Holiday Time Is Here Today, or Sun, Sea and Sandcastles – Part One

Travellers who are now fully vaccinated, will no longer have to take a post-arrival Covid-19 lateral flow test when they enter the UK, and this rule also applies to British holidaymakers returning from a holiday overseas and coming back into the UK. Hundreds of families will be packing their bags, because they will now be able to jet off for their long-awaited annual holiday in the sun.

You may be one of those people who will be visiting and even staying with extended family, whom you have not seen since the beginning of the pandemic. You will be so looking forward to the break, that you have been steadily counting the days on your calendar until the day when you can fly off in a jet, or get onboard a ship. There will undoubtedly be a lot of family reunions on these forthcoming holidays.

Now It Is Time For The Holidays

UK holidaymakers who travel to foreign lands, must continue to follow the Covid-19 rules and regulations that apply at their destinations. Spain’s requirement that all children over 12 must be fully vaccinated, made many families in the UK cancel their booked holidays, and therefore Spain dropped this requirement. Spain has also dropped the mandatory wearing of facemasks outdoors, so if you are going to be having a break in Spain in the month of August, for example, you may go for a walk along the beach without wearing your facemask.

The Lantern That Began A New Chapter For Travel

The recent changes to the travel rules are the beginning of a new chapter which will help the travel industry to recover. Covid-19 testing has been one of the many things that were putting people off travelling anywhere abroad, and it is wonderful that the process of travelling overseas is so much cheaper and much easier for UK holidaymakers. It is wonderful to see all these families going off to a foreign country, and treating themselves to family time, whatever time of the year that may be. Now that many of the UK’s travel restrictions have been eased, many more people will be feeling a lot more confident about planning their annual holidays.

A Plane Landing At An Airport

Eurostar, the cross-Channel train operator, have said that more than 125,000 people had booked to travel on their trains between the UK and the European Continent. The Chief Commercial Officer for Eurostar said, that because travel restrictions between the UK and France were being eased, they were seeing an increase in leisure bookings both in the short-term, and also more bookings looking further ahead to the Spring and the Summer, and even further ahead. Whole families were booking their places on Eurostar’s trains for many months ahead. He also said, that Eurostar would continue adding trains to their main routes, and also to the most popular routes throughout the coming months and beyond, and that they were looking forward to returning to their pre-pandemic frequent services.

Abta, the travel organization, said that Portugal, Turkey, and Egypt are now among the most popular short-haul countries, while departures to the American state of Florida, the Caribbean, Dubai, and Mexico have sold well for people going long-haul. They said that the ski resorts in Switzerland, France and Italy were in great demand for holidays, and that Stanstead Airport and Gatwick Airport, for example, were expecting thousands of travellers to depart for their long-awaited holidays.

Sunrise In A Meadow In Portugal

Abta conducted a poll that showed 64% of families who had children under the age of 16 said, because the chances to travel had been so limited during the pandemic, they were now finding that their holidays are now more important to them than they ever were before. And people that were re-uniting with their families overseas, simply could not wait to see them again after such a long, long time.

Hypnosis for Travel

If you are going to be travelling in the near future, and maybe you have found that you are becoming increasingly anxious about being on a plane for hours and hours, or you are worrying about all the stressful issues that might arise when you are travelling, especially perhaps if you are going to be travelling on your own, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07904 605344, because we can then have a friendly chat about how hypnosis helps with anxiety, especially with regard to travel. And please feel free to contact us also, if you would like to know more about hypnosis and how hypnosis works generally.