Sick Over Sweets

This is all about creating or using a sense of nausea and and a sense of feeling uncomfortable in someone, whenever they want to eat cakes, cookies, pastries, and sweets and other things like that. For instance, they might happen to be in a cake shop surrounded by cakes and pastries, and they will say that they simply must have one or more of them to eat, right now. They could have been over-eating the cakes and pastries along with the cookies, chocolates and sweets, without realising how many of them they had actually been eating in recent weeks. They might have suddenly noticed one day, how much weight they seemed to have put on just recently, and they knew very well that they would not be able to successfully lose more weight without trying something different like hypnosis, especially if exercising and going to the gym regularly had not worked.

Hypnosis can also be used to create a sense of nausea and feeling uncomfortable in someone who is smoking, say 20 or more cigarettes a day, and then one day they are about to smoke yet another cigarette. They suddenly decide that they are actually fed up with smoking and wasting their money on such a bad habit, when the money could be better spent elsewhere like on food and clothing and the household bills. They are sitting there, just wondering if hypnosis can help them to quit smoking altogether. Then they might remember that they have tried several times to quit smoking themselves in the past, but it was just too difficult to do, and they will sit there worrying and going round in circles. However, yes, there is definitely a way of using hypnosis to help someone do this.

Now I am going to tell you about a client I once had, called Claire, who phoned me up a few weeks ago and said that she wanted to work with me just once. “Rosemary, I would very much like you to take over my many sugar cravings, because I am eating lots of sweet, sugary things like cakes, pastries, cookies, and chocolates. I also like to make my own puddings on which I pile the warmed custard laden with brown sugar. I’m really desperate to lose more weight, and I want you to take over and completely control all my sugar cravings. I absolutely insist that you take over my sugar cravings, and I want you to make me feel all anxious and nauseous to the point of throwing up as soon as I start to even think about eating anything like cookies, and cakes and things”. She was also a compulsive cigarette smoker, who smoked 20 or so cigarettes a day, and simply could not stop this terrible habit. She knew it was endangering her life, but she simply could not get on top of it. She had tried everything, and nothing worked. And now she was wondering if hypnosis could completely free her of this dreadful habit of eating all this sweet stuff, as well as helping her with her sugar cravings, and from the habit of smoking cigarettes.

“OK, Claire”, I said, “I can certainly do that. I am booking you in for 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning next week, for a hypnosis session where I will take complete control of your sugar cravings. If you are OK with this, please do not eat anything sweet like biscuits or cakes for 24 hours before the appointment time. And please do not have any sugar in any of your cups of tea or coffee within that time. This is because I need you to be absolutely craving something sugary like a chocolate bar, or a huge slice of chocolate gateau with chocolate sauce drizzled lazily over the top, OK?”. I wanted her to be really craving something very sweet before she came in, I said to her, “Now Claire, I want to double check, to make sure you are going to feel OK in my clinic, with being instructed during the hypnosis session to feel nauseous, and about to be sick, and to have a sense of feeling uncomfortable and queasy as though you are about to actually throw up, as soon as I instruct you to start thinking about chocolates and cakes and such like? And are you going to be OK, in my clinic, when I instruct you to feel nauseous, and about to be sick, and also to have a sense of feeling uncomfortable around smoking a cigarette?”. And Claire said to me, in fact she absolutely insisted, that of course she would be fine with that, and feeling great about it, because that was precisely what she actually wanted to feel like. She wanted me to put her off eating so many sweet things, simply by making her feel anxious and nauseous and uncomfortable about the thought of eating sweet and sugary food to the point that she simply could not physically eat it because the thought of doing so made her feel so nauseous and sick and about to throw up. I then explained to her that I would need to do another hypnosis session to remove her smoking habit, to which she agreed.

The following Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny. I used my usual hypnosis process, which places the client into an extremely deep hypnotic state so that they are feeling extremely relaxed. Once Claire was settled and deeply relaxed and in The Golden Box, I was then able to access her subconscious mind and speak with it directly, as though it was a very bright 10 year old child. I told it, that it was the one in charge. I said, that up to now it had been doing a wonderful job of keeping Claire to 63 kgs, but now things have changed. She now wants to be rid of her habit of eating a lot of sweet things, and she wants me to ask you to make her feel terribly anxious and extremely nauseous and to have that feeling that she is about to throw up, every time she wants to eat something like cakes, or pastries, or chocolate, so that she does not eat so much sweet stuff. And oh, by the way, she is very fond of those Danish Pastries. Now, when Claire even wants to pick up a chocolate bar, or thinks she wants to go into the cake shop and buy a huge great treacle tart all for herself, you will straightaway make her feel nauseous and sick and immediately overcome all of her sugar cravings so that she does not do so. You will not let her buy all those cakes and pastries and sweets and things. Starting from now, you will do this, in the safest and healthiest way for Claire, so that she may reach the desired weight that she wants, of 57 kgs.

Claire, or course, reported back to me, that she had already lost a lot of weight, all due to this queasy feeling of being uncomfortable when she was tempted to start eating cakes and cookies. Her weight plummeted and she now weighed 55.9 kgs. I was absolutely delighted for her, and told her so, and she said that she had never felt happier. She was now looking forward to her hypnosis session in a couple of weeks’ time, to help her overcome her cigarette smoking habit.

Hypnosis is a natural, safe and very relaxing way of helping people to overcome habits like smoking, eating too much, anxiety, stress, depression, nailbiting, and many other things. If you would like to know more about hypnosis, or about how it works, or if you would like help with something but you are not sure if hypnosis would help, call us on 07904 605344 for a friendly chat.