Review of “How To Do Hand Drop Hypnosis”, by Brian David Phillips – Part 2

In this Article, I am going to describe what Dr Phillips is actually doing in a live example video, which is contained within the video that I described in Part 1.

Before you start to perform this hypnotic induction with someone, make sure that you get their consent.  You must have their agreement beforehand, and they must want to do it, or you could be accused of abuse.  This could also happen if you try to perform it out in the street.

Now we shall begin.

You have the eye engagement.  Begin to stare directly at the client’s eyes, and tell them to look straight at you.  Say something like, “look straight at me here”, pointing towards your own eyes with the index finger of your left hand.

Now put your own right hand out towards them, palm upwards, as though you are about to shake hands with them.


At the same time as you are doing this, tell them, “I want you to put your hand (pointing to the top of their right hand) on here” (pointing to the top of your upturned palm).  Your right hand will now be underneath their right hand.  When they have their hand directly on top of yours, and if they are not doing anything, if they are just sitting there and not pressing down on your hand, you will need to tell them to press.  Say to them, “Push down, down.  That’s it.  That’s right.  Push down”, and while you are saying that, you press your own hand up against their hand, and you try to get even pressure between the hands.

So you are pressing your hands evenly together, all the while looking straight at each other’s eyes.

Then you say, “Now when I say “SLEEP!”, you just let everything go and just switch everything off, whatever it is you are thinking about, or worrying about, just switch everything off, OK?”

Follow this by giving the command, “SLEEP! All the way down!  Deep.  Deep.  Keep relaxed”.  When you have said this, you put your left arm around the back of the their neck, and you have your right hand supporting their right shoulder.  Now gently rock them, moving their right arm to check that it is all floppy and relaxed.  Once their arm is relaxed, stop rocking them.  Say, “Five.  Deeper.  Deeper relaxed.  So deep.  Four.  Three.  Two.  And One”.  And as you say “One”, you suddenly but gently let go of them, and they will fall forwards in the chair, and you put your left hand gently on their back, and rest your right hand gently on their right arm.

Now move your right hand gently around their back and say, “All the way down, and you can remain relaxed.  Just relax”.  While you are saying this, gently help them to sit up in the chair again.  Their eyes are still tightly closed, because they are still deeply hypnotized.

They will then try to open their eyes, but they will not be able to.

You say, “You cannot.  Your eyes are shut.  Relax deeper”.

You now have your left hand on their right shoulder, but you have let go of their right arm.

You will then give them the following instructions.  Say, “Relax deeper.  Deeper.  Deeply relax”.

(Now put your left hand on the top of their head, with your left thumb resting in the middle of their forehead).

Say, “I’d like you to imagine, as you breathe in, that you can sense a very positive feeling, a very powerful feeling of confidence and power, a positive feeling.  Enjoy it”.

(Now point your right index finger to the top of their right hand).

Say, “And as you breathe in, let that feeling get stronger, as if you’re breathing in the power and positive energy of the universe.

And as you breathe out, all that negativity just rushes away.  That’s right, you’re doing very well.  And notice that with each breath, it feels even stronger, you feel even more confidence, even more power.  Wonderful!  That’s right.  You’re doing perfectly”.

You then tell them, “In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 3.  Wow.  You’re feeling wonderful.  You feel confident.  You feel full of power and energy.  You feel full of vitality.  OK.  One.  Now stretch.  Two.  And Three!  Eyes open!”.

They will then open their eyes, and they will also be smiling and looking very happy and very pleased, because they are feeling absolutely wonderful and supremely confident.


This is a very instructional video, and it shows exactly how to carry out the hand drop hypnotic induction.

If you are performing this induction for the first time in your office, display a lot of self-confidence.  They will sense your confidence, and it will show them that you know exactly what you are doing.

What I liked about this video, is that there are more live examples to watch and enjoy while learning the technique.







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