The Hand To Face Hypnotic Induction

Today, you will be reading about an example of a hypnotic induction, called “The Hand To Face Hypnotic Induction”.

The hand to face method is a very well-known induction, and this is because it can be used very easily almost anywhere with great success.  I prefer to use it with the subject sitting down on a chair, but it will also work with him standing up.

Take hold of either of the subject’s wrists with one of your hands, and gently lift it up in front of his face, about 12 to 14 inches away, with the palm facing towards his face.  The hand should be at or just above eye level.  Say:

“Look at your hand … now pick a spot in the centre of your hand … and focus on it … focus all your attention on it …”

Very slowly begin moving his hand closer and closer to his face.  Once the subject is focused on his hand, release it.  Say:

“Imagine that there is a force … pressing on the back of your hand … pushing it closer and closer to your face … and the moment that this hand touches your face … you will instantly drop into a deep … deep hypnotic state …”

Gently touch the back of the hand, and push it slightly closer to the subject’s face, then take your hand away.  Say:

“You can feel the hand being moved closer and closer … and you really want to feel it touch your face … you really want to go into that amazing, profound state of hypnosis … your eyes can close any time they want to … as the hand gets closer and closer …”

If the hand stops moving towards his face, gently prod it again.  If it doesn’t keep going this time, keep a light pressure on the back of his hand, and say the following …

“Closer and closer … focus on that spot … focus only on that spot … and the moment this hand touches your face … you will instantly go into a deep state of hypnosis … and you can feel your eyes closing down, as the hand gets closer and closer …”I

When the hand touches the face, the subject will probably simply drop into hypnosis … if he does not, then say “SLEEP!”, and immediately begin your deepeners.

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