the virus in 24 hours.

On Wednesday, 19th January, the UK Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson stated that the Covid-19 restrictions for Plan B had been eased. This was on the day when new Covid-19 cases had risen over 100,000 again, and 359 people had died in 24 hours. This was the highest death toll in 11 months, according to the information given out by the Department of Health, and their figures also showed that a further 108,069 people had tested positive for Covid-19 in 24 hours. Seven days ago there were 129,587 confirmed cases, and fourteen days ago there were 194,747 confirmed cases.

Mr Johnson announced that more than 90% of people in the UK who were over 60 years old, have had a booster jab, and he also said that the latest wave had now peaked. He said that the following Plan B Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted:-

People in the UK were no longer going to be ordered to work from home. They must return to the office.

Covid-19 passes will end.

The legal requirement for people who have tested positive for Covid-19 to self-isolate, would be lifted on the 24th March when the regulations were going to come to an end.

Regarding facemasks or face coverings, Mr Johnson said that the UK Government would no longer force people any more to wear a facemask or a face covering anywhere, and facemasks and face coverings will be scrapped in school classrooms, with school communal areas following at a later date. He said here, that in the UK the Government will continue to advise that people still continue to wear face coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces, especially if you are near other people you did not know. However, he also said that nobody would be fined if they chose not to wear one.

These Plan B restrictions were to be lifted because Covid-19 infection levels fell in most parts of the UK for the first time since the beginning of December, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Mr Johnson said that the data showed that even though some places in the UK had cases rising, such as in primary schools, the scientists now believe that the Omicron peak had passed. However, he also said that significant pressures remained on the NHS staff everywhere in the UK but especially in the North East and the North West. Admissions to hospital which were doubling every few days only two weeks ago, have steadied, and admissions in London had actually fallen.

Regarding his intent to begin treating Covid-19 as though it was more like the ‘flu, Mr Johnson commented that there would be a time when the legal requirement to self-isolate would be removed, similar to the way that the Government do not force people to self-isolate if they are suffering from the ‘flu. He also said that they would eventually replace the legal requirements with straightforward, simple-to-understand Government guidance. They would simply ask people who actually have Covid-19 to be careful and considerate when they are out and about, and around other people.

In reply to this, The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, said that he would not be ending rules that require facemasks to be worn across the TfL (Transport for London) network. He said that facemasks will remain mandatory on buses and on The London Underground in London in spite of the Plan B restrictions ending. He said that wearing facemasks would be “a condition of carriage” on The London Underground and across the City’s transport networks. He said, “I’m asking everyone in our capital to do the right thing, and continue to wear a face covering when travelling on TfL services to keep us all protected and to prevent further restrictions from being necessary later down the line”.

A spokesperson for Mr Khan said that TfL enforcement officers would carry on giving facemasks out and telling people to wear them. It was suggested that if someone refuses to wear a mask on a bus, it would no longer be a matter for the police when the guidance has been eased. The spokesperson said they can stop people boarding buses and Underground trains, but police officers will not be able to fine people or prosecute them anymore. They said, “Our preference would be, for the Government to keep the legislation around wearing masks on public transport. Sadiq has been very clear that wearing masks should continue to be enforced”.

Travel Anxiety

Hypnosis would really help you to overcome your feelings of panic and stress when you are travelling, especially if you feel really uncomfortable mentally and physically when you are wearing a facemask. Hypnosis would also really be able to help you, if you are a naturally anxious person who, for instance, becomes extremely anxious and agitated about even the very thought of sitting on a plane for 10 hours in a cramped space, wearing your facemask, and surrounded at close quarters by other people. And more especially, feeling like this since the coming of Covid-19.

What will help you, is setting up precautions in place before you even travel. Hypnosis will also help you greatly. There are things you can do, such as getting yourself fully vaccinated before you go, and making sure that your passport is up-to-date. If you are not vaccinated, and you absolutely have to travel, then you can get a Covid-19 test before and after you travel. There are times, however, when you should not travel, for example if you have been exposed to Covid-19; if you are actually sick; or if you have tested positive for Covid-19, even if you are fully vaccinated.


Hypnosis is a safe, natural, and extremely relaxing way of learning how to gain great comfort, a sense of ease, and total peace of mind while you are travelling somewhere, especially on a longer journey. It will show you how to feel this sense of great comfort, and total peace of mind, instead of feeling constantly anxious and worrying the whole time.

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The hypnosis session will enable you to travel in a calm and relaxed and careful manner, although of course you will still need to be cautious and mindful regarding Covid-19 and the Delta and Omicron variants, and any other variants, but hypnosis will also remove any unnecessary worries that you might have had about even going on a journey. Just make sure that, wherever you are going, you find out what the rules are that you will have to follow in that country. For example maybe social distancing, wearing a facemask, etc., and for the whole time you are there make sure that you simply follow all the rules. Hypnosis will also automatically fill you with a wonderful sense of ongoing ease, great comfort, and total peace of mind.

And once you are on your way, and feeling very calm, peaceful and relaxed on your plane, you will feel very thankful for the hypnosis session that has enabled you to enjoy your vacation.

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