My Experience With Hypnosis, by Rosemary Barrett

My name is Rosemary.

This is my experience with hypnosis.

I have always had a really great interest in hypnosis.  Just before I moved house from Brighton in East Sussex to Worthing in West Sussex in August 2011, I purchased a couple of books on hypnosis written by the world’s greatest hypnotist, Dantalion Jones.  It was the name Dantalion that drew my attention to these books, and made them stand out from the other authors.  The books that I decided to buy were entitled Mind Control 101, and Perfected Mind Control, which were both about hypnosis.  I also like the book covers, which were black and purple, because these are my favourite colours.

A few months later, when I learned of the hypnosis training seminars held by the now late Jeffrey Stephens, and Dantalion, I was really excited about the thought of attending one.  There were only two things stopping me; one was this fear of flying which was not helped by the fact that I had not been on a plane for a very long time.  The other was that I was also waiting to have major heart surgery.

When I asked the hospital if I could fly, they said no, because of my condition, and they said that I should wait until I had recovered.  Dantalion used his amazing powers of hypnosis to help me prepare for the surgery.  He gave me several hypnosis sessions which really helped me to feel extremely confident, and it took just over a year  for me to feel better enough to be able to travel.

Then, after several more hypnosis sessions with Dantalion, I felt confident enough to book into a hypnosis seminar in Boston, USA, in November 2013, and the travelling did not bother me at all.  I was simply very excited at the prospect of this great adventure.  I had a super time, and I really enjoyed all the flying and the seminar itself.  I was able to accomplish all this solely due to the effects of the hypnosis.

I was incredibly impressed by what hypnosis can do, and I left the seminar feeling determined to become a great hypnotist myself.

I have created this website, purely in the hope that you will thoroughly enjoy reading everything on it, and also in the hope that you will feel inspired to give me a call.  I look forward to having a chat with you about your problems.






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