The 8-Word Induction

Today, you will be reading about the “8-Word” hypnotic induction.

The 8-Word Induction is fast and effective, and I have rarely had it fail.  When it has failed, it was because the other person was a hypnotist who was attempting to analyse what I was doing and I didn’t catch it until after it failed.

Sit or stand facing the subject.  Hold your hand directly in front of the other person, fingers together, palm up, and flat.

Say …

“Press on my hand …”

He will place his hand palm down on yours (usually), and begin to press down.  Return the pressure slightly harder until he begins to respond by pressing harder*. 

Bring your other hand in front of the other person’s face, about 6 – 10 inches away from his face.  As you bring your hand down in front of his eyes, say …

“Close your eyes …”

Wait 1 to 1.5 seconds until you can sense he is engaged in the process, (i.e. The look on his face will let you know that he is focused on his hand pressing down.  Most likely, he will be “looking” at the hand with his eyes closed).  Quickly drop your hand in a downward motion and say …

“SLEEP! … deeper … deeper … deeper …”

Use a firm voice – with the full expectation that he will indeed follow the instruction – and get ready to catch him very quickly.  He may fall forward.

Start your deepeners immediately.

Here are the primary points to remember throughout this induction:-

One, you must expect it to work.  Intent is the single greatest cause of failure with inductions.

Second, when you speak, DON’T ASK.  Tell.  Say the words with the total expectation that the subject will do exactly what you say.

By changing the timing, I have had this work on one subject, waited a moment, and used the exact same induction on someone else who had watched the first one.

*NOTE:- You may need to tell him to “press down” if the subject just rests his hand on yours.  Some people WILL simply lay their hands on yours, not fully understanding what you expect of them.

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