How To Feel At Ease About Going To The Hairdresser’s Or Barber’s After Lockdown

A visit to the hairdresser’s or barber’s can be anxiety-inducing, stressful and traumatic at the best of times, even before Covid-19. You will have been waiting for around three whole months for this event, which is supposed to be something that is a great, therapeutic treat to be thoroughly enjoyed. It is not surprising, therefore, if you are feeling anxious and stressed about the whole thing, especially if you have not got a well-meaning friend or family member who can do your hair for you, or if you have had to let it grow and it’s got in a mess.

Appointments might well be difficult to get, because all the salons will have a backlog of clients and a very long waiting list to work through. You will not be able to drop in on the off-chance of getting an appointment. Also, because of the social distancing rules, the chairs will all be 1 1/2 metres apart from each other, and this means that there will be fewer clients and fewer hairdressers or barbers in the salon. Therefore you will just have to try and wait as patiently as you can.

The salon might even ask you to wash your hair at home before you get there, and they might also ask you to leave the salon with it wet simply to save them time washing your hair and blow-drying it. And when your time comes, you will be asked to avoid bringing things like handbags, coats or jackets, or valuables such as jewellery with you because coronavirus can live on fabrics and metals for quite a few days. You might also be asked to wait outside the salon, possibly in the rain, until your hairdresser or barber invites you in, and all clients and staff will have their temperatures taken when they arrive.

From the 4th July 2020, all hairdressers and barbers will be required to wear the full personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes a visor, a facemask, a gown and gloves, while they are washing or doing your hair. They will change each of these coverings between each client. Clients will also have to wear a facial covering which must cover the nose and mouth.

Hairdressers and barbers will also have to disinfect all their equipment, such as scissors and combs and hairdryers before and after each client, and therefore you might find the service a little slow. You will see that everything in the salon will look different now, and there will be things like hand sanitizers available for use everywhere.

You will find that there are no longer any free magazines to leaf through, and no customary cups of tea, coffee or biscuits to enjoy, because these are not provided anymore. If you feel that you might need to have something light to eat and drink, like a couple of biscuits and some bottled water, then you will need to take your own, but you should ask the salon beforehand if they are allowed.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how hypnosis can help you, or if you would simply like some help because you are becoming anxious about your trip to the hairdresser’s or the barber’s, call us on 07904 605344.