Five Easy New Year’s Resolutions

Today you will be reading about some very easy New Year’s resolutions which are simple and straightforward to do, yet they will make your life much better in 2018.

Many people really like the beginning of a New Year.  It’s brand new, and they use this opportunity at this particular time to start afresh.  They use the New Year as a reason for doing things like eating more healthily; improving their health and fitness; joining a gym so they get more exercise; decorating their house and upgrading the appliances and furniture in it; or simply for improving their finances.  People do all sorts of things to make themselves feel better generally.  However, some general and vague resolutions can be hard to keep, especially ones such as wanting to lose an impossible amount of weight.  These are not easily sustainable, and so often the person has just given up totally after two or maybe three months because they simply have not been able to lose any weight at all.

A good idea to help you stick to your resolutions, is to put a reminder on your phone.  For example, if one of your resolutions is to take a multi-vitamin tablet at 4 pm every day, simply put this reminder for yourself on your phone, and the reminder will pop up on your phone at the appointed hour.  Most people always carry their phones with them, so just put “4 pm” for the time, and then, “take multi-vitamin tablet”.  Doing this will help you to keep on track.


Most people’s resolutions are very general and are often to do with their health and well-being, such as “to lose weight”.  Although these are great and excellent ideas, you actually have to try and stick to it.  You might have made one of them and given up on it because it seemed too overwhelming.  Eating just one thing that is colourful, such as a bright red strawberry, a bright yellow banana, or a bright green apple, every day is so simple and easy.  There is so much fruit and vegetables around that is easily obtainable, and if you choose those that are in season, they will be cheaper than at other times of the year.  If a particular fruit or vegetable has a lot of colour, this means that there are many nutrients in it, and it will therefore be good for you to eat.  Just eating the one thing that is brightly coloured every day does not seem too unmanageable and before you know it, you will be eating much more healthily.


Everybody has loads of things in their house, and quite often these are things that you don’t really use or need to keep.  They may be big things, like a box of video tapes that you bought 20 years ago and maybe have only used once, or lots of little things that are just adding to your general clutter.  You might have accumulated ten boxes of chocolate biscuits, rather than just two or maybe three of them.  One day every week, everybody has a garbage, or rubbish, day, when they come and collect it from your house.  On this particular day, or the day before, and as well as your usual rubbish, what you have to do is go around your house and pick one thing to throw away, and then you actually throw it out of your house.  Things add up, and it’s easy to keep adding to them without realising you already have sufficient things in your house.  Just walk around your house and find a significant thing that you either don’t use or don’t need and simply throw it away.  If it is something that someone else might make use of, you could also donate this one thing to a charity, if you wanted to do so.  Over time you will gradually notice a difference in your environment, because your house will seem clearer.


Adding one hour of extra sleep every night is a good and fairly easy resolution to keep.  You can do this at the beginning of the night, or at the end, whichever is more suitable for you and your lifestyle.  If you don’t get enough sleep you might think, like other people, that you’ll just feel a bit tired the next day.  Sleep is very important to your body and if you are constantly not getting enough of it, there can be a cumulative long-term effect.  When you are sleeping at night-time, that is when your body recuperates itself and does things like fight diseases, and helps you to recover from things like a heavy cold or a bout of the ‘flu.  If you have a full-time job, for example, and you work long hours, and possibly work extra hours in the evening as well, or have a family to look after when you come home from work, not having enough sleep can leave you feeling absolutely whacked and exhausted and running dry.  If you feel that you simply can’t manage a whole hour of extra sleep at either end of the night, try having an extra half an hour at both ends instead.  You will feel so much better for it in the morning when you need to get up and get going, and your body will be very thankful.

Number Four is “DO A DAILY 10 MINUTE TIDY”.

Every single day, set a timer for ten minutes, because ten minutes doesn’t take too long.  Or, if you are a very energetic type of person, you could call it “DO A DAILY 30 MINUTE TIDY” and do this for thirty minutes instead of ten.  Pick a room in your house and in those ten or thirty minutes, you clear as much as you can as fast as you possibly can, for ten or thirty minutes only.  Doing this every day will make you feel in control of your house.  Don’t let the clutter control you.  You control the clutter.  It is unbelievable how much you can actually get done in those ten or thirty minutes.  It is such a short space of time.  When you are done, you will feel so satisfied when you realize how much you have managed to do in that time.  It is very gratifying.  You will be in control of your environment, and your house will be so much more clean, tidy and organized.  You will be able to put your hand on something instantly that you cannot find, or something that you have mislaid, and you won’t have to go around the house from room to room thinking, “now where did I put that book”.  You will know instantly where every single thing is at any time.  There should be a home for everything, and everything in its home.  You now control your environment, instead of the environment controlling you, and you will feel so much better because of this, simply because you have a clean, tidy and organized house.

Number Five is “THE GRATITUDE JAR”.

For this one, what you do is find or buy a large and pretty jar or vase just for this purpose.  You keep it in a place in your house where you will see it every day, such as in the kitchen or in the lounge, and make sure it stays there all year round.  Now, whenever something good or exciting happens to you, what you do is write it all about it on a piece of paper, you could use brightly coloured paper if you wish, and then you put it in the jar.  You can write about absolutely anything.  Perhaps someone sent you a nice present.  Maybe you attended a wonderful family celebration.  Maybe you have been offered a brilliant job.  Only write about the good things that happen, not anything bad or nasty.  You don’t need to do this every single day, but only when something important takes place in your life and makes you feel particularly happy.  Do this for the whole twelve months of the year.  On the 31st December you look in the jar and take out all the pieces of paper, and start reading what you have written about all the lovely things that have happened to you during the year.  It really makes you truly aware of how lucky you are; how loved you are; and how unique and wonderful you are, and it will make you feel much more positive about life generally.  This is the Gratitude Jar.





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