Review of “How To Do Hand Drop Hypnosis”, by Brian David Phillips – Part 1



I saw a video entitled, “How To Do Hand Drop Hypnosis”, instructed by Brian David Phillips, of the Ministry of Ecstatic Experiential Trance.

The purpose of the Hand Drop Hypnotic Induction is to demonstrate the complexity of the mind, and to prove that the client can be hypnotized rapidly.  This video gives you a great deal of general information and advice about the entire process, so that you gain plenty of confidence and feel extremely comfortable while you are performing it.   This is a very instructional and informative video.

Although it is very interesting, it is not really one to listen to, if you want to spend a quiet half hour or so with someone speaking to you very gently, while relaxing music is playing in the background to lull you into a really deep trance state.  This is one where you are being actively taught a technique in great detail, and where you need to keep your concentration on what you are learning.

At the very beginning, Dr Brian David Phillips introduces himself by saying that he is Dr Brian David Phillips, and he is going to teach you how to do the hand drop hypnotic induction.

It is a classic hypnotic induction, it’s really old, and it’s incredibly effective.

It is an example of what he calls “speed hypnosis”, which is used for guiding people into hypnosis very fast.


He is going to run you through the process, and show you some examples, so that you will actually understand how to do this hypnotic induction.

Speed inductions are typically four minutes long or less, but some are 30 seconds or less.  Some people like to give a long speech for this particular hypnotic induction.

You should keep it very brief, so that the person you are hypnotizing stays focused and keeps their attention fixed on the process.  If you talk too much, their minds are just going to wander off and they will come back out of hypnosis.  So you must keep it brief.  You do not need to say a lot.  You could simply say, “Push, Look (pointing to your own eyes with your index finger), Sleep!”.  Three words.  BOOM!.  Some hypnotists use ten words, some use eight, and others use five.

There are five main components to The Hand Drop Hypnotic Induction.

Consent: You should tell the person that you intend to hypnotize them, and make sure that they agree to it.  They have to want to do it.  Tell them what to expect and what should happen.

The Hand Press: The Hand Drop Hypnotic Induction includes use of the hands.  The person puts their hand upon the upturned palm of your hand, and presses down on it, so you have one hand pressing down upon another.  This is know as “The Hand Press”.

Eye Contact: You then have the “eye contact”, which is where you stare directly into the person’s eyes, and you might also want to use the “hypnotic stare”.

Sleep Command: Once you have gained eye contact with the person, you quickly drop your hand away and immediately give the command, “SLEEP!”.  Hypnosis is not about “sleep”.  Nobody is going to be sleeping.  You want to have them in “hypnosis”, not in “sleep”.  Hypnotists are expected to say it, so we say it.  It is so much easier to say than something like, “Go into hypnosis now, please”.

Deepen: When you have given the “Sleep!” command, and they have responded to it, you need to do what’s called “deepen”.  You need to “deepen” their hypnotic experience.  You go straight into one or more of your “deepeners”.

He then goes on to advertise his hypnosis practice for a while, and shows quite a few live videos demonstrating the hand drop hypnotic induction.  He talks you through these videos, giving a great deal of general advice and information on what is taking place in each one, and on what you should and should not be doing when you are performing this hypnotic induction.  He rounds off by saying that you are welcome to check out his website, or take one of his courses, or attend one of his hypnosis training seminars.


This is not a very good hypnotic induction for street hypnosis, because if you tried it with a complete stranger in the street, they could say that you had physically abused them.  The person that you intend to hypnotize really needs to want to do it with you.  It is really for doing in a hypnotist’s office, with the person being hypnotized sitting in a very comfortable position in an armchair.


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