Review of “Super-Somnambulist Hypnosis Training Hypnosis Session Number 5 – How To Forget Your Own Name”, by Dantalion Jones



I listened to a CD instructed by Dantalion Jones on the “How To Forget Your Own Name” hypnosis process, which is part of a series of CDs entitled, “Super-Somnambulist Hypnosis Training”.

The Super Somnambulist Hypnosis Training

The purpose of this series of hypnosis processes is to demonstrate the complexity of the mind, and to prove that the client can be hypnotized.

Earlier in the program, the listener is instructed how to enter into hypnosis.

Now I am speaking to the subconscious mind … the deeper mind … you are the one who is in charge … you are the one in complete control … you are the one in control of thought … in control of feeling … in control of memory …

Starting now … and for fifteen minutes upon awakening … there is no memory of the past … no understanding of the present … there is no thought of who you are … you will know that you are safe … and have no thought or memory of who you are …

This will be confusing … and you will still know you are safe in this room … and for those fifteen minutes … no matter how hard you try in vain to remember who you are … or what you are doing …

there will be nothing … no memory … no knowledge … no remembering at all … this will last for fifteen minutes upon awakening … nod your head now … as you completely accept and understand this instruction¬† … go deeper … feeling even better … and deeper still …. feeling even better still … going deeper … and deeper … and deeper …

At this point, the listener is given instructions to waken them from their somnambulistic state to full waking consciousness.


It is a program in which the listener is trained in hypnotic phenomena, with the ultimate conclusion of being able to forget one’s name and identity for fifteen minutes.

There is a strong emphasis on safety during this final demonstration of amnesia.


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