Just A Cold – Or Could It Be Covid-19?

We are now in the depths of winter, the bleak mid-winter, and the weather is getting colder, and it is getting lighter later and darker much earlier. It is also the season of things like the winter snuffles, very bad colds, and influenza, along with Covid-19.

Now, if you are one of those people who tend to worry about the slightest niggling little ache or pain that you are suffering from somewhere, and you are sitting and worrying about it for days on end before plucking up the courage to go and see a doctor, or before you go trundling through google in the vain hope of finding an answer to your current medical problem whatever that may be, I trust that I may be able to help you with regard to this. There is a condition known as “health anxiety”, which can be greatly helped with hypnosis.

However, today I am going to compare the symptoms of the common cold with the symptoms of Covid-19, because colds are so common at this time of the year. The main symptoms of a cold are a headache, runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing, but bear in mind that these are also some of the main symptoms of Covid-19. Other Covid-19 respiratory symptoms can be a fever, a bad cough, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Most people’s cold symptoms reach a peak in the first two or three days, whereas Covid-19 symptoms take much longer, and show up from two to fourteen days. People find that most of their cold symptoms reach a peak within the first two or three days from infection, while Covid-19 ones take much longer, and show up from two to fourteen days.

If you have been fully vaccinated, may I stress here that you should still watch out for any cold or flu-like symptoms, and get a Covid-19 test, especially if you are living with or working with other people who could be at great risk from Covid-19. If you do find that you have a runny nose, or you have been sneezing, or you have lost your sense of smell or taste, do not panic, but you could avail yourself of a lateral flow test. Your first lateral flow tests may say negative, but if you actually do have Covid-19, and you are suffering from a hacking cough, a runny nose and a fever, then it is more likely that your runny nose and sneezing will be Covid-19. If you then go ahead and take a PCR test it is more likely to prove positive. Just keep in mind that the main Covid-19 symptoms are a high temperature, a fever, a new continuous cough and a loss of, or a change to, your sense of taste or smell.

Some of the main symptoms of Covid-19 are Headache; Runny Nose; Sneezing; Sore Throat; and Loss of the Sense of Smell or Taste.

“Headaches” are not a well-known symptom of Covid-19, but they are one of the first signs of it, and a lot of people have them rather than the usual symptoms of cough, high temperature, a fever or the loss of smell or taste. They can be quite painful, and they can last more than three days, but you may find that your usual pain-killers do not do much good.

Last year, a “Runny Nose” was the second most reported symptom of Covid-19 after headaches and a lot of people who tested positive with a loss of smell also reported having a runny nose. Scientific data shows that when Covid-19 rates are high, the chances of a runny nose being Covid-19 are high, but when Covid-19 rates are low a runny nose is not as likely to be Covid-19 and is most likely to be a cold or an allergy.

People who are “Sneezing More Than Usual” and have been vaccinated, are more likely to have a cold or an allergy than Covid-19, but it can be a symptom of it. Although a lot of people with Covid-19 could sneeze more than they usually would, sneezing is not a definite symptom because it is so common.

A lot of people have said that they have a “Sore Throat” that seems to be the same as the sore throat that belongs to a cold or something like laryngitis. Sore throats that are related to Covid-19 are very mild and do not last more than five days, but an extremely painful sore throat which lasts any longer than that will more probably be something like throat cancer. A sore throat can be a symptom of Covid-19, but a lot of people who have one will simply just have the common cold.

The Omicron Variant

The Omicron Variant started in South Africa.

People who have been infected with the Omicron variant, or “Omicron”, will have very bad, heavy and drenching night sweats. If you have caught this variant, these night sweats will make your clothing and bedding soaking wet, and you will have to change them. This will happen even if your bedroom is not too hot. Apart from these terrible night sweats, other symptoms of Omicron are:- aches and pains; mild muscle aches; a dry cough; extreme fatigue, and a fever. These are all signs that you have Omicron, but if you have been vaccinated then the symptoms will be much milder.

If you find that you are constantly worrying about the state of your mental and/or physical health, especially after you read about all the symptoms of the different variants, and you become quite anxious, why not consider “Hypnosis for Health Anxiety?”. Hypnosis can greatly help this kind of anxiety, and it will help you to gradually become much calmer and more relaxed about this kind of thing. Eventually you will just read something, and then think, “Oh well, I don’t think I’ve got that”, and you will just forget about your worries and get on with doing other things.

Hypnosis is a relaxing, natural and very safe way to help you to unwind and feel calm and relaxed. We will talk to you in a gentle and soothing way for a while, and we might play some soothing music in the background. You will gently and very gradually be placed in a deep, hypnotic state and you will be feeling relaxed and very comfortable. We will know when you are ready, and we will gently start to give you instructions to follow that will help you with all your anxieties anyway, but particularly with your anxieties about the general state of your health. When we have finished giving you these instructions to follow, we will gently waken you back to full waking consciousness, and you will waken fully. You will find that at this point, you will be feeling absolutely wonderful, really amazing and ready for anything.

To find out more about hypnosis, and about how hypnosis works, call us on 07904 605344, and we will endeavour to answer all your questions. We look forward to seeing you and being able to help you.