Hypnosis For New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself to start doing something good, such as to lose some weight, or to finally stop doing something bad, like quit smoking. It is a promise to make changes in your life.

It is that time of the year again, when people make New Year’s resolutions to help them make changes in their life, however big or small, but for one reason or another they find them difficult to keep. They will begin the brand New Year going around saying to themselves something like, “Yes, I will lose some weight” over and over again, or saying, “Yes, I will quit smoking” over and over again. And then, by the end of January or even February, they will have completely given up because it was so hard to do it on their own.

A Healthy Meal

For example, if they want to lose weight, and they have told themselves that they will unfailingly walk round the block three times every morning, they will follow the same route each time. They know that there is a cake shop two corners away, and they craftily make sure their walk takes them by it. As they walk in the shop door, they will tell themselves, in no uncertain manner, that one delicious cream cake won’t do any harm, and it certainly won’t make much difference to their weight once in a while, even if they had only two of these cakes a week. As a consequence, their weight simply creeps up and up, and spirals up out of control again, and they are once again back where they started.

Or, if they want to quit smoking, and all of their life’s problems are simply getting too much to cope with, they will subconsciously reach for their very familiar packet of cigarettes. And they smoke even another cigarette.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

As the weeks pass, these people who make these New Year’s resolutions, simply lose all their self-motivation that they might have had at the beginning of the year. They will sit around aimlessly wondering how on earth are they going to help themselves make their life better.

Hypnosis helps people to make big changes in their life. It is a wonderful way of helping people to achieve and keep on track with their New Year’s resolutions. It is a safe, natural and extremely relaxing way of giving people success with whatever their resolution is, whether it is to quit smoking or to lose weight.

Fresh, Juicy Peaches

You can contact a hypnotist directly and ask for an appointment. Make sure that you tell them that you want to try hypnosis to help you to achieve your New Year’s resolution, and say for example that you want to be able to lose some weight. When you go and see the hypnotist, they will very slowly put you into an extremely deep and relaxing hypnotic state. This will stop you thinking over and over in your mind about why it is so hard to lose weight. When you are in this deeply relaxed state, the hypnotist will then be able to directly address and speak to your subconscious mind, and they will give it appropriate instructions and tell it what to do in order to help you to lose weight. For example, they may tell it that it must help you to stop eating so much chocolate every day. Once the hypnotist has finished giving your subconscious mind all the necessary instructions, you are then gently wakened back into full waking consciousness. When you have had your hypnosis session, it is a good idea to keep a journal of how your weight loss is progressing. You could keep some notes on what you eat every day, and weigh yourself once a week. If you are mindful and careful with your diet, and you make a chart in your notebook of your weekly weight, you will be able to see your weight slowly but surely coming down.

Hypnosis can really help you to motivate yourself to achieve and keep your New Year’s resolutions with absolute confidence. Losing weight can be hard. With the help of hypnosis, you will be able to change your thought patterns and find ways to break away from your old eating habits.

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