Five Fabulous Facts To Fulfil Your Weight Loss Goals

Today, I am going to give you some ideas about how to help you to achieve weight loss.  Firstly, I will advise you not to start any of those hundreds of fad diets, like the 5 / 2 fasting diet, or the Military diet.  They only work in the short term, and then once you have fulfilled your goal and stop using the diet, your weight will simply pile back on.  The ideas I give here are simple, straightforward and easy to apply to anyone’s daily life.

Fact One – Do More and Eat Less

This fact is obvious.  You can do more than usual.  Do more housework, and you will find that even using the hoover around the house every single day, or even twice a day, will soon take the pounds off.  Do more physical exercise, and gradually increase the number of visits you make to the gym.  You can start your “getting more healthy” campaign by going for a 30 minute daily walk every morning and every afternoon.  Keep a daily journal, and write details of how long you walked for, and how far.

And while you’re doing all this, simply eat less.

Fact Two – Train Professionally for a Marathon

As you find yourself getting fitter and feeling more healthy with all this walking and exercising, you could then try taking up going for a run every day, which might even make you think about the possibility of training professionally for a marathon.  Just think of the amazing feeling you will have while you embark on this exciting and uplifting adventure, and the thrill you are bound to  experience when you actually win one.

When you’ve won, you can justifiably feel proud of yourself for helping others by raising money for your chosen charity that you ran for.

Fact Three – Take the Stairs

Always walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift / elevator when you are at work, or in a business building, or a big building like a hotel or hospital.  This will uplift and energize you, and will leave you feeling refreshed.  However, while you are taking the stairs, be mindful of whether the stairs are slippery, such as if the cleaners have just washed or polished them.  Go up or down the more carefully if this is the case, so that you don’t slip and suffer a nasty fall.

Fact Four – Walk A Couple of Stops Instead of Taking the Bus

When going to work on the bus, get on it two stops later, and when coming home from work, get off the bus two stops earlier.  The extra exercise you take by doing this will refresh you and help you to lose more weight and get fitter. Obviously, this might not be a great idea if it is pouring with rain or snowing heavily, but it would really do you the world of good on a calm, fine and bright day.   And if you drive everywhere to places close by, such as the shop around the corner, walk the trip instead of taking the car.

Fact Five – Reduce your Intake of Sugars and Starchy Food

Sugars and starchy food increase the stimulation of insulin, which is the main hormone that stores fat in your body.  When your insulin levels go down, your body starts to burn fats instead of carbohydrates.  Lowering your insulin levels helps your kidneys to excrete excess water from your body which will reduce bloating.

Try to cut down on eating sugary things like biscuits, chocolate, cakes, and sweet desserts especially ones that are filled with cream.  Don’t eliminate them altogether, but reduce how many you eat in a week.  Try and reduce your alcohol intake.  A useful tip is to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices containing a lot of sugar. so drink something like tea or coffee, but without any sugar in it, or even try sticking to drinking water.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of weight loss, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.  Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, and it will give you an endless stream of wonderful ideas, such as trying out new, healthy recipes.  It will also give you a helping hand in remaining positive about your desires to achieve weight loss.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings, and it can also help you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

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