How To Deal With Anxiety During Easing of Lockdown Restrictions

Just as you thought that the lockdown restrictions were coming to an end, and you would get your life back as it was before, the UK Government started to say that everyone must continue to abide by the rules and follow all the current ones as well as the many other changes that will come.

As an anxious person who is already feeling extremely stressed out about things such as when you can and cannot leave your house, and social distancing, you are no doubt feeling even more afraid now than ever before. You have spent several weeks feeling that you were “shut in the house”, and now you are probably feeling even more confused about what you can and must not do. There are now more people in the shops that are open, and more cars on the road.

Some people may be celebrating the easing of the lockdown restrictions because they see each change as a step towards the new normal. However, other people like yourself are feeling anxious, fearful, and terribly distressed about what else is going to be changed, and even more so about how all these different changes are going to affect them personally. Examples of recent changes are “You must wear a facemask when you are flying on a plane”, and “You must not walk around the cabin when you are flying on a plane”. Immediately, the anxious person thinks, “Where do I buy a facemask, and how much do they cost?”, and “What about my circulation problems that I get when I sit for several hours?”. These anxious people are simply terrified of going out of their very own front door and stepping out into the unknown.

Gentleman Wearing A Covid Facemask

It is perfectly understandable if you have many different anxieties about the current environment. One of the most important things is to remember to do things one step at a time, and just take every day as it comes. Deal with each particular worry at a time. For example, if you are particularly worried about the changes in the way people have to shop, go to one where you know you will feel alright. Do not go to a supermarket “extra”, but go to a smaller “express” shop to buy your groceries. They may well have wider aisles and they will have less people in them now. You will have to join a queue of other shoppers before you are allowed in, and you will have to stand 2m away from the other people in front of you and behind you in the queue. An operative will only let one shopper in the shop at a time, and once you are in you have to follow the queue and keep your distance. The floor will be marked with arrows designating a one-way system which you must follow around the shop. You go to a till or the self-service area to pay, and then come straight out again, whereupon the operative will let another person in the shop.

Lady Heading For The Supermarket Entrance To Go Shopping

You will not be the only person feeling anxiety about the easing of the lockdown changes, because they will affect everybody, and there will be hundreds of people feeling anxious and afraid about all the different changes.

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