How far can you go into hypnosis?, by Rosemary Barrett


You can go deep enough into hypnosis to put all of your worries, problems and every single little thing that is currently stressing you out, behind you.  You can go deep enough to go into catalepsy.  Late at night, and right before I want to go off to sleep, I hypnotize myself into a state of catalepsy.  In this state, I am perfectly and totally relaxed, and my body is completely rigid and I cannot move, and from there I drift off naturally, and I silently enter into a wonderfully calm and peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep.

There are different levels of hypnosis.  Catalepsy is only one of them.  I give below some general information on each of the four main levels, starting with the lightest level, and ending with the deepest level.

The First Level – The Hypnoidal State or the Waking State

The first and lightest of these four main levels of hypnosis, is called the hypnoidal state or the waking state.  It is that state between waking and sleeping.  It is that state of being that is “like sleep”, when you are feeling extremely drowsy immediately prior to sleep, and also when you have literally just woken up after a night’s sleep.  When you are being hypnotized, you will reach this hypnotic state as you go through the hypnotic induction.  This will make you start to feel relaxed, and you will gradually start to lose your awareness of your surroundings.

Definition of Hypnoidal:- Relating to a state resembling sleep or hypnosis.

An example of the hypnoidal or waking state, is when you are at the very point of being about to go to sleep, or when you have just literally woken up after a night’s sleep.

The Second Level – Lethargy or the Light State

The second level of hypnosis, is called lethargy or the light state.  It is a light trance state, in which you will appear more relaxed than you were, when you were in the hypnoidal or waking state.  You will feel lethargic, lazy, heavy, sluggish, and unnaturally sleepy.  At this stage of hypnosis, you will be feeling more than ready to just close your eyes when the hypnotist instructs you to do so.  When you have closed your eyes, the hypnotist will notice that your eyelids are fluttering at this point, and he might also detect eyeball movements under your eyelids.  These things will inform the hypnotist that you have now entered lethargy or the light state, and they will confirm that you are now in a deeper level of hypnosis than you were before.

Definition of Lethargy:- A state characterized by abnormal sleepiness and accompanied by a feeling of being unable to do anything much.

An example of lethargy or the light state, is when you might be driving your car along a very familiar motorway along which you travel to your place of work every morning.  You could become so used to the journey that you are making, that one day you might suddenly miss an important junction and you will therefore go past it.  If this happens, it is because you have been lulled along by the routine of the journey that you have made so many times before, and you have gone into a kind of light state of self-hypnosis completely unawares.  Then all of a sudden you “waken” and find yourself on a strange part of the motorway that you do not recognize and do not know, and you have to retrace your steps and return to the correct junction.

The Third Level – Catalepsy or the Medium State

The third level of hypnosis, is called catalepsy or the medium state.  It is also called cataleptic trance.  Catalepsy is a very much deeper state of trance than Lethargy, or the light state.  At this stage of hypnosis, you will lose your focus on what is happening around you.  You will be going deeper and deeper into hypnotic trance and, as a result, you will begin to feel detached from your surroundings.  When you are deep in cataleptic trance, you will be breathing more deeply than before.  You will also readily follow all the hypnotic instructions, and the hypnotist will have a much stronger control over you.

Definition of Catalepsy:- Catalepsy is a state of hypnotic trance characterized by muscular rigidity and a fixed bodily posture, where the body is unmoving.  It is accompanied by a loss of sensation and consciousness, and a severe slowing down of bodily functions such as breathing.

An example of catalepsy or the medium state, is when you have gone to see a hypnotist about your fear of several balloons bursting at the same time.  On about your third visit, when you have become more used to the hypnotist and his ways, and having discussed the matter with him beforehand, he may decide to go ahead and place you in a cataleptic trance.  And then, having given you instructions that “you will feel no fear and you will not be afraid at all”, he will burst several balloons.  You will remain completely and totally undisturbed and unmoving in your deep cataleptic trance state, and the noise of all the balloons bursting, would simply not bother you at all.  It just would not bother you in any way.

The Fourth Level – Somnambulism or the Deep State

The fourth level of hypnosis, is called somnambulism or the deep state.  It is also called somnambulistic trance.  Somnambulism is an even deeper state of hypnotic trance than catalepsy or the medium state.  The somnambulistic trance is the deepest of all states of hypnosis.  It is the very last level of hypnosis that you can reach.  It is the very deepest and furthest hypnotic state that you can actually go to, reach, and enter.  Somnambulism or the deep state, is “how far you can go in hypnosis”.   I have answered the question.

Definition of Somnambulism:- A state characterized by walking while asleep or in a hypnotic trance.

An example of somnambulism or the deep state, is in the medical profession.  A medical hypnotist might carry out hypnosis on a patient about to undergo heart surgery who is terrified of general anaesthesia and who wants to remain awake while the surgery takes place.  The hypnotist would place the patient in an extremely deep somnambulistic trance state, and the patient would not feel a single thing during the operation.  The hypnotist would waken them from hypnosis after the surgery, and they would be wide awake, rather than unconscious from the anaesthetic.



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