Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is more than the absence of worry. It includes a feeling of ease, a feeling of being in the right place. Peace of mind is a feeling of acceptance that you are a decent person and one that is worthy of love.

Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness and quietness that helps you to manage coping with things in your day-to-day life, and it will also help you to generally feel more relaxed, and more calm and more peaceful.

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Peace of mind has something more profound to it. It’s a feeling of ease, it’s a feeling of comfort, and it’s a feeling of being right.

Peace of mind is a sense of ease. It’s a feeling of freedom, and it’s a feeling of knowing that things are right in this moment.

Peace of mind is that sense of profound peace, ease, comfort and freedom that you can sometimes experience when everything in your life is right.

You need to build within yourself a state of peace. Everyone achieves peace of mind in different ways, so you need to find out what actually works for you, and what techniques you respond to best.

If you are someone who has gone to see a hypnotist in their office, they will hold a conversation with you. They would ask, “What do you want?”. You might say, “I don’t want to feel anxiety”. The hypnotist says, “Oh. OK. Great. What do you want to feel?”. And you just keep saying, “I don’t want to feel anxiety”. The hypnotist says, “Oh yes, I know. What do you want to feel?” And you say, “What I don’t want is my anxiety”. The hypnotist says, “You’ve made that very clear that’s what you don’t want to feel. What do you want to feel?”. And if you don’t know what you don’t want to feel, then how does the hypnotist know what you want to feel?. You have got to be really clear on what you actually want. The hypnotist can ask if you would like to feel peace of mind, and if you say “yes”, then they can start talking about peace of mind and describing it.


In hypnosis, a mental imaginary place is created, called “Sanctuary”. Sanctuary is a secret place, deep within your mind, where you can go, where you feel the very most in control and where you can also acquire peace of mind. Everything within Sanctuary contributes to that feeling of control, and to that feeling of peace of mind. Imagine your Sanctuary as the most comfortable and safe place, where you can rest, recline, and relax, or just sit quietly on a comfortable seat. When you are in Sanctuary, you will sense a wonderful feeling of ease, comfort, and peace of mind that tells you you’re safe and in the right place, and tells you that you are a good person. When you return from Sanctuary, that wonderful feeling of ease, comfort, and peace of mind will remain within you, growing stronger and stronger at every moment. Remember that Sanctuary is always here for you, so you can return to it whenever you want. It is always here for you.

And whenever you return from Sanctuary, and the feeling of ease, comfort, and peace of mind is still present, open your eyes with that feeling. Focus on this feeling, and try to hold on to it, as you move around your room and do things.

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In addition, hypnosis is useful at helping develop states of peace of mind.

There are many hypnosis audios and videos that can help you to become calmer and find peace of mind, and many of these are online. Set aside a time every day to listen to one in the morning, and another time to listen to a different one in the evening, and you will find them to be really calming and relaxing. They will really help you to achieve peace of mind.

You can gain great peace of mind from keeping a detailed Daily Plan of your daily activities that you do, which is also known as a To Do List, for every single day of the week, in a dedicated notebook. Create three columns in this Daily Plan. The first column is for the time you start the activity, the second column is for the name of the actual activity, such as “Do the dishes”, and the third column is for the time you have done the activity. List all of your activities in time order. To make things easier, try to get up in the morning at the same time every day, such as 6 am, and try to retire at night at the same time every day, such as 10 pm. Also, have all your meals at regular times, for example breakfast could be at 7.30 am, lunch could be at 1 pm, and supper could be at 6 or 7 pm. Work on everything else around that.

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