Review of “The Dave Elman Induction”, by Mike Mandel

I saw a video instructed by Dr. Mike Mandel on “The Dave Elman Induction”.

The purpose of the video is to give you a demonstration of how to carry out this induction with great ease and confidence.

I’m Dr. Mike Mandel, and today we’re going to be talking about hypnosis.

I’m going to be demonstrating The Dave Elman Induction, the one he’s most famous for, and the reason I’m putting this out there is there’s so many horrendous versions of it, and there really are no versions of The Dave Elman Induction, you either do it correctly or incorrectly.

So I’m going to show you the best way to do this, where you can produce a somnambulistic trance very, very rapidly with the subject, even if they’ve never experienced somnambulism before.  This is not an instant induction.  Although I do teach those, this is a rapid induction.  It’s a very quick way to get to where you need to be in trance.

So here’s how The Dave Elman Induction works.

This is Andrea, (he quickly points towards Andrea who is sitting on a chair), and she’s volunteered to be a subject.  We have not planned anything in the sense of what you’re seeing is actually as it happens.

So, let us begin.

Andrea, can you imagine making a fist (he quickly makes a fist with his hand) so tight that you couldn’t possibly squeeze it any tighter?.  (Andrea says yeah).  Sure, I mean it’s obvious, I mean anybody can imagine that, right? (Andrea nods).  So can you imagine the opposite, relaxing your hands so uch that as long as you hold on to that relaxation it just won’t work?.  (Andrea nods again).  Why not?  That’s the kind of relaxation, the quality of relaxation I want you to get with this induction.

In a moment, I’m going to ask you to relax the tiny muscles around your eyes (he runs both index fingers quickly around his eyes) as you hold on to that relaxation, they just won’t work.  Now any time you want, you could open your eyes, but I’d rather you hold on to the relaxation and stay in control by keeping them closed.  So you’ll boil your eyebrows up and down, and give them a good test, and you’ll discover that it feels kind of interesting, but as long as you keep those muscles relaxed (he runs both index fingers quickly around his eyes again), your eyes just won’t work.

So, close your eyes (she closes her eyes as he quickly passes his hand downwards in front of her face) … 

Now relax those tiny muscles around your eyes absolutely … completely … and give them a really good test … put your eyebrows up and down,  see, okay … good … that’s perfect … so stop testing … keep your eyes shut … and let a huge wave of relaxation go from the top of your head … right down to the soles of your feet … and in a moment … I’m going to ask you to open your eyes … and I’ll pass my hand in front of your eyes … and when I do, I would like you to close your eyes immediately … following my hand down … and double your relaxation … just go twice as relaxed instantly … so you can open your eyes (she opens her eyes as he quickly passes his hand upwards in front of her face) … and double that relaxation as you follow the hand down (she closes her eyes as he quickly passes his hand downwards in front of her face) … that’s right … make it happen … want it to happen and it will happen … I can’t do it for you … eyes open (she opens her eyes) … and closed again (she closes her eyes) … double it … again … just permit yourself to wrap yourself in a warm blanket of relaxation and sink way down … and open … and close again … double the relaxation … make it happen … want it to happen … and it will happen … that’s right … and open (she opens her eyes) … and close again … (she closes her eyes) … that’s right … and continue to go deeper … doubling the relaxation every time … and open (she opens her eyes) … and close (she closes her eyes) … and sink way down … relaxed … open (she opens her eyes) … and close (she closes her eyes) …  way … way … down … .

Now, this is fractionation.  I’ve done it six times, which is all you really need.  After this, The Law of Diminishing returns, and kicks in, and you won’t get much more relaxation than this.

So Andrea, in a moment … I’m going to pick your right hand up by the thumb, just a few inches, to test your relaxation.  Let me do all the lifting.  Don’t help me at all, and when I drop your hand, it’ll fall just like a wet dishcloth.  So I’m going to pick it up now … (he picks up her right hand by the thumb and moves it about for a couple of seconds) … that’s it … and perfect relaxation … let another wave of relaxation go through your entire body.

Well, this is physical relaxation, but there’s also another side to this, which is mental relaxation and in a moment … I’m going to ask you to begin counting backwards out loud from 100 like this.  100, deeper relaxed, and I want you to let those numbers just fade out of your mind … then you’d say 99, deeper relaxed, and as you count … the numbers will fade or just drop out of your mind … so after saying just a few numbers, there won’t be any left to say … they’ll all be totally gone.

So you can mentally relax by counting backwards from 100 now … she starts counting as instructed … and now just drop the numbers out of your mind … she continues counting … all gone? … OK … banish the numbers … push them out of your mind … wipe the slate clean … that’s right … just push the numbers out … all gone? … she nods … excellent … so don’t even concern yourself about the numbers … just continue to go deeper and deeper … and really enjoy that trance state …

So now we have a somnambulistic trance.  We know, because we have number block, and once we have number block like this, we have the working state of hypnosis where we can create just about anything we need.

Now, if I touch the back of her neck now … (he leans forward and puts his left hand round the back of her neck) … it’ll feel like ball bearings the way her head is on her neck … and that’s one of the great tests for somnambulism … that kind of total physical relaxation plus the mental relaxation that is indicated by the numbers disappearing out of her mind.

So this is how you get to somnambulism nice and fast … it’ll only take you a few minutes.

A few caveats:-

If your person is counting down … and down … and down … and the numbers aren’t going … pick up their finger or their thumb again and say … this time when I drop it … the numbers will drop out of your mind … and drop it down firmly … and then you say … all gone? … and they’ll say yes … you want to say are they gone? or you want to say all gone? … you don’t want to say … are the numbers still there, because if you say that, you’ll bring the numbers back again … so ask if they’re gone.

And sometimes the person will get aphasia as Elman pointed out … they just won’t say anything, that the numbers aren’t gone … it’s just too much trouble to say it … their mind is slowing down … they’re going into a deep trance … so instead, you have to get a response when you say … are the numbers all gone? … get them to either nod or say yes, or something, and then you will know that it’s not aphasia, but the numbers are wiped out, and the person is in a somnambulistic state.

And Andrea, you can come back to the surface only when you realize you’ve learned even more about hypnosis … now …

He waits while Andrea takes a minute to so to wake up.  She wakens fully, and smiles.

Hi … excellent … The Elman Induction.




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