Please Take Note of the New Travel Rules if You Wish to Go to Spain, France, or Denmark

At this very moment while you are reading this, you are quite probably thoroughly fed up with the freezing cold and gloomy weather, and you are also wishing that you could be somewhere rather warmer having a nice, well-earned break after all the worry about the different rules and regulations with regard to going on holidays.

And now Spain, France and Denmark have joined in, and they have changed their vaccine rules, right at the time when schools in the United Kingdom were getting ready for the long-awaited half-term break. So, if you are in the middle of your holiday plans to travel overseas, you will need to know what the very latest restrictions are.

Families with children are being reminded to carefully check all the changes in the rules and regulations which could otherwise might mean they may not be able to travel on their chosen holiday. We have therefore given below some details about these rules just for Spain, France and Denmark.


Spain is one of the most popular European countries where people go for short breaks, such as a week at half-term, or to go and stay with family members or friends for a few days.

According to these travel rules, holiday-makers going to Spain must be fully vaccinated, meaning with either both doses of a double dose vaccine, or one dose of a single dose vaccine, for at least 14 days before arriving in Spain. The vaccination dates must be specified, and travellers must have had their final dose within 270 days before they travel to Spain. If they have had their final dose more than 270 days before, then they will need to prove that they have received a Covid-19 vaccine booster jab.

The Spanish Government has set out in their new travel regulations, that people who are having to travel to Spain from the United Kingdom for tourism purposes, can only do this if they can prove they have received all the required vaccinations.


Anyone who is older than 18 years and one month, and who has had their full course of vaccine over nine months ago, and who has not since had a Covid-19 vaccine booster jab, will need to follow the rules for unvaccinated passengers in order to enter France. The rules currently state that unvaccinated travellers, including those in the above-mentioned category, will also have to self-isolate for 10 days.

If both of these rules apply to you, you will also need to give:-

(a) A negative 24 hours pre-departure PCR or antigen test result if you are aged 12 years and over.

(b) Your contact details before travelling to France, giving the address where you are going to be staying, to the French authorities using an online form.

(c) A completed international travel form which will confirm the reason for your essential travel, and which you can find on the French Government’s website.

(d) A completed form consisting of a statement where you are officially stating that you are not suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms, and also stating that you have not been in close contact with any confirmed cases in the previous 14 days. You can also find this form on the French Government’s website.

(e) You may, but not necessarily, be asked to complete the EU-PLF form before boarding.


Denmark readily accepts the United Kingdom’s proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Record, as well as proof of Covid-19 Vaccination issued in the Crown Dependencies.

If you want to travel to Denmark, and you have not received a vaccine booster, then you must have received your second vaccine dose between 14 and 270 days before you travel.

If all else fails, and you wish to travel to Denmark from the United Kingdom, and you are not in the above category, then you must do two things. Firstly, you must take a Covid-19 test within 24 hours of actually arriving in Denmark, and secondly, you must self-isolate for 10 days after arriving in Denmark. You can end your self-isolation yourself, with a negative PCR test which has been taken at least 4 days after arrival.

Help With Hypnosis For Travel Anxiety

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