Managing, Making and Maintaining Your Weight Loss Goal

Today, you will be reading about how you can manage, make and maintain your weight loss goal.  Many people who manage to lose a lot of weight find that they simply pile it all back on again once they stop dieting and crawl back to their old habits.  However, there are quite a few ways to maintain your weight loss, ranging from keeping up your regular exercise routine to controlling your stress levels.

Keep up your regular exercise routine

Keeping up regular exercise will help you to burn off even more calories and to increase your metabolism, and both of these are needed to achieve your energy balance.  If you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day of the week this will help you to maintain your weight loss by balancing your intake of calories against the amount of calories you burn while exercising.  Apart from regular visits to the gym for your workouts, there are many different pleasurable ways to exercise.  You can walk for 30 minutes, possibly just going round the block.  You can keep going to your weekly or twice weekly exercise class.  You can join a pilates class, or a yoga class.  You can join a walking  or rambling group, and you could even take up a sport you used to do, such as hockey or football, or even a completely new one, like running, skiing, or golf.

Keep up your plan every day of the week, including weekends

A bad habit that can demolish your weight loss maintenance is eating a healthy diet on weekdays from Monday to Friday, but not doing this at the weekends.  This can mean that you might binge on things like junk food, and takeaway curries.  If you are doing this on a regular basis it could lead you to putting even more weight back on again than you lost in the first place when you began your diet plan.  Studies show that people who follow a consistent eating pattern for the whole of the week are much more likely to be successful in maintaining their weight loss in the long term.  If you stick to your healthy eating plan all week long, as well as at the weekends, you will find it much easier to keep your weight off.  And if you keep track of the food you eat and the number of calories you consume every day in a journal, you will be more aware of how much food you are actually eating.  This will encourage you to keep going, and it will really help with your weight loss maintenance.

Eat a lot of protein and vegetables – And drink more water

Eating protein is good for weight loss maintenance.  It will help you to reduce your appetite by curbing your hunger, because it reduces level of bodily hormones that increase hunger, and it gives you a feeling of fullness after you’ve eaten protein rich foods such as beef, pork or chicken, because it also reduces levels of hormones that have this effect.  As a result, you will find that you reduce automatically the number of calories that you consume every day, and this will help you to lose even more weight.

Protein requires a large amount of energy for your body to break it down and digest it, and so eating it on a regular basis will automatically increase the amount of calories that your burn during the day.  You can also eat lots of vegetables. because they are low in calories and you will not put any weight on.  You will also consume many nutrients that are good for you.  Vegetables are high in fibre and this will make you feel full, which means you can reduce the calories you take in.  Ideally you need to serve one or two portions of vegetables at every meal.  Drinking plenty of water makes you feel full, and it is particularly helpful when you drink a couple of glasses of it just before you eat a meal.  The water will make you feel full, and therefore you will not eat as much during the meal and you will consume fewer calories accordingly.

Control your stress levels

It is important to manage your stress levels when you are maintaining your weight loss.  This is because when you suffer from a lot of stress, this can stimulate your appetite which in turn will make you eat a lot and much more than usual.  Stress also often causes impulse eating, and if you are very stressed you will find yourself eating something even when you are not actually hungry.  There are things you can do that will help you to calm down and reduce your stress levels, and these activities include hypnosis, regular exercise, meditation and yoga.

Weigh yourself regularly, preferably every day

If you weigh yourself every day, this will put your goal about maintaining your weight loss at the forefront of your mind.

It will make you consciously aware of how well you are progressing, and will also encourage you to continue making healthy choices about what you eat and drink, and how much you exercise.

Weighing yourself on a daily basis will keep you on track with your goal.

If you’re looking to experience the joys of maintaining your weight loss, then hypnosis will help you to fulfil this goal.

Hypnosis will fill you with a newly found energy and confidence, and it will also give you a helping hand in remaining positive about your desires to maintain your weight loss.  It will encourage you to continue eating more healthily, which will include cutting down on sugary things like cakes and biscuits, and alcohol.  Hypnosis is also good for other things, such as if you want freedom from cigarette cravings, and it can help you to relax better and sleep more soundly.

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