Review of “Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Mindfully”, by Kim Carmen Walsh

I saw a video instructed by Kim Carmen Walsh, entitled, “Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Mindfully”.  This is part of a series entitled, “Hypnotherapy and Meditations”.

The first part consists of progressive relaxation.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and begin to slowly relax and unwind.  Focus on your breathing, and as you breathe slowly in and slowly out, you will feel a sense of calm with every breath.  Listen to the gentle music in the background and let your mind drift off.  If any thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them and let them pass by.  Now begin to relax every part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, simply by following the many instructions given.  You will gradually go deeper and deeper, and become more and more relaxed.  These instructions continue for quite a while.

There is now some counting.

She instructs that in a moment she is going to count backwards from three down to one, and when she says the word “relax”, you will double your relaxation.

She counts.  “Three … Two … One … relax”.

Now that you are completely relaxed, imagine a spiral staircase.

Notice the way it goes down and round and round.

Imagine yourself standing at the top of the staircase.

She instructs that in a moment she is going to count backwards from ten down to one, and with each count you feel yourself going deeper and deeper as you go slowly and carefully down each step.

She begins to count again, but very slowly.

“Ten … relax even deeper … Nine … Eight … Seven … your mind and body drift into deeper relaxation … Six … Five … Four … Three … Two … One …  so completely relaxed”.

Now when you get to the bottom of the staircase, you find yourself in a very special room.  This is your special room.

You are feeling calm and peaceful, happy and serene.  You hear distant sounds echoing from happy memories.  Look around your special room, noticing what it looks like.  Notice the colours … the lights.  You see a very comfortable sofa, and walk over to it.

Now lie down easily and comfortably on this luxurious sofa, feeling deeply relaxed, so at ease, so calm, and so peaceful.

As you lie there so comfortably, notice the atmosphere in the room beginning to change.

The light in the room becomes crystal clear white.

The air about you is filled with millions of tiny white air particles of clean, pure and vital energy.


Take a very deep breath, and notice how clean and fresh this pure energy feels as you breathe it in.

As you continue breathing it in, you can sense a change in your awareness.

From this moment on, you know that you are a non-smoker.

Say to yourself in your mind, “I am a non-smoker”.

See yourself continuing to breathe in this pure, clean and vital air.

Notice how good you feel, now that you have stopped smoking for good.  Be aware that you are now a non-smoker.  Your skin becomes clear and bright.  The pure, fresh oxygen that your body needs is now flowing freely and strongly through your entire body.  This pure, fresh oxygen is now bringing you more energy, and you feel bright and invigorated.  You look and feel better than you have  ever looked and felt before.  Your mind is now clear and bright.  You are feeling energized by the fact that from this moment on, you are a non-smoker.  You are now calm and confident and in control, and as your self-confidence continues to grow, you can now make decisions which you know are right for you, for your health, and your happiness.

It is now time to bring the session to an end.  She instructs that in a moment she is going to count upwards from one to five, and when she gets to five, you will come up and out of hypnosis, bringing with you all the benefits, and feeling relaxed, calm, confident, and in control.  “One … Two … Three … Four … beginning to move and stretch … and Five … eyes open, wide awake, and feeling good”.  You are now a non-smoker.


This is a video designed to help the listener to quit smoking for good.

They are told many times that they are a non-smoker, and that they will remain a non-smoker, because being a non-smoker makes them feel good, relaxed, calm, confident and in control.

It will be of benefit if you listen regularly, because this will continue to increase your self-confidence and your determination to remain a non-smoker for good.

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