How To Experience Great Peace of Mind By Decluttering Your House

Peace of Mind is a sense of profound peace, ease and comfort that you can sometimes feel and experience.

This could be something like thoroughly enjoying a wonderfully relaxing three week holiday abroad, or you can be aware of it when you manage to sort out a very tense and difficult situation in your personal life. It is also the absence of worry, which is when you find that practically all the time you are feeling blessed and thoroughly content with the way things are generally going, and also when you are nearly always feeling extremely calm and peaceful. Today, I am going to give you some help and sound advice on how to declutter your house easily and relatively quickly, so that you gain peace of mind from having all the extra space that you have subsequently created.

Even though the days of Covid seem to have long gone, it will make things so much easier and more pleasant for you to cope with “Staying At Home”, as it were, if you have re-organized your house and thrown out all your old clutter and all the items you knew you did not want to hold on to anymore, into the rubbish bin. However, beware of “emotional attachment”, where someone who has a tendency to hoard everything in sight, wants to cling unnecessarily onto a large piece of decorative china, for example, which is taking up a lot of space for something else that is more important.

You can begin this much needed task, by writing down all the rooms in your house in numerical order, starting with the smallest. The reason for this is, that once you have cleared the smallest room, you will then feel more motivated to start working on the next room. So when you have made your list of rooms, break them down into areas at which you need to work diligently. Then choose a day to begin your decluttering, and fill several bin bags and/or cardboard boxes with things that you know you can throw out easily. These are things you definitely do not want to keep, such as old papers, old small appliances like worn out kettles and toasters, or unwanted clothing (some of which you can donate to a charity shop, if you wish, if they are clean and in good enough condition). Tick each room off your list methodically as you work your way round your house. With regard to things that you are not sure about whether to keep them or not, put them in the “dither” box. Put all the small things you know you want to keep in the “keep” box, and things you do not wish to keep, chuck into a bin bag or cardboard box to take out to the rubbish bin, or keep them aside to donate to a charity shop or sell privately.

When you have sorted through all the easy, little objects, including all your old paperwork, start looking at the larger items such as furniture, including tables, chairs, and beds, and anything that takes up a lot of space. You may well be able to sell some of your large, really posh furnishings such as a Welsh dresser or a sideboard, so as you look at them all in turn, decide there and then whether it would sell easily or not. As you gradually remove things in this way, you will see how much space you are creating in your house as you declutter. You will feel amply rewarded for your efforts as you see things being thrown out, and all this positive activity will undoubtedly enhance your sense of mental well-being. The more space you make, the more motivated you will feel, and this will encourage you to carry on and keep going at it steadily and purposefully.

As the days go by, and the end of this great task gradually appears, what at first seemed terribly daunting and possibly overwhelming, will now slowly come to fruition. When this great and amazing moment happens, take a few deep breaths, and a few mental steps back, and congratulate yourself for such a great achievement. Give yourself a great pat on the back. You will constantly feel a sense of ease, inner peace, and comfort, as well as peace of mind, from completing this great task. It does not even need to be an overwhelming exercise, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time – even two years – to do it in, very slowly and very carefully, and always at your own pace. Do not rush. Rest, recuperate and recover from your decluttering as you go along, and keep working at it thoroughly, slowly, calmly and peacefully. Make time for cleaning, laundering, and daily exercising and other activities.

Also, please make sure you and your family eat properly, and eat proper meals, and if you want to do so, create a daily meal plan for you to follow in order to ensure this. Cook some meals in advance on a certain day of the week, and keep them in the freezer for when they are needed, because this will help you to save valuable time when you could be decluttering instead of cooking. Also, keep a notebook listing what meals you are going to be having on each day. Have all your groceries and other stuff delivered to your house, so that you do not have to keep going out to the shops because this is another time-saver. There is absolutely no need to rush at it whatsoever, because you will just end up exhausted.

And, finally, please remember The Golden Rule:-

One Step At A Time

One Thing At A Time

One Day At A Time.

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