Quit Smoking



Do You Want To Stop Smoking?  Stop and think about your health for a few moments.  Think about the way you’ve been coughing so much lately.  That’s the smoking.  Think about your clogged up lungs, and how you sometimes have difficulty breathing.  Think about how you smell of smoke and ash.  Think about your finances, and if you managed to stop smoking altogether, think about how much money you could save for other things if you stopped having to buy yet another packet of cigarettes, or even e-cigarettes.

Some people are using e-cigarettes to stop themselves smoking.  Your lungs were simply not built to breathe in the chemical vapour from e-cigarettes.  Even though e-cigarettes are portrayed as being less harmful than traditional smoking with ordinary e-cigarettes or tobacco, the harm is still present and still there and should not be ignored, for your health’s sake.

Hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind and makes the necessary changes in it, to stop you smoking.  The urges and cravings to smoke can be completely removed with hypnosis.  Hypnosis will stop you smoking.  It will stop your cough.  It will stop you smelling of smoke and ash.  It will enable you to breathe easily again.

Stopping smoking can be extremely hard, but it is simply a bad habit.

I can help you to stop smoking with my hypnosis sessions.