How To Change Habits With Hypnosis, by Rosemary Barrett

A habit is something that you find yourself doing or thinking about automatically, even when you do not want to do it or think about it.

There are many different kinds of habits.

Some of the most common bad habits are smoking; drinking too much alcohol; binge drinking, when you might drink a whole bottle of wine or more without really thinking too much about it; drinking too much caffeine; over-eating; binge eating, when you eat too much of one particular type of food such as a whole packet of biscuits, rather than just one or two; comfort eating, which happens when you are feeling stressed, tired out, bored, or simply fed up, and you want to eat lots of something really yummy, like a huge plateful of home made shepherd’s pie dripping with home made gravy, or a very large serving of sweet and sugary home made banoffee pie, because you know that it will make you feel better; and wasting a lot of time playing computer games, when you know that you should be doing something much more important like the housework.  There are people who can spend up to four hours just playing poker online, instead of scrubbing the filthy kitchen floor.


 You will usually find yourself slipping into your bad habits without even thinking about it.   This will often happen when you are feeling really anxious or tired out, or even when you are having to concentrate extremely hard on something.  You will then automatically find yourself resorting to your bad habits, because you know that they will comfort you, and that they will help you to feel so much better than you were the moment before.

For example, you might have had a very bad day at the office, which started when the supervisor told you off for being half an hour late, even though it was not your fault, because you had got stuck in traffic and there wasn’t anything you could have done about it.  When you get a day like that, you can’t wait to get home at the end of it, and when you do, the first thing that you do is go to the fridge, get a bottle of white wine out of it and steadily drink yourself through three glasses.  Or more.  And, of course, you also have to munch your way through a couple of large packets of cheese and onion potato crisps along with it.  They just sort of go together, don’t they?  The ideal accompaniment.


While you are thoroughly enjoying your “treats”, which you thoroughly deserve after such an awful and thoroughly stressful day, you find yourself thinking, “Well, why shouldn’t I do something that actually helps to make me feel better?”.  You will automatically “comfort drink” and “comfort eat”.  And on top of all this, you might be someone who is on a diet and trying to lose lots of weight.  You are also trying to eat only healthy food that is good for you.  You might have tried to cut out all the junk food like those processed ready meals full of salt and sugar, and all those bottles of wine, never mind the potato crisps, but it has all been to no avail whatsoever.  You get home; you go to the fridge; and your bad habit subconsciously takes over.  You might also find yourself having a few cigarettes as well.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool which can help you to change a bad habit.  It will help you to feel calmer and more peaceful.  It will also help you to manage anxiety and stress, which are two things that commonly lead to a bad habit.  Hypnosis will help you to replace your old, bad and negative habits with new, good and positive ones, and you will feel much more positive about things and life in general.  Hypnosis can completely put an end to all of your bad habits.

Using Hypnosis To Change Habits

What you do, is go to a depth of hypnosis where you can talk to the Subconscious Mind where you can do things differently.  I speak directly to your Subconscious Mind.

I will offer you an extremely pleasant and relaxing hypnosis session, after which you will feel thoroughly refreshed, energized and revitalized.  We will begin with a chat about your problems, which in this case will be smoking.  You want to be able to give it up altogether for the sake of your health.  This chat will take about five minutes.  Then we will begin the actual hypnosis session itself, which will take another 40 minutes or so.

I am now going to describe the whole session, so that you can understand when I will be talking to your Subconscious Mind.

At the beginning, when you are sitting in a very comfortable position, I will instruct you to close your eyes.  I will then talk to you very soothingly for a while, and this will include further instructions.  After a while, I will instruct you to take a couple of long, slow, deep breaths, which will help you to relax even further.  That is the moment when you close your eyes.  I will continue to talk to you again in a very soothing way during which time I will give you various instructions to follow.  After a while, when I know that you are in a very deep trance state, I will know that you have reached the point where I can communicate directly with your Subconscious Mind.  I speak with it directly, as though I am addressing a very intelligent 10 year old child, and I give it particular instructions to follow concerning the problem that you have and I tell it things such as:- “Starting right now, it will be healthier for (your name) to be a non-smoker”.  I will inform your Subconscious Mind, that up to now, it has been doing its job very well, but now it has been given new and improved instructions, which it will carry out from this point forward.  The change that you desire, such as the wish to be able to stop smoking, will take place at the very moment when you have understood and accepted the instructions that I have given directly to your Subconscious Mind.

And then, when it is time to end the hypnosis session, I will gently waken you, and I will bring you back to full consciousness, feeling alert, energized and absolutely wonderful.

Using Auto-Suggestion As A Form Of Self-Hypnosis To Change Habits

Another way to change a bad habit with hypnosis, is by using auto-suggestion.  This is a form of self-hypnosis.

Before you begin, you should imagine that your wish has already been realized, and that it is already in existence.  You should also bear in mind, that auto-suggestion only works when you are using it for your own personal benefit, such as to stop your own bad habits like smoking, and drinking too much alcohol.  It will never work if you try to use it in order to win a massive amount of money in a lottery, or to cause harm to another person.

The very best time to perform auto-suggestion, is at the moment when you are resting drowsily in bed last thing at night, and you are right at the point of going to sleep.  You can also do it first thing in the early morning, immediately after you wake up and you are still only half awake, and still resting lazily in bed.

Before you perform an auto-suggestion exercise, take a chain of about 40 beads.  The wording for auto-suggestion must always be in the present tense.  For example, you must always say either, “I do not smoke”, or “I do not drink alcohol”; or “I do not like smoking”, or “I do not like drinking alcohol”.  This phrasing indicates to your subconscious mind that “you do not smoke”, or “you do not drink alcohol”, and therefore makes it think that you already do not smoke or drink.  Then, just before falling asleep at night, or immediately after waking in the morning, repeat the chosen phrase such as “I do not smoke” 40 times, either mentally or quietly out loud, and move along one bead at a time with every repetition.   This will tell you that you have repeated the phrase exactly 40 times.  Just keep repeating, “I do not smoke”, “I do not smoke”, “I do not smoke”, until you get to the end of the chain of beads.  If, when you are doing this exercise at night, you do not go off to sleep after 40 repetitions, carry on for a while longer if you wish.  And also remember, that you can do this auto-suggestion early in the morning as well, when you have just woken up, if you have some time to spare.

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