How To Simplify Your Life To Be Less Stressful

There are several things you can do to make your life seem less stressful, especially in these times of Covid-19. Even if you are currently not in lockdown, you need to remember that the virus is still out there and that the numbers are rising.

A basic way of simplifying your life is to get up at the same time, such as 6 am, every morning, and retire at the same time, such as 10 pm, every night. Also, have all your meals at the same time, for example, breakfast would be at 7 am, lunch would be at 1 pm, and dinner, or supper, would be at 7 pm. If you have snacks between meals, you could have a snack at 11 am, and again at 3 pm. A good idea is to draw up a daily plan of all your activities that you do, such as taking the dog for a walk, or doing the dishes. Buy a note book for this, and rule up each page with a column for “Start”, “Activity”, and “Finish”.

A Tasty Dessert For Your Dinner

One of the first things to think about is to get your house in order, and to have a good de-clutter. Throw away as much as you possibly can, empty all your cupboards and drawers, go through every single thing and decide whether you need to actually keep it. With regard to filing, throw out any old papers that are more than seven years old, and you will find that getting rid of what you can will make you feel so much better and much calmer. Make sure you have enough files and filing wallets for all the papers. Once you have cleared all the old filing, deal with bits of paper as they come in and file it all with the latest date on top, at the front.

Files For Your Filing System

When you have thrown away everything that you wanted to, you can then think about doing some easy re-decorating. You do not have to spend a fortune renovating your kitchen, or get planning permission in order to add a conservatory to the back of your house. All you need to do to give your place a real uplift, is to give the walls a new coat of paint. Once you have done this, everywhere will look lovely and fresh, and everything will seem much more manageable.

A Pot Of Paint Ready To Go On The Wall

You can also get your finances in order. Do not have too many bank accounts. Keep to one bank and try to have just one current account, one credit card, one loan account, and one savings account, for example. Keep up-to-date with all your utility bills and make a note of when they are due to be paid in a note book.

You can enjoy several forms of exercise either indoors or outdoors, for example you can exercise out in the fresh air, such as when you go walking around a park. However, you need to remember to keep to the rules; you need to wear a face mask, do your social distancing, and keep 2 metres away from anyone else, especially someone who is coughing or sneezing nearby. Try and keep as far from other people in the vicinity as you can.

Apart from walking, or even jogging or running, there are other forms of exercise that you can do indoors or outdoors, such as yoga or tai chi. These kinds of exercises will help you to really unwind and you will feel so much better and more relaxed afterwards. (If you do not know how to do them, check the instructions on the internet). You can even join socially distanced outdoor yoga and tai chi groups.

And if you really enjoy baking because it relaxes you, you might decide that one day a week you will learn to cook something new like a black forest gateau. However, if you do decide on this, you will need to remember to continue exercising in order to keep on top of your weight.

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and extremely relaxing way of unwinding from all the stresses and strains (physical and mental) of everyday life, and of course from any overwhelming, mentally disturbing trauma that you may be experiencing. It puts you into an extremely relaxed state, and stops you thinking over and over about the same thing that is constantly worrying you. The hypnotist can then address your subconscious mind and give you instructions that will enable you to overcome whatever it is that is constantly worrying you, whether it is being overburdened with debts, or not knowing which way to turn about some family relationship. You are then gently wakened back into full, waking consciousness. A lot of different things can be helped with hypnosis, that perhaps cannot be helped by anything much else. Why not give it a try, and you might find yourself being pleasantly surprised by the efficacy of hypnosis.

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